10 Realistic Side Gigs That Have Nothing to Do with Being a “Boss Babe”

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Are you searching for a legitimate work-from-home career, side hustle, or gig?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ask this question on the internet without all the multi-level marketing (MLMs) people trying to sell you on their overpriced snake oil. So here are ten legit ways to make money from home.

1. Audiobook Narrator

Someone shared, “Audiobook narrator. You can set up a cheap studio if you have the voice. My wife started a few years ago and works for the right publishers. She’s nearly working with the right authors. So proud of her.”

2. Babysitting

“Babysitting is a good gig, especially if the kids you babysit are the same age as your kids. It gives your kids playmates. Activities and foods that need to be provided to all kids would be the same. Plus, it would help your kids learn to socialize and get along with others outside the family,” one suggested. “Depending where you are, three days a week adds up to around $800-$1000 a month.”

3. Buy and Sell Things

Another suggested buying and selling things online. “There is Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon. If you’re good at art, paint, then sell it. Blogging, writing books, drop shipping, selling printables. Plenty of stuff.”

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4. Online Art Commissions

Someone replied, “If you’re alright with online art, do commissions. For some time, I had to stay home to care for my dad after surgery.”

“So, on my Twitter, I started to do commissions for art- One of the most popular kinds is Furry and My Little Pony art. They will spend ALOT on a commission of a character. That kept me afloat for a while until my dad was better.”

5. Transcription

“If you’re solid at keyboarding, transcription is excellent, and it pays even better if you can translate languages. Transcribing and data entry is easy but are only sometimes ongoing. You might find some opportunities on Gumtree or Fiverr,” said another.

6. Scoping

“A career that’s not well-known is scoping. If a court reporter is a writer, then a Scopist is their editor. A court reporter (also a great work-from-home job) takes verbatim notes on what happens in legal settings, then sends the work to a scopist to get it into final transcript form. A Scopist generally charges $1.25-$1.50 per page, which adds up quickly,” shared one.

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7. Answering Phones

Someone explained, “Working from home with your local cable or telecom provider or home shopping network (QVC) is mainly answering phones. It’s legit work and genuinely done from home. No boss babe here.”

8. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are relatively easy to find. You might have to start at the bottom without experience, but your skills will demand higher pay quickly,” answered another.

9. Dog Sitting and Walking

Another legitimate work-from-home job or side gig is dog walking and dog sitting. Rover.com is a popular platform for finding these opportunities; many suggested it’s decent money.

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10. Sewing or Alterations

You can build a reasonably lucrative side business from home if you are excellent with sewing or alterations. It’s a lost skill for many, and there is always a demand.

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