Does KFC Take Apple Pay?

does kfc take apple pay

Contactless transactions are swiftly becoming the standard for merchants, restaurants, and even landlords. Contactless payments are significantly safer for both organizations and consumers than standard debit or credit cards. Like other large corporations, KFC is attempting to remain ahead of the competition. So, one might wonder, “Does KFC take Apple Pay?” Does KFC allow contactless payments?

As of 2021, KFC accepts Apple Pay as a viable payment option at the majority of its locations. Moreover, KFC allows this payment method for in-store, online delivery, and drive-thru orders. Samsung Pay and Google Pay are two other digital payments that KFC allows. Furthermore, the establishment will most likely accept additional payment options in the future. So, you can enjoy your favorite food at KFC using Apple Pay.

Does KFC take Apple Pay?

Yes. KFC takes Apple Pay. Millions across the world enjoy KFC every day. So, KFC is doing everything to stay current and modern. Therefore, KFC tries to adopt modern technologies. One might wonder, “Does KFC accept Apple Pay?” The answer is “Yes.” KFC does accept modern digital payments.

Many major stores, such as Walmart, take Apple Pay. Inside KFC restaurants and at KFC drive-thrus, Apple Pay is accepted as a payment method. KFC was one of the first companies to accept digital payment methods. As a result, KFC began accepting Apple Pay as a payment method in 2016.

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KFC Take Apple Pay

Does KFC Take Apple Pay with Apple Watch?

Yes. KFC accepts Apple Pay with Apple Watch. You can also use your Apple Watch for buying meals at restaurants and drive-thrus. Moreover, here are the topmost steps to set up Apple Pay on your watch:

  • Go to the “My Watch” tab on your iPhone.
  • Choose the “Wallet & Apple Pay” option.
  • Enter accurate details and hit “Next.”
  • Wait for your bank verification.
  • Double-click the side button after bank account verification. This double-click will display your default card. You can make changes here.
  • Lastly, input your password and place your finger on the Apple Watch over the payment reader. You will hear a clear beeping sound once it verifies your details.

Does KFC Accept Digital Payments for Online Deliveries?

Among the major benefits of getting food from KFC is using the restaurant’s app. Here are the topmost steps to use Apple Pay for online deliveries.

  • Log into your account on the KFC mobile app. You can also continue as a guest if you don’t want to create an account with the app.
  • Choose your preferred restaurant. Now, select the right pickup time.
  • Add your favorite meal or deal to your cart.
  • Confirm your order in the cart section.
  • Hit “Continue to Payment.”
  • Here, you can input your contacts and delivery details. Moreover, you can also select Apple Pay as your payment method.

How Safe is Apple Pay for Transactions?

Apple Pay is a completely safe and secure option for all locations. For instance, Apple Pay allows you to make secure, simple, and private exchanges in all areas and nations that help contactless installments. Additionally, the application was developed in light of your protection and security, making it more secure contrasted with physical cards.

Apple utilizes interesting exchange codes and explicit smartphone codes to guarantee your data is kept hidden. For some time now, numerous clients have been utilizing Apple Pay with next to no issues. Because of its extraordinary security include, the digital payment method is turning out to be more predominant in the United States and all over the planet.

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KFC Accepts Apple Pay

The Bottom Line

Yes. KFC takes Apple Pay. KFC embraced modern digital payments in the summer of 2016. Moreover, the giant enables customers to easily pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Similarly, customers can pay with mobile payment options inside restaurants and at drive-thrus as well.

Apple Pay was launched in September 2014. KFC was among a handful of establishments to quickly take on this digital payment method. KFC allows users to pay using online payment methods quickly. Therefore, this fast-food corporation is already in the lead for the quickest delivery services.

With time, we may see options for more digital payments. KFC accepts all the modern digital payments. So, it accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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