“Nobody Should Be Paying for That”: 11 Surprising Things People Absolutely Refuse To Spend Their Money On

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Is there something that you refuse to spend your money on that many others do? You’ve got company. After a quick poll on the internet, these responses were voted top ten.

1. In-Game Digital Currency

“In-game digital currency. Most games these days have adopted this concept. Unfortunately, it’s ruined gaming for me. Little Big Planet was one of the last games I truly enjoyed. First, all the costumes and swag had to be earned,” one suggested.

Then, the sequel came out, and they made it so you could purchase a lot of swag, some of which were from the first one I worked hard to earn (I know I’m bitter) on top of all the other stuff you got to earn.”

2. Delivery Fees

“Delivery fees,” replied another. “Very rarely do I order delivery. Save like $15 and an hour’s wait by picking it up myself. Not to mention, your food is hot when you choose carry-out instead.”

“You pay more to have the food delivered than the actual food itself,” another agreed. “Especially since most restaurants increase their prices when you order through a delivery app.”

3. Air Filters and Cabin Filters

“I had my car serviced yesterday, and they quoted $200 to replace both. I’ve never been a car guy, but the voice in the back of my head said that doesn’t sound right. So a quick Google search had me telling them to jam it where the sun doesn’t shine,” stated one.

4. Water

“Yes, I live by mountains that provide fresh water. But there’s no way I’m buying the same thing that’s packaged inside a petroleum product shipped worldwide,” confessed one.

“Wish I could upvote you 1000 times,” agreed another. “Water is the world’s most abundant natural resource, and you must have it, or you will die. So no one should be paying for water. It should always be free. And that includes municipal sources. So no one should get a separate water bill.”

5. Nonalcoholic Beverages at Restaurants

“Nonalcoholic beverages at restaurants are insane. I’d rather have water. But, you cannot convince me to pay three dollars for something I can get at home for less than half,” shared one.

“I am a soda addict, yet I will never order a soda from a restaurant. Three dollars for a soda? No, thank you, I’ll get my dollar fountain drink from the gas station afterward.”

6. Coffee From a Coffee Shop

“Coffee. I make it at home sometimes, but I’d never pay the outrageous prices for low-quality coffee with tons of sugars and chemicals added,” confessed another.

“I’d rather not pay five dollars for plain coffee when I can make way better coffee at home for like $0.50 a cup from whole freshly ground quality beans.”

7. Gambling

woman saying no
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“I feel hypocritical judging gambling, given my fondness for drinking, but it freaks me out,” admitted one. “I remember I went to a wedding in Vegas when I was ten, and my family stayed on the strip.

I felt dread the entire time, and I hated walking through the casino to leave the hotel.” A second added, “I had to scroll too far to find this comment. It must mean that gambling is more popular than I thought.”

8. Night and Dance Clubs

“Painfully loud music, intoxication to the point of sloppiness, way too many bodies pressed in, and lifestyle facade to the maximum level. Give me a piano lounge any day over that,” said one.

“If I WANTED the Project X experience, I would dive right in. But I am a combat vet with PTSD and many other diagnoses, and I agree. Going to nightclubs was the thing to do when you’re young; I get it. I could not handle that atmosphere in my current state. Therefore, I refuse to spend my money that way,” another replied.

9. Buying a Nicer Car

“Especially a NEW car,” answered one. “It’s one of the worst investments ever. It’s a straight-up DEPRECIATING asset! Plus, nobody gives a second thought to what you drive!”

“I’ve always had the cheap runaround, and not until having a company car for a while did I appreciate having a newer car. It’s hard to see past the cost after working on them for a job, but I can understand why people buy them,” another noted.

10. Tickets to the Movie Theater

“We have an 85-inch TV with surround sound and a movie theater popcorn maker in our basement. I’m all for the movie-going experience; I don’t want to go to the theater to experience it,” explained one.

“I love the experience, but other bad customers too easily ruin it. For example, my local cinema had people having phone conversations, video calls, watching movies on their phones, and kids running around. These people were self-absorbed in their world and didn’t care.”

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11. Food Delivery

A final user shared, “Food delivery. Am I the only one who thinks that spending $35 for a sandwich is freaking ridiculous? I give a pass to pizza delivery because you’re ordering enough food for a party, but everything else is brainless.”

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