Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

does burger king take apple pay

Contactless payment methods have become the talk of the town in recent years. These methods are in use to purchase goods, services, and commodities. Many renowned brands and retailers, such as AutoZone, accept these mobile payment methods. Similarly, Burger King is a famous fast-food restaurant chain with millions of customers across the globe. Customers of Burger King have ambiguity regarding payment methods and wonder whether Burger King does take Apple Pay or not?

Unfortunately, Burger King does not take Apple Pay as of 2021. Previously, it used to accept Apple Pay as a digital payment method. However, the food store giant opted for the PayPal and Venmo services that are direct competitors of Apple Pay. Therefore, they do not accept Apple Pay anymore. Moreover, Burger King mobile app offers various benefits while using contactless payment methods.

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?
Burger King Apple Pay

In the past, the corporation accepted Apple Pay in its app. However, Burger King does not take Apple Pay any longer as per the latest developments. On the contrary, they are in a partnership with the rival of Apple Pay, PayPal.

Meanwhile, they also accept Venmo, which is under the ownership umbrella of PayPal. Therefore, this is bad news for Apple Pay users heading to the store for a fast-food meal. They will not be able to pay for their food using Apple Pay.

Burger King’s partnership with Apple Pay was not for a long period. Burger King is currently in partnership with PayPal. Therefore, you will not be able to use this digital method at any outlet of Burger King any longer.

Have Burger King Apple Pay Discontinued?

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

It might sound strange to many readers that Burger King once had Apple Pay as a viable digital payment method. However, now you will not find this digital method in the list of acceptable contactless payment options at Burger King. There are multiple reasons for this fallout. However, the most common is the partnership with Apple’s rival.

Yes, Burger King has discontinued their business-to-business partnership with the financial service app. Now, Burger King uses other digital payments in connection with its mobile app. These apps are PayPal and Venmo.

Why Doesn’t Burger King Take Apple Pay Anymore?

Does Burger King Have Apple Pay - Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?
Does Burger King Have Apple Pay?

Does burger King have Apple Pay? That is the most common question in the minds of fast food lovers who use Apple Pay as a form of digital contactless payment method. However, Burger King does not have this digital method at any outlet throughout the globe.

At first, Apple Pay was an acceptable payment method at the company’s outlets. However, Burger King has discontinued accepting this digital method for the past few years. The major reason is that the corporation has got into a partnership with the rival of Apple Pay. The most dominant competitor of Apple Pay is PayPal, one of the oldest digital payment methods.

Burger King had started their partnership with PayPal in 2014. Therefore, with the start of this partnership, this digital method is no longer available in the payment methods of Burger King. Moreover, another reason to decline Apple Pay is that the their arch-rival, McDonald’s, also uses Apple Pay. Hence, it was a triangular confrontation between two brands, and Burger King added PayPal on its side.

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay at Drive-Thru?

burger king drive thru apple pay - Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Burger King drive-thru is one the fastest ways to grab your food if you are famished. You will get the food in your car by placing an order from one of the drive-thru windows. It is a quick process, so many customers take this method to get food rather than dining in during a lunch break.

However, customers are often in a state of the puzzle. They ask, “Do Burger King take Apple Pay?” Unfortunately, the food store giant doesn’t take Apple Pay, not even at their drive-thru across all their outlets. In 2014, there was a partnership for the digital payment method between the food store giant and Apple Pay. However, things have changed pretty fast, and now PayPal is the digital payment method that Burger King customers can use.

The reason is that PayPal is the rival app of Apple Pay. On the other hand, McDonald’s uses Apple Pay as their contactless payment method. Hence, it became a difficult situation for Apple Pay. So, the corporation selected PayPal instead of Apple Pay, and it is not even available in its mobile app now.

Can You Use Apple Pay for Online Orders?

dO BURGER KING HAVE APPLE PAY - Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?
Burger King Apple Pay

Burger King has a mobile application through which the customers can place online orders. It uses its own and third-party delivery drivers to fulfill these online orders. Online orders have multiple payment methods.

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards contactless payment methods. There are millions of “Apple Pay” customers across the globe. These customers have a question, “Does Burger King take Apple Pay for online orders?”

Unfortunately, the corporation does not take Apple Pay anymore, not even for online orders. You will have to use a credit card, debit card, or cash-on-delivery as a payment method. The digital payment methods available to use at Burger King are PayPal and Venmo. Venmo is the subsidiary of PayPal, and they are the topmost competitor of Apple Pay.

Will The Corporation Accept Apple Pay in The Near Future?

Does Burger King take Apple Pay? Burger King is the leading franchise of fast food, and its customers are in every part of the globe. Burger King has a history of moving in transition with technological advancement. They developed their mobile app to facilitate their customers in a similar pattern. Moreover, they also connected their app with digital contactless payment methods.

Previously, Apple Pay was the digital payment method. After 2014, PayPal has taken place instead of Apple Pay for the acceptable digital payment methods. The major reason behind this turmoil is that Apple Pay is also the partner of Burger King’s rival McDonald’s. That is why the corporation discontinued their partnership with Apple Pay and selected the competitor PayPal to serve their digital payments.

Hence, if you are an Apple Pay user and wonder, “Will Burger King take Apple Pay in the near future?” there are zero to no chances for such an event. PayPal is the earliest form of contactless payment.

Therefore, its trustworthiness is way greater than other payment methods. Right now, Burger King is in perfect harmony with PayPal and Venmo. Therefore, there is no good chance in the near future that we will see this payment method on the list of acceptable payment methods of Burger King.

The Final Word

Apple Pay is a very secure and easy-to-use payment method. Many retailers and fast-food restaurants all over the world use Apple Pay. Likewise, Burger King is also a well-known brand in the fast-food industry. The customers of Apple Pay have a little ambiguity regarding payment methods. They ask, “Does Burger King take Apple Pay?” No, they do not accept Apple Pay at any of their outlets.

In 2014, Apple Pay was on the list of acceptable payment methods for the corporation. However, that position now belongs to PayPal and Venmo. There is very low certainty that Apple Pay will be back on the list as an acceptable method. So, as for now, Burger King does not take Apple Pay.

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