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tellus reviews

The Tellus app is a revolutionary investment, savings, and real estate management app that has been making waves in the market for quite some time now. With the result that has surpassed traditional bank and financial investments. Not only that, the Tellus app has exponentially increased the investing power of its users, enabling them to save and buy more.

Upon downloading the application free of charge, users can quickly create an account which they can then link to their bank account. Given that investing is not as easy as how most people paint it.

That’s why there are so many apps out there that promise to make it easier for you to make more money on your investments, but how do you know if they are any good?

However, this article on Tellus app reviews may be just what you are looking for. Read on to discover amazing Tellus app features and every other thing you need to know about the Tellus app.

Tellus App Brief Overview: What is Tellus?

Tellus app is simply seen as an investment, savings, and purchasing app. This app was originally flagged off as a real estate and property management app in 2016. However, their services have spanned across numerous financial services today.

Furthermore, Tellus offers a remarkable 3.00% Annual Percentage yield. Explicitly, incredibly high interest off your money. And it gets even better. Tellus is backed by real properties and doesn’t incur any account or trading fees. However, none of this will make any actual sense unless you find out what Tellus is all about.

The app allows you to make decisions about your money based on your personal preferences and goals. It has many features that will enable you to track your investments and income, allocate funds between various accounts, and get alerts when it’s time to invest or spend money.

How Tellus App Generates High-interest Rates

Tellus interest rate APY

As a matter of fact, it is pretty understandable to place Tellus In your long list of shady investments that have a high tendency of failing, and I wouldn’t blame you either. 

However, it is worth noting that interest rates are influenced mainly by the Federal Reserves (Feds) loans, bank accounts, and credit cards are all-inclusive. The Fed creates financial policies that control banks, increases employment, and keeps interest rates and inflation in check. 

Although, the rates provided by the Feds for banks play a huge role in determining interest rates for financial institutions. So, if the Fed were to lower the rates, banks, financial institutions, and credit unions would follow suit. This is a sort of profit protection system.

With the Fed’s relatively low interest during the pandemic, it will be crazy for any Bank, credit union, or financial institution to go beyond 1% APY. Well, of course, if they’re Tellus, then that’s possible.

So how does Tellus manipulate the Federal funds rate set by the Feds?

It’s simple!

Tellus leverages on revenue earned from residential properties by offering secured loans.

Tellus App Features

Here is why Tellus is unique.

Tellus is free

It’s never easy to offer a lot of value with no added charges or price. Thankfully, that’s the sole aim and motive behind the highly intuitive Tellus app. It is giving landlords a plethora of estate management tools for free! Yes, you’re paying for nothing.

To further add, it is also free for tenants, property managers. And there are no limits to how many units of property you can list on the Tellus platform.

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Rental Listing

Well, as a matter of fact, having a vacant property is a potential income loss for every landlord. Undoubtedly, Tellus got your back.

With Tellus property listing traffic from over 16 top property listing sites. Tellus has the potential to provide more quality leads on every property listed on its site.

All you’ve got to do is list a property, and Tellus creates a very appealing listing to a vast renter base.

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Co-Manage with Tellus

Tellus provides you and every member of your management team the leverage to securely manage your properties seamlessly. There’s absolutely no reason to share your login information.

Additionally, Tellus syncs the rental data of each member of your team to ensure you all enjoy a smooth and seamless experience.

Tellus is Mobile!

Tellus mobile

Enjoy smooth and convenient management of your rental properties on Tellus. Tellus understands your busy schedule, which is why it provides an app that you can effectively set up and run from anywhere and at any time you desire. 

Tellus Boost

tellus boost

Conversely, you can earn a 3.00% daily compound interest with Tellus Boost. This is unheard of anywhere.

Generally, most savings accounts don’t offer high interest rates and are stuck by the 0.04% national average margin.

However, Tellus assures you a 3.00% daily compounding interest, which is a record APY margin. With such an increase in interest rates. You can be sure of earning a stable 50% annually off your investment.

