Walmart Cash Back Limit

Walmart Cash Back Limit

Walmart is the largest retail store chain in the United States of America. It offers countless products and services to its large customer network. Cashback is of one those prominent services that make Walmart stand apart from its competitors. However, many Walmart customers have ambiguity regarding Walmart cash back limit. They have one question in mind, “What is Walmart cash back limit?”

Walmart cashback limit is $120, starting from $20. The cashback at Walmart depends on the payment method and the amount of purchase. Usually, the payment method plays a major part in deciding the cashback amount at Walmart. For instance, it is $100 if you are using a debit card, and $20 while making a purchase with personal checks. Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention that Walmart offers cashback for the multiples of $20.

What Is the Walmart Cash Back Limit?

Walmart Cash Back Limit

Walmart is the topmost discount store retailer in the USA. With more than 5,000 locations, Walmart draws a massive number of customers daily. Walmart offers groceries and every other household product that a person can think of. Among this plethora of products and services, the “cash back” service of Walmart is one of its kind. Cashback is the amount you get back in cash after purchase.

However, customers are not well-versed with the Walmart cash back limit. They often wonder, “How much cashback can you get at Walmart?” The customers can get cashback up to $120 while purchasing at any outlet of Walmart. The cashback depends on the method of payment. Therefore, a user can get a maximum cashback of $120 using a debit card, personal checks, and Discover credit cards.

Does Walmart Give Cash Back?

Many customers ask, “Does Walmart do cash back?” Yes, Walmart does cash back if you make a purchase from any of its outlets. You can use a debit card, credit card, or a personal check. However, please note that the cashback limit will vary for each payment method. The below table will precisely illustrate the max cash back at Walmart for various payment methods:

Payment MethodWalmart Cash Back Limit
Debit Card$100
Credit Card (Discover)$120
Personal Check$20
Walmart Give Cash Back Limit
  • Debit Card Cash Back: The best way to obtain cash back at Walmart is by using a debit card. Walmart gives cash back on credit cards too, such as Walmart Credit Card. However, there is a fee with a credit card, and it varies according to the card issuer. You will have to contact your credit card institution to check the cash back fee. However, Walmart has a special offer for Discover credit cardholders.
  • Discover Credit Card Cash Back: Discover credit card holders can get max cash back of $120 from Walmart without any additional fee. That is more amount of cash back than a debit card. Further, note that the cash back is only in multiples of 20 as per Walmart’s policy.
  • Personal Check Cash Back: If you are using personal checks, you can get a cash back of a maximum of $20 without any fee. Walmart accepts all types of personal checks for cash back purposes. Moreover, you must purchase something from Walmart to get a cash back service.

How To Get Cash Back at Walmart?

Getting cash back at Walmart is a piece of cake if you have knowledge of the correct procedure. You must select the payment method carefully according to the cashback you want.

For instance, if you want more than $60, you cannot use a personal check. You will need to use a debit card or a credit card, most probably a Discover credit card. Customers can get cashback at Walmart at the following two points:

  • Regular Checkouts
  • Self-Checkouts
Walmart Cash Back Limit

A regular checkout is the one that has a Walmart representative or cashier assigned. On the other hand, self-checkout is for the convenience of customers where they can “check out” themselves. The below steps showcase the procedure to get cashback at Walmart:

  • Complete your purchases from Walmart.
  • Head over to the regular checkout counter.
  • Let the representative know that you want cash back.
  • If you use the self-checkout method, you have to input the payment as a debit to get cash back.
  • The representative will charge you the amount of purchase along with the amount of cash back.
  • In case of self-checkout, select the debit payment, and the machine will ask for confirmation for cash back.
  • The machine will charge you the purchase amount plus the cash back.

That sounds easy to get a cashback at Walmart. Follow the above-mentioned steps to obtain cashback. Always remember to use payment as a debit when at the self-checkout counter. Otherwise, if you use credit payment, you will not be able to enjoy the cashback option.

What Is the Preferable Method to Get Cash Back at Walmart?

discover it credit card - Walmart Cash Back Limit

There are various methods to get cashback at Walmart. You can get it using a debit card, credit card, and personal checks. However, each of them has its maximum cash back limit. For instance, you can only get $20 if you want cashback using personal checks. Moreover, the limit varies for credit cards since the credit company will deduct a fee for cashback.

Therefore, you must contact your credit card supplier to inquire regarding the fee for getting cash back at Walmart. For debit cards, the max cash back at Walmart is $100. Moreover, there are no additional fees for getting cashback via debit cards and personal checks.

Customers often inquire, “How much cash back can you get at Walmart?” Customers can get maximum cashback of $120 at Walmart. Furthermore, this maximum limit is only if the customer uses a Discover credit card for the purchase. Therefore, using a Discover credit card is the preferable method to get cashback at Walmart.

The major advantage is that the Discover credit card does not charge any additional fee for cashback like other credit cards. In addition, the maximum limit is $120, which is the highest among the cashback limits by using various methods.

Does Walmart Charge Additional Fee?

l money - Walmart Cash Back Limit

Walmart does not charge any fee for cashback. There is no additional fee if you purchase using a debit card, Discover credit card or a check. Credit cards other than Discover do charge a fee for cashback, and it varies according to the credit card supplier.

Therefore, you will need to contact your credit card issuing institution to know the fee for getting cash back at Walmart. Discover credit card is the only credit card that does not charge any fee for cashback at Walmart.

Furthermore, the cashback limit is $120 if you are using a Discover credit card. However, this maximum limit is $100 while using a debit card. If you use a personal check for payment, you will get a maximum of $20 as cashback.

Final Word

Walmart cash back limit is dependent on the payment method. The maximum cash back limit at Walmart is $120 while using a Discover credit card. Furthermore, the maximum limit of cash-backs with debit cards is $100. The personal check has the lowest maximum cashback limit of $20.

Meanwhile, you must remember that you can get cashback only if you purchase something from Walmart. Moreover, there is no fee for cash-backs using debits cards and personal checks. However, credit card companies charge a fee for cashback, and it varies depending upon the card issuer. Therefore, you can contact your credit card supplier to know the fee.

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