10 ‘Most Useless’ Jobs on the Planet, As Voted By Judgmental Strangers on the Internet

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Regarding jobs, everyone has their own opinion on what is essential and what is not. However, some jobs are often deemed more useless than others. Whether because of automation or changing societal norms, these jobs have been voted the most useless by people on the internet. 

1. Bathroom Attendants

Bathroom attendants may have been more common in the past, but many people view them as unnecessary today. After all, most people can wash their hands and dry them off without any assistance. Some may also feel uncomfortable with having someone else in the restroom with them.

2. Toxicologist

Some people view the job of a toxicologist as relatively useless. After all, how often do you need someone to tell you whether a particular substance is poisonous? A toxicologist explains working in a large laboratory.

Their main job was to sort and redirect case files depending on when the results came out. They sent the documents in Microsoft Excel. “I was getting paid just to click sort by date descendingly.”

3. Paparazzi

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While some people may find celebrity gossip and scandal entertaining, others view the job of a paparazzo as entirely useless. After all, why do we need to know every detail about the personal lives of famous people?

Additionally, the tactics that some paparazzi use to get their shots – such as hiding in bushes or chasing celebrities in their cars – can be seen as invasive and unethical. 

4. Pet Psychic

Some people on the internet view the job of a pet psychic as a complete waste of time and money. After all, how can someone claim to know what a dog or cat is thinking or feeling? Additionally, no scientific evidence supports the idea that pet psychics have any special abilities. 

5. Pharmacy Benefit Manager

One of the main fusses of PBMs is that they often operate very opaquely. They need to be more transparent about how they negotiate drug prices or how much they make from their negotiations.

This lack of transparency can make it difficult for patients to understand why their prescription drug prices are so high or why their insurance may not cover certain drugs. That’s why users find this profession irrelevant in society.  

6. Homeopath

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that claims to treat various illnesses using highly diluted substances. However, despite the claims made by homeopaths, there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this practice.

Many medical experts have criticized homeopathy as pseudoscience and have called for more rigorous testing to prove its efficacy. 

7. HOA Administrator

HOA (Homeowners Association) administrators enforce rules and regulations in a neighborhood or community. While this may seem like an important and high paying job, many people on the internet have voted it as useless. This is because some HOAs are notorious for being overly strict and enforcing unnecessary rules that inconvenience homeowners.

HOA administrators have also been criticized for abusing their power and being unresponsive to residents’ concerns.

8. Car Dealerships

mercedes benz shutterstock msn - 10 'Most Useless' Jobs on the Planet, As Voted By Judgmental Strangers on the Internet

Car dealerships have also made it onto the internet’s list of most useless professions. While they play an essential role in the car-buying process, many people believe that car dealerships are unnecessary intermediaries that drive up the cost of vehicles.

In recent years, the rise of online car-buying platforms has made it easier for people to purchase vehicles without dealing with the high-pressure sales tactics often used by car dealerships. 

9. Health Insurance Operators

Despite the importance of health insurance, many people have voted health insurance operators one of the most useless professions. This is because health insurance can be notoriously tricky to navigate, with complex rules and procedures that often leave people feeling frustrated and confused.

Moreover, many health insurance operators have been criticized for denying coverage for necessary medical treatments and procedures, which can lead to serious health consequences for patients.

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10. Grocery Store Greeters

They are those friendly faces who welcome shoppers as they enter the store. They’re usually stationed at the entrance; their job is to make customers feel welcome and assist them with any questions or concerns. Some users consider this job pointless since there is no need to greet anybody while entering a store. On the plus side, I guess it’s a job that doesn’t require any experience

While some jobs on this list might seem trivial or unnecessary, it’s important to remember that every job has unique challenges and responsibilities. Just because a job might not be as important as others in today’s society doesn’t mean it wasn’t necessary at one point.

As technology evolves and societal norms shift, we’ll see even more changes in the job market in the years to come. However, one thing is for sure – the people who hold these “useless” jobs still make a valuable contribution to society, whether we realize it or not.

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