Walmart Money Order Limit

walmart money order limit

Walmart is the most famous name in the retail stores in the United States of America. The retail mega-giant has more than 5,000 store locations throughout America. Apart from retail shopping, Walmart offers a bunch of other services too. A money order is the most notable of these services. A Walmart money order features a secure method to send money. However, there is confusion in customers’ minds regarding Walmart money order limit.

Walmart money order limit is $1,000. Moreover, if you want to purchase more than 1,000 dollars, you have to buy another money order. For one money order, Walmart’s money order dollar limit is $1,000. Furthermore, customers are not aware of additional fees for a money order. They often wonder, “how much does a money order cost?” The best part of Walmart’s money order is its meager fee: $1 per money order. However, it can be lower than $1 for specific locations.

 What Is a Walmart Money Order?

moneyorrder - Walmart Money Order Limit
Walmart Money Order Limit

Walmart money order is one unique service among the many other services for its customers, such as Walmart credit cards. Customers can purchase and send money orders through any customer service desk at any Walmart outlet. However, it is pertinent to mention that Walmart only offers MoneyGram money orders.

Furthermore, Walmart money order maximum limit is $1,000 per money order. The money transfer transaction is online and you will get a receipt. Please keep the receipt as proof of purchase. The fee for a money order is $1, and it may vary depending upon location. Therefore, it is better to call your local Walmart store to inquire about it.

How Much Is a Money Order at Walmart?

A money order is the safest mode of money transfer, and Walmart offers this service to its millions of customers. Meanwhile, many customers are unaware of the general policies concerning Walmart money orders. First of all, they wonder, “how much is a money order at Walmart?”

A money order at Walmart is meager, making it highly convenient for the customers. It costs $1 per money order of Walmart regardless of the money order amount. However, the money order fee varies per location, and it is even lower than $1.

Hence, you should contact your local Walmart store or outlet to inquire about the fee of a money order. Secondly, you should also keep in mind to take a receipt of the money order purchase since it is proof of your purchase. Moreover, the receipt serves as a tracer of your transaction.

moneyorder - Walmart Money Order Limit
Walmart Money Order

What Are the Advantages of Money Order?

Walmart money order has an array of benefits. A few of the key advantages are as follows:

  • It is easy and convenient to use.
  • Walmart money order is safer than cash and check payments.
  • You do not need a bank account to purchase a money order. Cash or any other payment method can be used to get a money order.
  • It is traceable, which means your transaction is completely secure.
  • You can send money orders to anyone in the world.
  • Money orders are safest because they do not contain personal or secure information.

What Is Walmart Max Money Order Limit?

Walmart customers often get in a state of confusion when dealing with money orders. Although it is a piece of cake, we will still highlight all the critical aspects of money order. The first question looming in the minds of customers is, “what is Walmart max money order limit?”

The maximum Walmart money order dollar limit is 1,000. You will have to purchase another money order if you want more than $1,000. Furthermore, there will be a separate fee for each money order which is usually $1.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is that you will need to show your identification proof when money orders exceed $1,000. You can show your I.D card, or you can also put forth your driver’s license.

How To Get Walmart Money Order?

You can buy a money order from any Walmart outlet. Head over to your local Walmart store and go straight to the customer service counter. Ask the representative for a money order. Fill in the required information and pay the amount of money, and on top of that, you will also have to pay the fee.

The fee for a money order is generally $1 or even lower in some locations. It varies from location to location. Therefore, ask in advance regarding the fee of Walmart money order. After you purchase the money order, make sure to grab a receipt from the customer service representative. The receipt will be your proof of purchase.

That is all you have to do to purchase a Walmart money order. It is as easy as pie, and there is no need to be a bank account holder either for the payer or the payee.

walmart4 - Walmart Money Order Limit
Walmart Money Order Limit

The Bottom Line

 Walmart being the most prominent superstore retailer in America offers convenient money order services. However, customers often inquire, “how much does a money order cost?” It costs only $1 per money order, and the cost is even lower for different locations. You can call your local store in advance to ask about the fee.

In addition, the customers also have confusion about the Walmart money order limit. The Walmart money order maximum limit is $1,000, and you must buy a new money order if your amount exceeds $1,000. Furthermore, you must remember that you must pay a separate fee for each money order, and you will be required to show identification if your money order amount is more than $1,000.

Last but not least, never forget to take the receipt of your Walmart money order. It will be your transaction tracker and proof of purchase.

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