10 Surprising Jobs That Give You Free or Low-Cost Housing

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Recently while scrolling a popular poverty finance forum, I came across a post requesting jobs with very low-cost housing included. So here are the top-voted employment opportunities with housing.

1. National Parks and other Resort Areas

“You can work at a National Park (or other resort areas) for something like $16/hr and get very low-cost housing in the park for approximately $50/week (last I spoke with them- it could be more now),” shared one.

“They are in a shared cabin with a roommate and have dorm housing. They aren’t super glamorous jobs, but this could benefit folks who need a job and a place to live and enjoy the outdoors.”

2. On-Site Property Manager

“In California, any apartment complex larger than 16 units requires an on-site manager to live there. Companies that own many properties hire folks to live on-site as the acting manager,” replied another.

“Our 2br/2ba unit in Southern California overlooks the water and would rent out for $3,000 if we paid full price. But, instead, my wife and I pay $400/month, including all utilities – gas/electric, water, trash, and internet! And it’s my side gig that only realistically eats up four-to-five hours per month.”

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3. Join the Job Corps

One person agreed, “100%, I’m a recent job corps graduate (2017), and it was one of the best things I could’ve done. It’s easy to get lost in the drama, relationships, egos, pride, etc., but if you keep your head down and focus, you’ll be golden.”

“My foster son joined job corps, which was the best thing he ever did for himself (so far),” replied another. ‘They helped him get a high school diploma and then trained him in a trade. So yeah, some people in Job corps are not great, but the program itself is what you make of it.”

4. Oilfields, Pipelaying Companies, and Wireline Work

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“Oilfield is hiring right now, and many jobs include housing and per diem. I know this will probably get downvoted to oblivion, but I thought I’d throw it out there,” one stated.

Most jobs that include housing are either on rigs or for coil, wireline, and pipe laying companies. Therefore, a background in heavy machinery is useful and even better if you have or are willing to get your commercial driving license (CDL).”

5. College Housing Operations

“I work in Higher Education Housing – not great wages but free housing. I have a very nice two-bedroom apartment, but I currently work at a school in a Lower Cost of Living area,” another admitted.

“Two bedrooms go for like $800 from what I can see on Apartments.com in my town. But when I was in grad school working the same job, I had a nice 1br apartment in South Florida, so it’s dependent on the area. I love the work, but it’s not for everyone!”

6. Long-Term Extended Period Housesitter

“I lived for free(ish) for about a year as a house sitter with mostly long-term house sits for retirees who traveled a lot or had second homes in other states,” announced another.

“I sometimes have short gaps between house-sitting opportunities and need to stay with family or pay for an Airbnb for a few days here and there.”

7. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

“The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is normally more relaxed labor in exchange for housing only with the expectation you’re just visiting, but many Community Supported Agriculture type farms offer shared housing to compensate for lower pay and long hours,” replied one.

8. American Counseling Association

“Try camp counseling (ACA has a fabulous jobs list) for a job with housing. My sister worked at a boarding school that provided housing, too,” another added.

“Along the US coasts, Outdoor Schools usually run year-round on three-to-five day weeks of nonstop kidlets and supervising them. It is an excellent job for a high-energy 20-something person, and you save more because you spend most of your time in a place you can’t spend money.”

9. Summer Stock Theater Production Crew

Someone volunteered, “Most Summer Stock Theater production gigs offer housing with employment. It’s usually a three-to-four-month contract aimed at younger industry types. It’s hit-and-miss with the quality of pay/work/etc.

There are a few horror stories but some outstanding opportunities out there as well. Offstagejobs.com lists production jobs, and most summer stocks will start posting within the month.”

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10. Companion Care

Finally, someone stated, “Companion care. You live with someone who is elderly or disabled. You make meals, do light housework, take them to appointments, etc. No CNA is needed. They do have stricter background checks.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit suggestions list of jobs with low housing included. Do you know of any other positions we should add to this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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