Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay?

Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay

The American auto industry is among the enormous industries in the world. Many mega autos retailers and manufacturers have their headquarters in the USA. Similarly, the name of AutoZone is widely popular in the auto sector of America, with more than 6,000 store locations. AutoZone is the supplier of auto parts and related accessories. The customer network of AutoZone is in millions. However, these customers have a general query in mind, “Does AutoZone have Apple Pay?”

Yes, AutoZone accepts Apple Pay in many of its stores but not all the stores across the USA. Therefore, you need to call before going in for shopping using Apple Pay as a payment method. Moreover, AutoZone also has a mobile app and website for online shopping. It is pertinent to mention that they do not take Apple Pay for online shopping. However, they accept it as a payment method for in-store purchases for most of their stores.

Does AutoZone Accept Apple Pay?

autozone apple pay1 - Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay?

There is a query looming in the minds of Apple Pay users: “Does AutoZone take Apple Pay?” AutoZone takes Apple Pay as a payment method in many of its 6000 store locations. However, in some locations, the retailer does not accept this method. Therefore, it is better to call beforehand to check whether your local AutoZone store accepts Apple Pay or not.

How To Check If Your Local Store Accepts Apple Pay?

autozone apple pay - Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay?

There are two ways to check if your local store takes Apple Pay as a digital payment method. Following are the two methods to check the availability of Apple Pay at AutoZone:

  1. By directly calling the local store
  2. By using Apple Maps App to locate the nearest store and check if they accept Apple Pay or not

How To Check Availability Using Apple Maps App?

Apple Maps app is straightforward to use, and you do not need to call the local store to find out if they take Apple Pay. We will illustrate the simple process of checking the compatibility using your Apple Maps app. Following are the easy steps:

  • Open your Apple Maps app.
  • Enter the nearest store location and hit the enter key.
  • Scroll down the search result, and you will see a heading of “Useful to Know.”
  • If there is a logo of Apple Pay in front of this heading, it means that the local store accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.
  • However, the local store does not take Apple Pay if there is no Apple Pay logo in front of the described heading.

Hence, by following these easy steps, you can find out the availability of Apple Pay at your local AutoZone store.

What Does AutoZone Pay Their Employees?

AutoZone is an amazing employer to work with since their minimum hourly rate is greater than that of the average hourly rate of the USA. The average hourly rate in the USA is $11. However, AutoZone pays its employees an hourly rate ranging from $13 to $22. The range varies as per the responsibilities and workload. Hence, AutoZone pays its employees competitive salaries with additional perks and benefits.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a digital mobile payment technology introduced by Apple Inc. in 2014. It is a widely famous mobile payment method in the USA and has more than 300 million users worldwide. Apple Pay is very easy to use. Similarly, more than 85% of retailers across America accept it as a payment method, such as Walmart stores. The major advantage of Apple Pay is that it is fast and highly secure.


AutoZone is the leading auto parts supplier in the USA. With millions of customers in its database, they certainly have confusion regarding payment methods. Customers are wondering, “Does AutoZone has Apple Pay?” Yes, they accept Apple Pay in most store locations except some locations. Therefore, you can always call in to check Apple Pay acceptance before going into your local store.

Furthermore, you can also check this by using your Apple Maps app. The procedure has been explained above. Last but not least, AutoZone does not accept Apple Pay for online purchases through its website and AutoZone app.

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