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wolf credit card - Wolf Furniture Credit Card Login - Adress - Account - Bill Pay

Wolf Furniture hosts some of the best brands when it comes to redesigning your home. From Ashley to Beautyrest to La-Z-Boy, you can find it all. But when entering one of their beautiful showcases, it can really make you want to redesign the whole home. This is why learning about their financing and understanding the Wolf furniture credit card can be a total save-the-day effort. 

The Wolf Credit Card offers incentives for its cardholders through Synchrony banking, where they can gain easy access to their card online. Online, customers can pay their bill, view their statements, among other account benefits. Customer service can be reached at (814) 944-9311.

Let’s get into what the Wold Furniture Credit Card can do for you!

Who Owns It?

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Wolf Furniture has teamed up with Synchrony, a retail credit card offering specific industry solutions through financing. Because retail needs its own credit limits and bigger purchases need better funding for customers to pull the trigger, WolfFurnituree, like many others, went this route.

Synchrony Financial is based out of Stamford, CT, and dedicates itself to more than 390,000 business locations. MattressFirm ring a bell to anyone? As a customer, when you deal with payment issues like late fees or anything of the such, you will deal directly with Synchrony Financial and not with Wolf Furniture. This includes paying your bill online. 

What Does the Wolf Credit Card Offer?

So what does the Wolf Furniture credit card offer, and why do customers love it? Well, let’s break down some of the biggest financial incentives for getting this card and why it may have some clout over some of the other home furnishing credit cards.

Exclusive Financing Deals

The great thing about retail credit cards is that they are going to offer their customers a lot of incentives when it comes to purchasing their products. This likely will change quite a bit through the year as Wold Furniture may offer first-time buyers and credit card points and discounts.

They also are likely to offer big-time holiday discounts and even more incentives when you use your store credit card to make those purchases during the holidays. 

Because furniture is so expensive and the point is to be able to pay little-by-little over time likely, you will get a certain amount of months interest-free depending on how much you buy and the timetable you and your sales representative have worked out to pay it off over. 

Purchasing this amount of furniture with a regular credit card may whack you with a serious interest, which is why it’s a good idea to open up a Wolf Credit Card to reap those benefits. 

Fraud and Liability Protection

Wold Furniture and Synchrony recognize that their customers should not be responsible for anyone who is making purchases on their behalf without their permission. This is why they insist on backing the customer by offering fraud and liability protection at no extra cost.

This can be particularly important with furniture credit cards because the credit limits can be much higher than normal credit cards. We are talking possible dozens of thousands of dollars. 

Luckily, the stress of losing your card or it being stolen is no more. With a great reporting system, Synchrony gets right on figuring out who is making purchases and removing them from your responsibility. 

Easy Bill Pay – Here is how to Login and Pay Your Bills

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No more sending checks when it comes to the Synchrony Wolf Furniture Credit Card. With technology, there should be zero hassle when it comes to logging in and paying your bill. This means not going all the way to the store to pay for it or sending in a check through the mail. Who knows when if it will get there on time? 

With easy bill pay, you can just log onto your account and pay as little as much as you want at any time. This makes the stress of meeting deadlines a lot easier because you can check right from your phone or computer. 

Login How To:

When logging into your bank online, you will first need to make sure your credit card is activated. You can do this by calling the customer service number (814) 944-9311. Now register online by creating a username and password online after they have activated your card.

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Once this is set up, you will be asked to enter card information. They may also ask for a security question that only you know the answer to. When finished, you will come to the home page, where you can view your statements and pay your bill.

You can click on the various options and follow the prompts to pay as much or as little as you want before your bill’s due date. This will be displayed right next to the bill as a reminder.

Fear of being denied this card because of poor credit? Check out our guide on the best websites for buy now, pay later without looking at your credit!

Does it Make Sense to get the Wolf Furniture Credit Card?

Getting a store credit card sometimes can be luring in the beginning. When customers open up their wallets to see that they have too many credit cards, they panic. This is because the store offerings with their specific credit cards are so good. To know whether you need a Wold Furniture credit card is to ask yourself a few simple questions.

Do I shop for furniture only at Wolf Furniture? Or, does the bulk of my furniture shopping come from it?

If yes, then this is a great reason to consider opening up a credit card with them. If you also have a major project coming up, it may make sense. Especially if it is bulk order coming from them, then it is worth considering getting a Wold Credit card. This will offer you the absolute best incentives and financing options available. 

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