Mom and Daughter At War Over $10 Hulu Subscription Fee – How Did It Come to This?

embarrassed MSN - Mom and Daughter At War Over $10 Hulu Subscription Fee - How Did It Come to This?

When it comes to family dynamics, even the most minor disagreements can escalate into more significant conflicts. In this case, a mother and daughter are at odds over a $10 Hulu subscription fee.

The daughter feels entitled to the money, while the mother sees it as a petty and unreasonable request. As tensions rise, one thing is clear: this conflict goes beyond just a $10 fee. It touches on deeper issues of trust, communication, and the definition of fairness.

The Hulu Debacle

embarrassed MSN - Mom and Daughter At War Over $10 Hulu Subscription Fee - How Did It Come to This?
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The 23-year-old woman, whom we’ll call Jill, and her mother have a streaming account sharing agreement, where they share streaming service accounts and pay their own. Jill noticed in December that her mother hadn’t paid her Hulu account, so she sent her the money to cover the $10 fee.

In January, Jill and her husband watched a show on Hulu. When they realized the account was no longer active, she contacted her mother and asked why Hulu was deactivated.

Her mother told her she had no intention of paying for it anymore. Jill asked why she wasn’t informed, and her mother told her that she thought it was petty to be upset over $10.

Jill said she could have used that money for her grandson, clarifying he’s a special needs child. Her mother and sister then called Jill petty for being upset over the money.

Finally, Jill asked the Reddit community if she was wrong or if her mother was wrong for not informing her about the deactivated account and refunding the money. Here is how they responded to Jill.

Don’t Worry About the $10; The Lesson Is Invaluable

“Ten dollars is a CHEAP price to find out you can’t trust someone. It could have been much, MUCH worse. Don’t worry about the $10, as you’ll save so much more money than that in the future.

The mother is a perfect example of the saying penny-wise, dollar short. Sure, she got a free $10, but that’s peanuts compared to what their child would spend on them in the future, such as gifts, meals (home and outside), travel (gas money to visit), elder care, etc.”

Log Her Out of Everything

“Since she decided she didn’t want a shared service anymore and deleted it without even talking to you after you sent her the payment for the service, I would log her out and change the passwords to everything she may have access to,” one suggested.

“When she says something to you about not being able to watch something, I would tell her that since she got rid of Hulu, she got rid of the others since she no longer has anything to share.

You Should Have Confirmed Before Sending the Payment

One Redditor stated, “From my point of view, you sent her the money without confirming that she’d want that. Of course, she should’ve declined the payment if it was labeled Hulu money or something, but this could’ve been avoided if you’d asked if she wanted help paying for Hulu this month.

But it sounds like your mom is most upset over $10. Why can’t she send it back if it’s no big deal? It sounds like you’re bristling more over her deciding for you that a $10 gift was no big deal, which was wrong of her to do regardless of whether or not it’ll break your bank.”

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You’re Allowed to Be Upset

Finally, one said, “It sounds like you handed her the money since she needs to drive over and give it back. She had the chance to say, ‘oh, I don’t use it much, so I’m canceling it. Thanks anyway.’ I would not let ten bucks ruin your relationship. But you’re allowed to be upset.”

What do you think? Did this Redditor have a right to be upset her mom stole her $10, or do you think the OP is being petty as her mother alleged? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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