Does Walmart Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

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The number of people who use digital payment has swelled to billions. Furthermore, it has been a long-awaited functionality for Android users all around the United States. Every retailer is trying to get ahead of its rivals by offering more payment options. Walmart is among the most popular and giant retail stores in the USA. So, you might wonder, “Does Walmart accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?”

No. Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay. Sadly, as of 2021, Walmart does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Walmart does not accept these forms of payment in-store or online. Similarly, Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay as well. Instead, consumers may use Walmart Pay on their smartphones to check out at registers and self-checkout lanes. If you don’t want to use Walmart App, you can use debit and credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express at Walmart.

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay?

Walmart Accepts Google Pay - Does Walmart Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

Walmart does not accept Google Pay at this time. If you use Google Pay, you may recall that Walmart used to accept it in the past. Walmart used to accept Google Pay years ago. However, the company has now blocked it. According to a Walmart official, the company has no intentions to allow Google Pay or Samsung Pay in the future.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Take Google Pay?

walmart google pay - Does Walmart Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

Does Walmart take Google Pay? No. However, there are reasons why Walmart doesn’t take Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Do you hope Walmart would accept Google Pay? Do you want to understand why they don’t?

Walmart does not accept Google Pay since it has its version of the Walmart Pay application. When you shop at Walmart, they would like you to utilize their Walmart Pay cashless payment option rather than a competitor’s.

Walmart’s decision to exclude Google Pay is not a wise one. Google Pay is used by many more people than Walmart Pay or the Walmart App. This reduces the number of people who use contactless payments. The ordinary Google Pay consumer is precisely the shopper Walmart desires and needs in its shops. As a result, Walmart should embrace Google Pay as a win-win situation.

Does Walmart take Samsung Pay?

Walmart Accepts Samsung Pay 1 - Does Walmart Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?
Walmart Accepts Samsung Pay

No. Walmart doesn’t accept Samsung Pay as well. The “Walmart Samsung Pay” debate is a hot one among customers. However, Walmart doesn’t accept Samsung Pay. Walmart wants to push its proprietary application, Walmart Pay, to its users. So, Walmart doesn’t offer compatibility with modern digital payment methods, such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

In brief, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are not allowed at Walmart. This is because they would lose access to the crucial data collected while using mobile wallets. Furthermore, users that download Walmart Pay enable Walmart to provide other services. Reward points, e-gift cards, and discount notifications are examples of these services.

For digital payments, Walmart Pay does not use NFC technology. Instead, they use a QR code method. Customers may now pay within the Walmart app. This application is compatible with even older devices. Like Google Pay and Apple Pay, Walmart Pay allows users to link credit and debit cards to their accounts. Payments may be made quickly as a result of this.

How Can You Use Walmart App?

walmart app - Does Walmart Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

Can you use Google pay at Walmart? No. However, Walmart Pay is an equally amazing alternative for you. Do you want to know how to use the Walmart App on your Android phone? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with Walmart Pay:

  • You can get the Walmart app for Android or iOS by visiting the respective stores on your phone.
  • After you download the Walmart app, open the app and pick Walmart Pay from the services menu. You may easily enter your credit card information in the Walmart Pay area.
  • Any major credit card, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover, is compatible with Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay accepts Walmart Gift Cards, eGift Cards, and prepaid credit cards, among other options.
  • For security, you’ll need a four-digit PIN or your fingerprints. You’re ready to go purchasing after that.
  • Once you’ve finished checking out, you’ll be able to open Walmart Pay and pay using the QR code displayed on the screen.

Is There a Difference Between Walmart Pay and Google Pay?

Does Walmart accept Samsung Pay or Google Pay? No. However, you can use Walmart Pay as a substitute. So, is it any different from other digital payment systems? There isn’t much of a distinction between these apps. In reality, all of these services function in the same way. They use separate technologies to handle sales, though.

  • When you hold your cellphone in a cash register, Google Pay and Samsung Pay employ Near-Field Communication to communicate your payment information wirelessly.
  • In the meantime, Walmart Pay requires you to scan a QR code. This implies that none of your financial information is sent over the internet during the purchase.

What Are the Benefits of Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay might not function as smoothly as Samsung Pay or Google Pay. However, there are still amazing benefits for the Walmart Pay app.

You may link your online account to your Walmart Rewards Card if you want to. As a result, every transaction you make within the first 12 months will earn you 5% cashback.

Furthermore, Walmart Pay allows you to keep track of your electronic receipts within the Walmart app. Therefore, it can become extremely simple for you to evaluate them in the future.

Does Walmart have Google Pay?

No. Google Pay and Samsung Pay are not compatible at Walmart. On the other hand, Walmart Pay is the corporation’s proprietary mobile wallet. You may access this by installing the Walmart app for iOS or Android. After that, you may go into your Walmart account and input your payment details. You can utilize cashless transactions at Walmart checkout counters in this way.

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay? The Bottom Line

Walmart does not yet accept any other digital payment methods, including Google Pay. Furthermore, it is not expected to do so in the future. This is because Walmart Pay, the corporation’s proprietary digital payment platform, is available. This service is easily accessible through the brand’s smartphone app.

Walmart Pay may not be as user-friendly as other payment systems. It does, however, have many advantages. It supports many different payment options and may even help you earn 5% cashback on every transaction. As a result, it’s a terrific choice for any Walmart consumers who want to stick to electronic payments.

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