She Tried to ‘Educate’ Her Brother-in-Law’s New Wife at Dinner, But It Did Not Go Well and She Left Extremely Embarrassed

embarrassed MSN - She Tried to 'Educate' Her Brother-in-Law's New Wife at Dinner, But It Did Not Go Well and She Left Extremely Embarrassed

A user on a popular online forum posted about how she unintentionally embarrassed her brother-in-law’s new wife in front of their family at dinner. According to the original poster (OP), “it was not my intention, but it was absolutely how it played out.” 

The Background

embarrassed MSN - She Tried to 'Educate' Her Brother-in-Law's New Wife at Dinner, But It Did Not Go Well and She Left Extremely Embarrassed
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OP begins by telling the story of how her brother-in-law met his wife. They allegedly knew each other for seven months before making the decision to elope.

OP talked about how the family had met her a few months ago and that she seemed pleasant, but nervous. It was later discovered that she was bipolar. 

At this point, OP revealed that she is a Registered Nurse and her husband is also a medical professional. 

The Dinner Brawl

OP’s mother-in-law invited the family to dinner, including the brother-in-law and his wife. At dinner, they got to talking about the wife’s bipolar diagnosis. She became passionate about the conversation very quickly. As OP described it, “Well it didn’t talk long for her to dive deep into this conversation. Using her arms and hands to talk, getting a bit loud.”Then she started getting angry and saying it “repulsed” her that people who aren’t diagnosed with bipolar claim they are manic when “mania is strictly a bipolar thing.” This is where things went downhill.

OP, being a medical professional, gently corrected her and said, “actually mania comes in all forms and is not limited to bipolar disorders. Even people with brain tumors have been known to have manic episodes.”

The wife doubled down on her stance and said that OP was wrong. OP proceeded to show the wife a copy of her medical ebook to show her the different causes of manic episodes. The wife maintained that her doctor had told her only people with bipolar have manic episodes.

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The wife also allegedly refused to read the ebook, so OP turned to her husband, also a medical professional, and asked him, “Honey, you’re a doctor, what causes manic episodes.” He immediately listed off a few different things that can contribute to a manic episode.

The wife, at this point, is livid. She begins accusing OP and her husband of attempting to one-up her and she swore she “knew what she was talking about.”

OP’s husband quipped, “obviously not if you’re going to sit here, argue and gatekeep symptoms of illnesses against two medical professionals,” and then walked away. The wife then allegedly started crying saying that OP embarrassed her intentionally and then screamed for everyone to “stop staring at her” before storming out of the room.

OP’s brother-in-law was furious with OP and told her that she should have kept her mouth shut and not corrected her.

Should OP have kept her mouth shut? Is it better to leave someone uneducated, or is it important to educate them when they are wrong, especially about their own illness? What would you have done in this scenario?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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