According to Emails, Donald Trump’s Call To March on Capitol Wasn’t a Secret

trump tax returns MSN - According to Emails, Donald Trump's Call To March on Capitol Wasn't a Secret

The House Ways and Means Committee recently released its findings of the investigation into the January 6th march and Trump’s involvement. A screenshotted email revealed that it was well-known information that Trump would call for a march on the U.S. Capitol.

Reluctant Witnesses

Many of the witnesses refused to disclose how they came about the information on Trump’s plans. Ali Alexander claimed that he couldn’t remember who he had heard the information from. 

The screenshotted email came from Katrina Peirson, who was a liaison between the campaign and the rally at the time. The email reveals a clear plan to have protestors march on the Capitol. Whether or not the rally was intended to turn violent remains to be seen. 

Left With Many Questions

The supplemental materials provided in the final report showed a lot of redacted material, particularly in the witness statements. Legal analyst Lisa Rubin believes the redacted material could shed more light on the January 6th situation but that the information might still be part of an ongoing investigation at the Justice Department.

This investigation is just one of many that could hamper Trump’s presidential campaign for 2024. This situation, along with the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate and the Trump Organization being convicted of tax fraud, has done nothing to win favor in a party that is already turning away from him.

His dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes didn’t help things, either. There is also plenty of speculation that Trump could be indicted and face charges before the election even takes place. 

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