What is Walz Group – All You Need to Know!

what is walz group

If you’re like many people, you probably have Informed Delivery from the United States Postal Service to let you know what you’re expecting in the mail. Some people are receiving Certified Mail from the Walz Group, and they are impatient to know what it says. They wonder whether it could be a collection agency looking for cash. What is Walz Group? 

Walz Group is not a collection agency. Instead, it is a business that provides regulatory compliance solutions, document management, and Certified Mail through the United States Postal Service for their clients. However, their clients could be sending you notification of a bill that needs to be paid. 

If you need to learn more about what to expect from this company, here is everything you need to know. 

Is Walz Group a Collection Agency? 

When you start to receive notices in the mail, it might leave you wondering whether you are about to be hounded by a collection agency. Are you feeling a little guilty over that unpaid credit card bill or a hospital bill that’s gone unpaid? 

Fortunately, you can rest a little easier knowing that Walz Group is not a collection agency. What is Walz Group?

walz a covius solution - What is Walz Group – All You Need to Know!
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Walz Group is a unique business that provides regulatory compliance solutions, critical document management, and Certified Mail through the United States Postal Service. They aim to make mail management easy and user-friendly for their clients. 

This service allows companies to send Certified or Priority Mail directly from their desk with special form and envelope solutions. 

They may not be a collection agency, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sending you a bill though. Walz Group works with a variety of companies, and some of them may be writing to you to let you know that you owe them money. For example, they work with a lot of foreclosure attorneys and trustees. 

While Walz Group may not have the power to do anything about a bill that has gone into collections, they may still be sending you a mail about that bill. Be sure to pay attention to any letters you receive in the mail from them. While they may sometimes be harmless junk mail, there is a real possibility that they could contain something important. 

What is Walz Group?

What Companies Use Walz Group? 

Walz Group is a diverse company that works with a wide range of other businesses to process their mailing needs. Based in Temecula, California, this company also has facilities located in San Diego and Phoenix. Their geographical presence gives them an advantage when it comes to working with lots of different companies. 

Some of the different types of businesses they represent include: 

  • Financial institutions
  • Mortgage servicers or foreclosure attorneys
  • Vehicle finance companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • Municipal governments and counties
  • Tax professionals
What is Walz Group?

While the names of specific companies that use their services is unavailable, they do work with some larger businesses in the Fortune 100. Their services are equally geared toward small businesses and major corporations. 

Their patented automated mail preparation system and method is great for all different types of businesses who need help with mailings. 

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Walz Group Certified Mailers

If you think that your small business could benefit from the Walz Group Certified Mailers, contacting the company is relatively easy. You can complete an order form on their website or reach out to their customer support line. The phone number is 1-800-381-3811. 

By doing so, you can request a sample pack of their Walz Certified Mailer. 

There are no fees or contracts to make use of their software solutions. All you have to do is order your forms and envelopes. They will help you to do the rest based on the unique needs of your small business. 

What is Walz Group?

What is Walz Group?

What is Walz Group and how might they impact your upcoming finances? In some cases, they may be sending you nothing but junk mail from their clients. At other times, it might be important documents you have been waiting for. Be sure to always open mail from this group to ensure you don’t throw away something valuable! 

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