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surge mastercard credit card login

Surge Credit Card is a product of Continental Finance. Moreover, Surge credit cards have a whopping 2.6 million customers around the globe. To login on a Surge credit card or Surge Mastercard login is a piece of cake, we’ll show you how easy it is.

Moreover, the ease of usage makes Surge credit cards immensely popular. Similarly, it is ideal for shopping, touring, or any other payment scenarios. Following are the easy steps to log in to Surge credit card:

image 33 - Surge Credit Card Login
  1. Head over to Surge credit card website, Surgecardinfo.
  2. Click the “Login” button.
  3. Enter your ‘’Username’’ and ‘’Password’’.
  4. Hit the button, and you are logged in.

How Does Surge Credit Card Login Work?

This card comes from one of America’s most dominated financial institutions, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, you can quickly do a Surge card login and enjoy fast transactions on the go. You can easily log in to the Surge credit card after the registration process. The steps are as below:

  • Open in your browser. It will directly open the login window of Surge Credit Card Login.
  • Input your ‘’username’’ and ‘’password’’ in the respective boxes.
  • Click the ‘’LOGIN TO MY ACCOUNT’’ button.
  • You are now in. Therefore, you can use all the benefits of Surge login.
Surge CC Login Information
Surge CC Login Information

How To Activate Your Surge Credit Card?

If you have recently got your Surge credit card, you cannot use it directly. The reason is that you will first have to activate your card. After activation, you are all ready to log in and enjoy the benefits of the Surge credit card.

Activating the Surge credit card is a matter of seconds. Similarly, your card credentials are necessary for activation, and you can easily activate your Surge CC login.

You need to activate the Surge credit card first before trying to log in. Moreover, the Surge credit card activation process is online, and it only takes few minutes. Following are the steps for Surge credit card activation:

Step 1:

Go to your web browser and head over to the activation page. This webpage will take you to the activation page of your Surge credit card.

Step 2:

 You will see three credentials on that webpage. Please enter the following credentials of your Surge credit card to activate:

  • Last 4 of Credit Card
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • 5 Digit Zip Code

You only need to enter these three pieces of information in their respective box.

Step 3:

After entering your Surge credit card credentials, hit the ”Activate My Card” button. Your card is activated right away, and you are ready to enjoy the Surge card login.

How To Register Your Surge Credit Card After Activation Process?

Surge registration credit card

The next step is the registration process. Moreover, registration is the pathway to get the login credentials for your Surge credit card.

Similarly, registration of your Surge credit card to avail all services online is mandatory, and the following are the steps for it:

  • Go to
  • You will see a “Register Now” button on the right bottom. Click on that button, and it will take you to a new window.
  • Clicking on the ”Register Now” button will open a registration window. There will be some information necessary for the verification of your identity.
  • Enter the last four digits of your credit card, the last 4 of SSN (Social Security Number), and a 5-digit zip code. After inputting these credentials, click the ‘’Lookup Account’’ button.
  • Clicking the Lookup Account button will take you to another page. Please enter all the required data in the respective spaces to get the login information and hit the Register button.
  • Your account is registered and ready for login.
image 35 - Surge Credit Card Login
Surge Credit Card Activation

How To Recover Surge Credit Card Login Details?

It is no shock or surprise that most of us easily forget our passwords. Moreover, it is a natural thing. However, there is no need to worry. Surge credit card provides a very handy way to recover your login details. Here are the topmost steps on how to recover your username or password:

  • Go to the webpage
  • Under the login button, you will see the ”Forget Username or Password” button on this page.
  • Click on that “Forget Username or Password” button, and it will open up a new page. This will ask the information regarding the card and account for verification.
  • Once verified, you will get your credentials back in a matter of few seconds.

How To Pay for Surge Credit Card?

You can pay for a Surge credit card online via your banking app. Moreover, you can also pay it from other payment methods available. Similarly, you need to pay Surge credit card bills on time to keep using its services.

Apart from this, the annual fee is also deducted. Moreover, your Surge credit card will keep track of the credit points every time you pay the bills. Therefore, this will help increase your score to be granted special benefits.

Customer Service Support for Surge Credit Card

Surge credit card is the product of Continental Finance, LLC. Therefore, customer support is provided 24/7by Continental Finance LLC for its users. Any concern regarding the Surge CC login is resolved through the customer service helpline.

Not just concern, the information request, and application process are also provided on the customer support platform. Please call 1-800-556-5678 to speak to the customer support team of the Surge credit card.


Over the past few years, Surge credit card has surged to the heights of customer satisfaction. This is due to its user-friendly and easy-to-use financial services, much like AmEx credit cards. Surge credit card users are growing day by day.

It is expanding because of the immense benefits which come with a Surge credit card. Lately, a mobile app with the name “CFC Mobile Access” has been introduced to let the users avail all facilities in one app interface.

Surge Mastercard login
Surge Credit Card Application

If you want to see more information about easy to use credit cards, you can check out the best virtual credit cards!

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