What is Your Cash Card on Cash App? |✅ Spending Your Money

what is cash card on cash app

Cash App is an interesting mobile banking app because it doesn’t allow you to spend your money through contactless payments using the app alone. In fact, unless you’re transferring your cash to another user or withdraw it to a bank account, the only way to use it is with your Cash Card. In this guide, we’ll be covering what your Cash App Cash Card is and how to make the most of your Cash App account with this card.

The Cash App Cash Card is the only way to spend your account balance in a store or online. While you can transfer your money to various bank accounts and online banking services, you can’t spend any of it unless you use this card. It’s a safe and secure way to keep on top of your spending, and there’s no way that you can accidentally move cash because you need to use a PIN, just like with normal cards.

Cash Card Balance

The most common query about the Cash App Cash Card is what the balance is. That’s the easy part though. Your Cash Card balance is your Cash App balance. However much money you have in your Cash App account, that’s the limit on your Cash Card. Since the card is a debit card, you cannot go over the available funds, so you won’t incur any unforeseen charges.

What is the Cash App Cash Card?


The Cash Card is Cash App’s debit card. It’s how you’ll be spending your balance online or in retail stores. You can’t use the money without it because the app doesn’t allow you to make contactless payments. The only way to do that is by adding your Cash Card to a digital wallet and use it that way. Even this is still restricting you to using your Cash Card though.

Thankfully, services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay accept the Cash Card, so you can keep it with your other payment methods, safe in your digital wallet wherever you go.

One of the card’s best features is that you can disable or activate it from within the app. There’s no need to phone up a fraud department if you think that someone has stolen your card or you’ve left it somewhere. You can just open the app and switch the slider to disable the card until you know for certain that it’s safe.

Track Your Spending

You can use Cash App to track all of the spending on your account. This includes in-app transfers and purchases made using your card. This helps you recognize fraudulent transactions faster. There’s no need to login on a mobile browser and navigate through your statement. You can see your entire transaction history in the app.

Use ATMs

Since the Cash Card is a debit card, you can use it with most ATMs to withdraw money. While Cash App does charge a fee for this service, some of it gets wiped out if you deposit at least $300 per month into your account.

Here’s an article on how to find free Cash app ATMs.

How to Get a Cash Card


Every Cash App user is entitled to a free Cash Card. All you need to do is sign up for the service either online or through the app. Then you can apply for a card through the app. The card takes a few weeks to arrive, but you can start using it immediately once it has.

What is the Free Cash on Cash App Cash Cards?


There’s a common misconception that Cash Cards come with free money already loaded on them. As we mentioned above, the balance of your Cash Card is based on your Cash App balance. They are the same. However, you can get $10 free for every friend that you recommend to Cash App. As long as your friend uses your invite code, you’ll both be given $10 for free, which is then available to spend on your Cash Card.


The Cash Card from Cash App is a Visa debit card like any other. Your balance is based on the money you have in your account, as with any bank. The card is also the only way to spend your account balance, which is worth considering if you’re expecting to get a lot of money into your account.

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