Also, seize the opportunity to further increase your 3.00% Annual Percentage yields to a mammoth 6.00% by completing simple tasks like completing exciting quizzes, referring friends to the Tellus app, and logging in daily to your Tellus Boost account.

Participate in Tellus Boost offers by applying two types of boosts, one at a time.

  • Daily boosts

Daily trivial questions and logging in are both categorized under daily boosts.

  • Extended boosts

Refer friends to earn extended boosts

Unlimited cloud storage

image 26 1 - Tellus App Reviews - Our Review & Others Gathered

Are you tired of searching your file cabinet tireless for that appraisal, invoice, or mortgage papers? Indeed it can be daunting and painstaking. And if you’re the type that feels essential documents like the deed to your home are supposed to be stored in the bank.

Then visiting the bank for these documents is another hurdle you will have to put up with.

The truth is, these files are not always available at the time you need them. But with Tellus, be rest assured of finding whatever file you store in its unlimited cloud space within seconds.

Tellus helps you keep a compressive and detailed record of all your documents. Even maintenance and repair receipts are not left out!

Outstanding customer service experience

Tellus offers friendly and highly dependable customer support to both new and existing members. In effect, you don’t need to worry about waiting for several days to get answers to your queries or assistance in getting started. Or even questions regarding Tellus’s latest stellar features. 

The entire Tellus team is always at your ‘beck and call’ concerning every problem you need help with.

Onboard ‘Tenant screening.’

Are you worried about renting out your properties to an ex-convict with criminal rerecords? That’s part of Tellus’s job. 

Integrating a reliable partnership with Naborly, Tellus conducts an in-depth and dependable screening for all your potential rental property applicants.

Tellus services: Rental and Property Management

Surprisingly, Tellus Flagged off its services with real estate and property management. Tellus has further extended this perceived vision into a state-of-the-art real estate and property management app. The new app streamlines all factions of modern real estate and management software.

So, if you own a rental property with Tellus properties, you can achieve virtually a lot. In addition, you keep track of every activity associated with your property on the Tellus app.

Overall, the real estate and property management service on the Tellus app gives rental owners the liberty to;

  • List properties
  • Conduct a thorough background check on applicants
  • Collect rents and track expenses
  • Landlords also gain access to have real-time interaction with tenants

List properties

Like every other property listing site, Tellus properties gives you the opportunity to list your properties on its app while assuring access to more potential leads. 

Are you having challenges finding the right people to lease your properties? 

Have your properties listed on Tellus and enjoy unbeatable traffic from top recommended property listing sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Zumpia. With more leads, be rest assured of finding the perfect tenant for your rental properties.

Conduct a thorough background check on applicants

Basically, having enough background information about potential tenants is the first step to ensure your properties stay protected as a property owner or landlord. As a matter of fact, you can never predict the next move of your tenants after leasing your rental properties to them.

Generally, having a proper background check on applicants allows you to make more informed decisions, which is where the Tellus app comes to play.

Specifically, what makes the Tellus App ‘Applicant Screening’ more superior to other applicant screening services is that it conducts in-depth and authentic screening on potential applicants.

So how does it work?

Basically, all you have to do is submit the maximum number of applicants for your rental property and let the Tellus app handle it from there.

Tellus partners with Naborly to deliver authentic and compressive results.

The applicant screening report covers;

  • Credit reports
  • Employment history
  • Rental & eviction history
  • ID verification

However, as a landlord, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about as the screening exercise is completely free for landlords but included in the tenant’s application when submitted.

Finally, the applicant screening procedure is crucial, as it enables property owners to make value-added decisions.

Collect rents and track expenses

Certainly, Tellus ensures you get paid right on time with flexible payment options, including- one-tap payment, automatic payment, and shared splitting between roommates.

Tellus also lets landlords block partial payments or assign properties to different bank accounts as an additional feature. 

Certainly, Tellus gives you real-time control over your properties.

