The 3 Best VPS for MetaTrader 4

There are many Forex VPS services to choose from because it is an essential service to every Forex trader. Some of the standout companies in this industry include FXVM, PiVPS and FXVPS, all of which are rated very highly for their excellent services. If you need to choose just one to work with, this review should help you understand the differences between these companies and which one you should pick.



When looking for a Forex VPS, FXVPS is one of the companies you will most likely come across in the search. It is a highly rated service that guarantees 100% uptime, which is what you need when running expert advisors (EAs) on MetaTrader 4. The basic plan from FXVPS costs $4.99 a month, or $3.00 per month for an annual subscription. This basic plan fulfils the minimum requirements as recommended by MetaQuotes for MT4, but it may not be suitable for running algorithms. For this, you would need to get a more powerful VPS that can cost up to $68.90 a month. The company also offers low latency and exclusive VPS services with a latency of between 0.5 and 2 milliseconds.

To reduce latency and ensure the fastest network speeds and trade execution, FXVPS data centres are located strategically in London, New York, Amsterdam and Montreal. These are crucial centres for financial markets and areas where interbank market players are located, further providing access to these markets at high speeds. At the basic levels, storage is provided by conventional hard disk drives, which accommodate the low prices. For higher speeds and lower latency, though, SSD storage is also available but this is only at a higher price.


Realizing that latency is a major problem, FXVM has situated its data centres in multiple locations including New York, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. This creates an elaborate network that provides access to the most active financial markets in the world. It is no wonder, therefore, that latency is as low as 0.9 to 1.8 milliseconds. It is for this reason that many traders around the world trust this company and give it a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

To access the company’s services, you can choose between different subscription levels starting from Lite VPS to Dedicated Server. The Lite VPS provides a single CPU core, 1.5GB RAM and 40GB SSD storage, capable of running up to two MT4 terminals at a monthly rate of $19.00. More robust subscriptions cost up to $274 a month, providing a dedicated server on which one can install up to 32 separate MT4 terminals.


Yet another renowned Forex VPS is PiVPS that also has an overwhelmingly positive rating among users from around the world. Subscription plans at this company start from $9.95 and range up to $39.99 and an additional dedicated server plan that you can request directly from the company. The most basic plan gives you a single Xeon E5 CPU core, 1.5GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage and a 1Gbps network speed. At $9.95, this is a cheaper option compared to FXVM, but still higher than the offer from FXVPS, while professional and institutional traders can pay higher for greater needs. Latency is reduced significantly with the strategic location of data centres in London and New York that lowers latency to between 5 to 10 milliseconds.

Overall winner

It is important for traders to get a service that is reasonably priced and still offers great services, which exactly matches PiVPS. It is conveniently located at the centre of FXVM professional services and FXVPS affordable service with a few compromises.

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