“Velvet Couches Everywhere”: 12 Strange and Extravagant Features Men Would Put In Their Dream Home If Their Wife Let Them

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Someone recently polled men with a fun question with exciting responses. If you had enough money to build your dream house, what strange feature or room would you’d include in the design? Here are some of the best answers.

1. Decoy Home

One man suggested he would keep his real house underneath a small decoy house on top of the ground. The inside of the decoy would represent a natural home. So guests could hang out there or use a top-secret passage to see the real deal at his discretion.

2. A Batcave

Okay, as someone who got married in a Batman t-shirt, having a Batcave in your home is pretty cool. The man who suggested the Batcave said it wouldn’t have a door. Instead, you’d access it through, say, a hidden bookcase.

3. A Urinal

Many men in the thread agreed that having a urinal in the home would be a plus. Additionally, a father of five boys confirmed that he and his wife had a urinal installed in the main bathroom next to the boy’s rooms. “No regrets.”

4. Sauna

The idea of having a personal sauna in the home excited several men in the thread. One confessed that they are pretty standard in Scandinavian homes. So Christmas time with his parents is a favorite annual event.

5. Rainbow Road Themed Race Track

For a truly unique spin, one man explained the need for a Rainbow Road-themed go-kart track running the perimeter of the grounds. Rainbow Road is the final course of the Special Cup, featured in all Mario Kart video games. So it’s the most challenging and stunning.

6. Cozy Library

A cozy library came in at number six on this list. One man clarified that it would be lined with bookshelves stretching to the ceiling and a rolling ladder reaching the top shelves. He’d also have a secret room accessible by pulling only a specific book. I’m having flashbacks to The Addam’s Family (1991), and I like it!

7. A Shower Room

After staying in a penthouse once at a New York City hotel, one man expressed the need for a shower room. He explained that it’s a room attached to the main bathroom that “looks like a human car wash.” Several others agreed that these were the most incredible showers, and they desired one.

8. Sensory Isolation Chamber

A sensory isolation chamber was a popular choice among them. One suggested, “You don’t know peace until you try the absolute retreat.” First, you put earbuds in, and your ears are submerged in water. So you mostly hear your breathing and your heartbeat.

9. 70s Style Conversation Pit

Someone reminded some and educated others about a 1970s-style conversation pit. They further elaborated it would include a massive lava lamp wall around it with “velvet couches everywhere.”

10. An Animal Room

One man excitedly reported that he would build an animal room! He explained it would be a place where he could keep all the different types of animals he has and would acquire if he found himself in that scenario. Finally, he elaborated that all animals would be housed in cages and aquariums.

11. Roof Platform for Star Gazing

Not so much a room for their home, but one man wanted a platform on his roof where he could rush during summer and watch the sky and stars. He also suggested a small kitchenette and a toilet would be helpful so he wouldn’t have to run down every time. 

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12. Forest Music Room

Finally, many men in the thread agreed that a music studio and rehearsal space that opened into a forest would make them happy. One explained how much he loves working on music but detests that he can’t be outside, enjoying nature as he is doing it. So this would solve that problem.

What do you think? Did this thread inspire you for home remodels, or do you have an even cooler idea to add to the comments? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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