Landlords also gain access to have real-time interaction with tenants

Indeed, Tellus gives landlords access to flexible and convenient interactions with their property managers, tenants, property co-owners, and maintenance team. Not only that, Tellus backs up all remote conversations to the cloud, making it easily accessible at any time and from any location. 

Both landlords and tenants can experience the beauty of remote Landlord-tenant interactions without ever having to leave your home.

Here’s a summary of services offered on the Tellus app for landlords, property managers, and renters.

S/N Landlords Property Managers Renters
1Freely manage multiple properties on the Tellus app at no cost. Receive payment through the Tellus app. Remotely make rent payments from the Tellus app. With easy and flexible payment options.
2List unlimited properties and gain access to more potential traffic, with listing traffic from the top 16 highly recommended listing sites, including Zillow. Manage properties on the Tellus app. Also, access the opportunity to file property expenses and other vital financial records easily. Enjoy remote Tenant-Landlord interactions through a secure and convenient chat experience on the Tellus app.
3The Tellus app features an applicant screening procedure free for Landlords. The fee is included in the potential tenants’ application. Share and export financial reports you create on the Tellus app. Get all your maintenance issues resolved on time.
4Chat with your property managers and other members of your property management team through a safe and secure Tellus chat feature. Chat with Property owners, co-owners, tenants, and maintenance team. Get issues resolved on the app. Request for disbursement for services you paid for on rented properties.
5Property insights. Including your highest profit-yielding property. Effectively manage work order requests and tickets.

Tellus home loans

Certainly, Tellus boasts of incredible and mouth-watering services that are almost not found anywhere else. Asides from providing innovative and cutting edge software for real estate owners and tenants, Tellus also offers home equity loans to real estate property owners.

Although this offer is not available to everyone, it is simply a ‘game-changer.’

Unlike most home loan platforms, Tellus home loans incur relatively low interest rates- 6% to 10%.

Additionally, Tellus home loans do not require credit checks to give out loans. Instead, loans are given based on property value.

Steps for applying and getting a Tellus home loan;

  • Create a home profile on the Tellus app

The first step is to create a home profile on the Tellus app. Afterward, include property details, images of the property, and the amount of money you intend to loan. This step shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

  • Review as well as accept loan term conditions

The second step is to review and wait for the approval of your loan application. And once your loan application is approved (this usually takes 48 hours), you can review and accept loan terms and conditions.

  • Get loan

The loan arrives within 7 days.

Essentially, this new software aims to make renting housing easier and more convenient for both tenants and owners. As earlier mentioned, Tellus also offers home equity loans to real estate property owners. This will give them access to cash from their investment. And also an opportunity to expand more on real estate.

Tellus investment

Still in its infant stages. Tellus investment will open up real estate investment opportunities for just anyone when fully operational. With a minimum of $200 investment, investors can either make money from investing in real estate in chosen cities and regions or make money from mortgage fractions that are real property insured.

Tellus App: Pros and Cons

Frequently Asked Questions

Tellus App: Life on Tellus Reviews

Below are screenshots of what users have to say about the Tellus App.

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Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, it’s important to invest in our future. Whether you are saving for retirement or just want a little extra buffer in your checking account, investing is an important part of achieving financial security.

However, investments can seem intimidating. What types of investments should I be looking for? Which ones are safe? How much money should I be putting into them?

Certainly, this article on Tellus app reviews has the answers to these questions. Undoubtedly, Tellus offers overwhelming benefits for using their app. With Tellus Boost, you can finally save up for that dream house. Even so, you can make high-yield returns on your savings, with a cumulative 3.00% APY which currently stands unmatched.

If you’re a real estate owner, then gain full access to automated rent payments, highly supportive customer service, stellar features, on-board industry-leading tools for managing real estate properties, and more at no cost. On the other hand, you can save your funds with 100% peace of mind as real estate can never go wrong.

Additionally, Tellus provides a secure and non-evasive platform hinged on transparency. To this end, be rest assured that on no condition will Tellus pull up your credit reports.

Enjoy more value for free!

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