Does Walmart Accept PayPal?

does walmart accept paypal

Walmart is the leading retail store chain in America. With headquarters at Bentonville, it has more than 5,000 locations across the United States of America. Owing to its popularity among the masses, it has one of the largest customer networks. However, many customers have several questions regarding payment methods. Among these questions is the most asked, “Does Walmart accept PayPal?”

Yes, Walmart accepts PayPal at all its stores. Moreover, you can also pay with PayPal for online orders from Walmart’s app or website. Walmart also has its own credit cards, and they also accept a wide range of payment options. In addition, Walmart accepts various digital payment methods (except for Apple Pay) since the world is drifting towards contactless payment methods. Therefore, you can use PayPal and other digital payment methods with Walmart.

Does Walmart Accept PayPal?

Does Walmart Accept PayPal?
Does Walmart Accept PayPal?

Walmart, being the largest retail chain, is the choice of millions of customers. Most customers use PayPal as a method of payment. These customers have a question in mind, “Can you use PayPal at Walmart?”

Yes, you can use PayPal at Walmart at all their outlets. Furthermore, you can also pay with PayPal for your online orders at Walmart. For placing orders online at Walmart, you can use Walmart’s Beta app or their website. Paying with PayPal at Walmart is the best mode of contactless payment.

PayPal is a digital payment service available throughout the world. Walmart is one of many retailers in the United States of America that accepts PayPal as a viable digital method of payment. Payments with PayPal at Walmart are faster than conventional payment methods. Moreover, the transaction through PayPal is secure with minimal risk of a data breach.

How To Pay with PayPal at Walmart?

pay with paypal - Does Walmart Accept PayPal?
How To Pay with PayPal at Walmart?

PayPal payment at any store of Walmart is very straightforward. Moreover, it is the fastest way to go through the payment process. If you are a new user of PayPal, you must have this question, “Can I use PayPal at Walmart?”

Yes, you can use PayPal at Walmart. Walmart allows users to add PayPal as a method of payment in their Walmart account. It is very easy to pay with PayPal at the Walmart store. Following are the steps for payment:

  • Scan all your items on the shopping list.
  • It will add them to the cart of your online Walmart account.
  • After you finish your shopping list, head over to the customer service desk.
  • Validate your payment and scan the QR code to pay with PayPal.
  • Do not forget to take your receipt since it is proof of purchase.

In case of refund issues, the refund amount goes back to the original method of payment. Therefore, you will get your refund in your PayPal account if you have purchased from Walmart using PayPal.

Can I Pay with PayPal at Walmart Online App?

Walmart’s online shopping experience is paramount to that of its in-store experience. Every item in-store is also available for online purchase. There are two methods to shop online at Walmart, and they are as follows:

  1. Beta App
  2. Walmart’s Website

Beta App

Does Walmart Accept PayPal?
Does Walmart Accept PayPal?

The Beta app is the latest addition to the online shopping experience for customers. One can download it free from the app store. After that, you will have to make an online account. If you already have an account, you can log in using the “Beta” app.

Beta app features every product of Walmart. Customers can place an order using this app. In addition, they can also make changes to their accounts using Beta app.

Does Walmart accept PayPal? Can you pay with PayPal at Walmart? Yes, Walmart accepts PayPal as a viable payment method throughout all its stores. Furthermore, it also takes PayPal for its online order made through the Beta app or Walmart’s website.

Customers can add PayPal to their Walmart Beta app very easily. They have to follow the below steps to pay with PayPal at the Walmart Beta app.

  • Open your Beta app.
  • On the bottom right, you will see the “Account” button.
  • Click on it and click the “Payments” option.
  • In this option, you can add PayPal as your method of payment.
  • Start shopping online at Walmart using your PayPal digital payment.

Is PayPal Similar to Walmart Pay?

Does Walmart Take PayPal? A significant number of users use PayPal as their digital payment method. The good news for PayPal users is that Walmart accepts PayPal at all its stores. Moreover, Walmart also takes PayPal for online purchases too. Users can head over to the online app of Walmart to get online shopping services.

Apart from this, Walmart has also introduced its own digital contactless payment, “Walmart Pay.” Its use is increasing significantly than other digital payment methods. The reason is that Walmart offers an array of benefits and discounts for users paying with Walmart’s “Walmart Pay” payment method.

Walmart Pay and PayPal are somewhat similar in basic usage philosophy. Both are contactless modes of payment. Furthermore, both require a mobile application and an online account to use. PayPal is applicable for use in many retail stores and to send money. On the contrary, Walmart Pay is only applicable for use in Walmart stores or for online orders from Walmart app or website.

What Are the Perks and Benefits of Using Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay is the exclusive contactless payment methodology of Walmart. Walmart customers can get an array of benefits using Walmart Pay. The aim of Walmart is to shift users from other forms of digital payment. Following are some of the key benefits of using Walmart Pay:

  • Walmart Pay gives 5% cash back for purchases during the first 12 months.
  • It offers special discounted offers.
  • Walmart Pay gives e-gift cards that can be used on future orders.
  • It is the fastest payment method while shopping at Walmart.

Can you use PayPal at Walmart?

PayPal has millions of users worldwide. Similarly, the USA is the hub of PayPal’s customer network. Therefore, almost every retailer in the United States of America accepts PayPal as a digital method of payment. Walmart customers sometimes ask, “Does Walmart take PayPal?”

Walmart is the largest chain of discount stores. Therefore, the organization makes sure to be at par with the latest technological advancement. Hence, Walmart is also showcasing flexibility in accepting digital payment methods. Customers often inquire, “Does Walmart accept PayPal?”

Yes, Walmart accepts PayPal across all its outlets in America. Moreover, Walmart also takes PayPal payment for orders placed online. It is indeed a huge relief for PayPal users.

How To Use Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay is straightforward to use with its user-friendly interface. Follow the below steps to use Walmart Pay and enjoy other perks and benefits.

  • Download Walmart “Beta” app from the Play Store if you are using an Android device. Download from Apple Store if you are using iPhone or Apple devices.
  • Go to the services option and select Walmart Pay from there.
  • You will need to connect your debit card or credit card with Walmart Pay.
  • Once connected, you are all set and ready to go for contactless payment with Walmart Pay.

Can You Pay with PayPal at Walmart?

PayPal is one of the earliest methods of digital payment. It is a shift from physical payment methods to contactless digital payment methods. Walmart customers often ask, “Does Walmart accept PayPal?” Walmart accepts PayPal at all their store locations. Customers can also use PayPal for their online orders at Walmart’s Beta app or Walmart’s website.

Does Walmart Accept PayPal?
Can You Pay with PayPal at Walmart?

Does Walmart Accept PayPal? Final Word

Walmart is the leading chain of superstores and discount stores. Moreover, it remains up-to-date with the latest development in the technological sector. Recently, the scope of digital payment methods has been on the rise, and people prefer this contactless form of payment. However, many customers of Walmart are in a state of ambiguity. They wonder, “Does Walmart take PayPal?”

Yes, Walmart takes PayPal all its more than 5,000 locations. Moreover, it also accepts PayPal for orders placed online through the Walmart Beta app. Last but not least, Walmart has its own exclusive contactless payment method, “Walmart Pay” which comes with discount benefits and free e-gift cards. So, it is up to you to choose a payment method suited to your needs.

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