Why is my TurboTax Debit Card Account Closed? |✅ Fraud Prevention

TurboTax debit card account closed

Your TurboTax debit card account can be a lifeline. If you use your Turbo account for all of your cash, then there may be nowhere else that you have money available. That means that you could lose the ability to pay for everything if your account is suddenly closed. In mid-2020, this became a reality for many bank users out there. They found their TurboTax debit account closed and had no idea why. In this guide, we’ll cover why your account may have been closed, and what you can do about it.

TurboTax Debit Card Account Closed – Here’s Why!

If you try to access your TurboTax account and find that it’s closed, it’s most likely due to fraud suspicion. The bank owner, GreenDot, has an anti-fraud system that will automatically close accounts and lock funds until an investigation has been completed. The investigation is to ascertain the origin of funds and track any efforts to access an account that appear to be suspicious.

What Happens When my TurboTax Account is Closed?


When your account gets closed, Turbo will withhold access. This means that you can’t get to the money you had in the account. It also means that all cards associated with the account no longer work. However, the money that you had in the account is still being held in your name. You won’t be able to get it until an investigation has been completed though.

Some users report that they’re met with no response when they try to phone the TurboTax automated helpline. If you try to use the automated helpline, the machine won’t help you because your account will be listed as closed. As such, the machine will hang up on you as it’s programmed to do.

The same is true of automated online services. Instead, it’s better to contact a human at Turbo for a response.

How do I Access my TurboTax Debit Card Account When it’s Been Closed

access turbotax account

The best thing to do if your account has been closed is to contact GreenDot directly on 1-866-795-7597. This is the best number to phone. It gets you through to the helpline team at Turbo’s parent company. They will then ask you a few security questions to verify your identity. After that, they’ll be able to talk to you about your account and explain why it has been closed. It’s more than likely that if your account was closed without your knowledge, then fraud was the issue.

The staff member you contact will be able to tell you if they require any information from you. Sometimes it’s helpful for them to verify where all of your money has come from. If, however, the issue is to do with a third-party trying to access your account, you’ll need to wait for their investigation to be completed.

If you would like to seek help with your closed account online instead of on the phone, you can visit the official Turbo card website. In the top right-hand corner menu, there is a ‘Help‘ button. This will take you through to a page where you can contact the bank and Green Dot directly online.

Account closures seem to have been a regular issue with TurboTax accounts since around June 2020. It appears as though there have been several cases of fraudsters using their accounts or trying to access them. This is why the bank has had to close so many accounts. If you’re worried about your account being closed without your knowledge, then it might be best to move your funds to a different one such as Chase or Cash App. Just be sure about the change before you decide to move all of your money over.

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