Sending Money from PayPal to Western Union – The Process

paypal to western union

PayPal is one of the world’s earliest and most reliable digital payment methods. It has hundreds of millions of active users. Similarly, Western Union is another financial services corporation serving consumers worldwide for money transfer purposes. People who use these financial services think of a correlation between them. So, is it possible to transfer money from PayPal to Western Union?

The answer is no. These two financial tycoons have no connection with each other regarding business. Both organizations’ functionality and mode of operations are poles apart. Hence, you cannot transfer money directly from PayPal to Western Union (WU). There exist various workaround methods to do this transfer. However, those methods may take time and incur extra fees and taxes.

Is PayPal to Western Union Money Transfer Possible?

Customers often try to find a link between PayPal and Western Union. Many often wonder if the PayPal credit transfer to Western Union is possible? Well, there is no direct connection between PayPal and WU. Considering this relation, one can realize that sending money from PayPal to WU is not directly possible.

However, many alternative methods are available to make money transfers from PayPal to WU indirectly.

These methods are usually time-consuming and may deduct additional fees while transferring money.

  • The most common method is to involve the bank in sending money from the PayPal account to your WU account.

Western Union does not accept money from PayPal. Therefore, it is not possible to send money from PayPal. On the contrary, you can use a debit card to send money through Western Union. The debit card serves as the middle man between PayPal and WU.

  1. First, transfer your PayPal balance into the debit card
  2. Then transfer that money from the debit card to Western Union.

That method is laborious and takes a lot of time. Overall, it will may 15 days to complete the whole process. No one wants to wait that long to get the money.

Can I Withdraw Money from PayPal Through Western Union?

PayPal credit Western Union - Sending Money from PayPal to Western Union - The Process
PayPal Credit Western union

People usually withdraw their PayPal money by linking it with a bank account. They send their PayPal balance to the bank account linked with the service. After that, they use their bank to withdraw money. However, this method can take as much as 5 to 7 days.

Everyone hates to wait so long to get cash in their hands. In 2017, consumers had raised questions about withdrawing money from PayPal to Western Union. The question was and remained if you can withdraw money from PayPal through the WU.

Well, the answer is simply no. You cannot withdraw the PayPal money directly from Western Union because the latter does not directly accept PayPal for money transfer. Hence, you have to look for other ways to make it possible. If you are looking for those workaround methods to withdraw PayPal money from Western Union, keep on reading.

Can I Use PayPal to Pay Western Union?

Western Union is the leading and world’s most famous money transfer financial institute. It is the reliable and go-to facility for millions of consumers, decades-old. The world is in a transition towards digital payment methods. PayPal leads the pack with hundreds of millions of customers regarding digital payment options.

However, the customers using the services of these finance sector organizations have ambiguity regarding their connection. Many consumers wonder if they can pay at WU using PayPal. Unfortunately, you cannot use your PayPal contactless payment option to pay at Western Union.

The primary reason is that these two companies have no direct working relationship. Therefore, you can use other methods to pay at Western Union. One method that can be of use is using debit cards. But there is no way to pay with PayPal directly.

How Can I Transfer Money from PayPal to Western Union?

paypal to western union 2017 - Sending Money from PayPal to Western Union - The Process

Sending money from the PayPal account to Western Union is a major quest for most customers. These people are not well-versed in understanding the working relationship between these two mega giants of the financial sector. PayPal has no direct connection with Western Union. Therefore, you cannot transfer money from PayPal to WU.

Customers are still eager to use alternative methods for executing the PayPal and WU transactions. In the underlying section, we will discuss the three available methods to make a transaction from PayPal possible to Western Union.

Using Bank Account

A bank account is the first viable option to transfer money from a PayPal account to WU. You can link your bank with your PayPal account. The first thing you must do is transfer your PayPal credit to your bank account.

Now head to the Western Union website and transfer your money from the bank account. That completes the process of transferring money from PayPal. You must use your bank account as a mediator between PayPal and Western Union.

This whole process may take 5 to 15 days to complete. Hence, it is not preferred by most consumers. Moreover, you will have to pay transaction fees that may range from 2% to 4% of the transaction amount.

Using PayPal Debit Card

PayPal debit card is another milestone featuring the services of PayPal. You can use the PayPal debit card just like any other debit card. The good news is that Western Union accepts debit cards to transfer money.

Hence, you can use your PayPal-issued debit card to send money to Western Union anywhere in the world. It is a much easier method as compared to using a bank account. Moreover, this method takes 2 to 5 days, and the fees are also lower.

Using Western Union Mastercard

The third and last method left for money transactions between PayPal and Western Union uses WU prepaid Mastercard. WU offers their Mastercard to ease the process of transactions. Therefore, by using this card, one can withdraw money from PayPal. However, you cannot send money to someone else through this method.

Firstly, send your PayPal credit to your WU card directly. After that, you can withdraw your money from there.

Can You Send Money Abroad Through PayPal and Western Union?

Sending money abroad through PayPal and WU is no big deal. You can send money from PayPal using their user-friendly mobile application. On the other hand, WU offers similar easy-to-use methods for sending money abroad.

However, the two of these differ in the fees of money transactions. PayPal charges 2% to 4% of the transaction amount as a fee, increasing as the amount increases. On the other hand, Western Union takes 1.5% of the transaction amount as a fee to complete the transaction.

Regarding the time taken for the transaction, both of these services may take up to 5 to 7 business days to complete their respective foreign transaction.

Final Verdict

PayPal and WU have been the talk of the town since people often look to transfer funds between these two financial services. However, to clear the ground realities, you must know that there is no direct connection between PayPal and WU. A person using both services may get into an ambiguous situation, wondering, “can I send money to Western Union using PayPal?”

Unfortunately, you cannot make this kind of transaction directly. However, there are various methods to do it indirectly. You can talk to an agent at PayPal for further guidance. Moreover, you can use any of the above three methods to make it possible. The bottom line is that the second method of using a PayPal debit card is the best option for making this transaction.

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