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Venmo stock symbol

Like many companies around the world, Venmo is a publicly-traded business. This means that you can buy and sell shares in Venmo, just as you can trade shares in all sorts of businesses. However, you may have trouble recognizing the correct stock symbol because of Venmo’s parent company. When Paypal purchased them, the symbol changed, and so it won’t appear under its old one. The following is our explanation of what the Venmo stock symbol is today.

Venmo is currently traded under Paypal’s stock symbol (PYPL). It is easily recognizable against most other stocks on the market. This is because Venmo’s parent company, Braintree, is owned by Paypal. Therefore, Venmo’s stock is traded under Paypal’s stock symbol.

Online banks and mobile banking applications are used every single day. They’re the easiest way for people to access and control their money, which makes them essential. Therefore, these banks and applications should be a good bet for investing. Therefore, we’ll also cover how to buy Venmo stock and why you should be investing in this business at all.

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How to Buy Venmo Stock


As mentioned, PayPal owns Venmo. This means that you can’t purchase stock directly in the company. However, you can purchase stock in PayPal. This is done by investing in stock under the “PYPL” stock symbol.

Purchasing Venmo stock is simple. Since PayPal owns the company, you need to buy PayPal stock. This is available under the “PYPL” stock symbol.

According to recent estimates from 2020, Venmo makes up 16% of PayPal’s total revenue. That’s a significant amount that could sway the company’s profits one way or another each year.

If you own a piece of PayPal, and Venmo generates a lot of revenue, then you can expect to see a noticeable rise in the value of your investment.

venmo growth
Venmo growth vs competitors

Once you understand how Venmo works and have invested in it, you can broaden your horizons. This company is the gateway to many others that offer similar services, but the risk is greatly reduced with Venmo.

That’s because they’ve got the backing of PayPal to ensure that nothing catastrophic can happen behind the scenes.

Why Venmo is Traded Under Paypal’s Stock Symbol


The reason that Venmo’s stock symbol is Paypal’s (PYPL) is, as I mentioned above because Paypal owns the company. When Venmo first started as a business in 2010, the founders built the service as an alternative point of sale software for their friends.

The company quickly grew because of how useful it was for smaller independent companies.

In 2012, Venmo was purchased by Braintree for $26.2 million. Braintree was then acquired by Paypal the following year for $800 million.

As a result, Venmo became part of Paypal’s portfolio as a publicly-traded company. This is why you can buy stock in Venmo under the stock symbol for Paypal.

Why Should You Invest in Venmo Stock?

should you buy venmo stock

Venmo has gone from strength to strength as a company, and they show no signs of slowing down. More and more merchants are beginning to accept the bank’s wireless payment functionality.

This means that it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a payment option on the same level as Apple Pay, or even contactless card technology.

Under Paypal, Venmo has access to almost unlimited resources for growth and stability. This isn’t an online bank that could disappear at any moment.

It’s a genuine competitor in the banking industry and one that many real banks should be threatened by. It even functions with other online banking services such as Chime.

Investing in Venmo stock now will secure you a piece of a lucrative business that is absolutely thriving. That stock is expected to increase in value in the coming years.

venmo total payment volume growth yoy

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, online services such as Venmo have only become even more paramount to daily life. The public needs stable banks with secure and easy-to-use online services.

Venmo meets these needs and has been providing a form of wireless payment for years already. Not only is this more convenient than chip and pin technology, but it’s also more hygienic.

Because of these reasons, Venmo stock will continue to rise in value for the next year, at the very least. Even post-pandemic, Venmo will be a preferable form of payment because it’s totally contactless. This is the sort of technology that the public wants to use.

As a result, businesses will invest in it more because it will make them more appealing to customers.

What is Venmo?

how to buy venmo stock

Venmo is an online banking application owned by one of the world’s largest online checkout and money management websites. In many ways, Venmo is superior to standard brick-and-mortar banks’ apps because of how accessible it is.

The core concept of Venmo is that it’s a social spending application. This means that you can add friends and socialize directly in the app. While doing this, you can send and receive money among your contacts.

Mostly, Venmo is used to splitting the cost of meals or transferring cash between family and friends. There are no fees between contacts as long as the money comes from a user’s Venmo funds. With most banks charging users for almost every transaction type, this is the better way to go when sending and receiving money.


To summarize, Venmo stock is traded under Paypal’s stock symbol. This is PYPL, and you’ll be able to find it on most stockbrokers and trading systems.

Purchasing stock in Venmo could be one that pays off in the long run. Given the current interests the public and businesses are showing, it only makes sense that technology and companies that provide the sorts of services Venmo does will become more popular over time.

Venmo is an incredibly useful application that could be your doorway into a new world of investments. These sorts of apps are the future for making payments, and owning a part of that will most likely benefit your portfolio.

While the stock price may be steep, since it’s actually PayPal’s that you need to buy, it will most likely be worth it when the value continues to soar in the future.

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