Cut the Fat: 15 Unnecessary Bills You Don’t Need to Pay

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It’s time to save money. If you’re anything like me, you mindlessly pay bills for things nobody needs. So, it’s time to cut the fat and move toward a more focused financial situation.

Say goodbye to needless streaming services, extraneous deliveries, and worthless subscriptions. Before you know it, you’ll have much more money in your pocket each month’s end.

Here are all the unnecessary bills you should stop paying immediately and embrace a more mindful financial lifestyle.

1. Streaming Video Services

Streaming services
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I’m not listing the many streaming video services available across the American digital landscape because I’m sure everybody knows what they are. It’s time to look at our monthly streaming subscriptions and determine what we’re using. For example, I only watch Netflix, yet I’m still subscribed to at least three other services. How foolish is that?

Follow my lead and cancel anything you don’t watch. It’s easier than you think, and your wallet will thank you.

2. Expensive Gym Memberships

Gym Membership
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Gyms are gyms. Sure, some may have rooftop pools and the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, but in the end, gyms are gyms. Don’t overpay for the privilege of sweating profusely in front of total strangers daily.

While canceling your gym membership entirely is the most cost-effective decision, that’s not practical for many people. If you pay for a monthly membership, select a bare-bones, old-school gym. You’ll save a lot of money.

3. Landscaping Services

Old man Lawn Mowing
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If you pay a landscaping company to mow your lawn every month, you’re throwing money down the drain. A small investment in a lawn mower will pay for itself in record time, freeing up capital each month.

If our parents and their parents managed to mow the lawn and do light landscaping work, we can, too. Let’s stop outsourcing easy tasks and start saving some money, people.

4. Local Produce Deliveries

Grocery delivery
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When we moved to North Carolina, my fiancee told me, “We should try one of those fresh produce delivery services.” I’m an idiot, so I agreed. We paid a high monthly fee to enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables for the following year.

Ultimately, it was a waste of money. Do you know what goes bad quickly? Fresh produce. Say what you want about buying fruit and veggies from the supermarket, but at least they last more than a few days in your refrigerator.

5. Cable Television

Couples watching TV
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Although I advocated for getting rid of needless streaming video services a few paragraphs ago, I infinitely recommend them over paying for traditional cable television. My reasoning is straightforward: it’s so expensive.

Sure, for hundreds of dollars a month, the typical consumer can access hundreds of channels, but how many of those channels actually get watched? It is a waste of money, especially in the digital age of streaming.

6. Mainstream Cell Phone Plans

Woman using mobile chating with friend
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Consumers (especially Americans) are loyal to their cell phone service providers, almost to a fault. Companies like Verizon and AT&T take advantage of this by charging customers prohibitively high prices to access their services. Consider “downgrading” to a lesser-known, regional cellular provider to keep costs down.

At the very least, enroll your loved ones in a major carrier’s family plan and save a few dollars. It’s the next best way to save money on your monthly cell phone bill.

7. Babysitters

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It’s a fact: babysitters cost money. As a society, we’re far past paying our neighbor’s teenage daughter four bucks an hour to watch our children. It isn’t 1992 anymore. However, parents do have a feasible option: Go out less.

Hear me out, I’m not saying give up babysitting entirely. But if parents don’t go out as often, they won’t need to fork over as much money to a babysitter.

8. Water Deliveries

Man delivering water
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The thought of having fresh, purified spring water delivered to your home is what dreams are made of. Who wouldn’t want a jug of water delivered every week? Unfortunately, as I found out, it’s prohibitively expensive.

Here’s what I learned: it’s not worth it. Going to Sprouts and filling up an empty five-gallon jug is 10 times less expensive than having water delivered. If you’re paying for drinking water delivery, I only have one thing to say: please stop.

9. Extended Warranties

Woman buying refrigerator
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Ask around. Most people never take advantage of their extended warranties, whether they buy them to protect their household appliances or vehicles. So, why do people purchase extended warranties? Maybe they’re pressured by a pushy salesman, or perhaps they’re scared of the worst-case scenario.

At any rate, it’s never a good idea to pay a monthly payment dedicated solely to a product’s extended warranty. It’s the equivalent of setting money on fire.

10. Meal Subscription Services

Meal Subscription Service
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Sometimes, even the most capable home chefs decide to spend too much money on meal subscription services. (After all, why cook excellent food when you can reheat something and spend a lot of money?)

All sarcasm aside, consider eliminating any meal subscriptions you may be paying for. It’s never a savvy financial decision; the convenience will never outweigh the cost.

11. Monthly Checking Account Fees

Savings account
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It’s a myth that consumers must pay monthly checking account fees. In 2024, many online banks offer free checking accounts that everybody should consider using.

Every dollar counts in this day and age. Suppose you donate a few bucks to the Bank of America or Wells Fargo monthly. In that case, you’re doing a disservice to yourself. Get with the times and sign up for a fee-free checking account and reap the benefits.

12. Ultra High-Speed Internet Access

WiFi router at home
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Did you know you’re probably paying too much for internet access? It’s true; unless you’re running a small hotel, there’s no need to pay for an internet speed of more than 100 megabits per second. In 2024, many internet providers average gigabit internet; honestly, that’s overkill.

You won’t know the difference if you downgrade your speed, and the savings can be significant.

13. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime day
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Amazon Prime was designed with one goal: to coerce consumers to mindlessly shop from their smartphones under the guise of saving on shipping costs. Amazon’s plan worked by any metric, but that doesn’t mean we have to be accountable for paying for Amazon Prime every month.

Think of all the monthly impulse purchases by scrolling through the app. Imagine all the money we’d save monthly by deleting our Prime accounts and the app itself.

14. Video Game Streamer Subscriptions

Video Game Streamer
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I can’t think of a bigger, more embarrassing money drain than using your hard-earned money to subscribe to video game streamers. Let’s all agree to stop this practice immediately, shall we?

I’m not knocking the hustle or creativity of these gamers, who are undoubtedly entertaining. Let other people give those streamers money instead of you. Feel free to tune in; just don’t empty your wallet.

15. Satellite Radio Subscriptions

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Fans of satellite radio platforms like SiriusXM may not like hearing this. Still, I’m determined to tell the truth while giving men and women countless ways to save money. That said, SiriusXM (and similar services) are a total waste of money.

We have every song (and radio station) at our fingertips through smartphone apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Why pay extra for a service with far fewer features? I don’t get it.


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