16 Frugal Habits To Save Big Bucks – When You’ve Already Tried Everything Else

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You may think you have frugal habits and can’t save any more money, but there are always ways to improve and save money. 

You don’t have to sacrifice too much to start making positive changes to save the big bucks. We have some great tips to help you become more frugal. 

These are 16 of the best tips to help you develop frugal habits, that not everyone is talking about.  Don’t worry – some are even fun!

1. Use an Impulse Purchasing Reduction Method 

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This tip has worked wonders for me in stopping my impulse buys. If you find an item you want, add it to a wish list instead of making an immediate purchase. 

Set a predetermined wait time. I found that 48 hours works wonders for my Amazon wishlist. I often revisit the item and wonder what I thought when I wanted to buy it, so it promptly gets deleted from the wishlist.

2. Make Low-Cost Cleaning Products at Home

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It’s amazing how a few simple, natural ingredients can make your home sparkle. Instead of purchasing expensive and toxic cleaning products from the supermarket, buy these ingredients for a natural toilet cleaner.

Get a cheap spray bottle and mix 3 parts sodium bicarbonate, 1 part citric acid, and 25 drops of lemon or grapefruit essential oil. Shake well and spray. Natural clay is also a fantastic household cleaner.

3. Buy Secondhand

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Nowadays, you can buy nearly new secondhand items. Recycling and repurposing are fantastic ways to do your bit for the environment and save money. 

Start looking online for thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces, and ask in your local area, such as your neighbors, if anyone has the items you need.

4. Join the Local “Buy Nothing” Group

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Most places have “buy nothing” groups where people lend or give away items to neighbors for low or zero cost. It’s incredible what people give away, often items of value, because they can’t be bothered with online issues.

You may find furniture, clothing, electrical gadgets, and many other items that will cost you nothing, although you may have to collect them. 

5. Downsize Your Home

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This frugal tip is a big one. Experts rank moving house in the top three for stress levels. However, if you’re rattling around in a massive house with big bills, downsizing to a smaller home could be the best thing you do. 

Calculate your home’s equity, current utility costs, real estate, and other fees, and moving costs, and then consider how much money you could save by downsizing.

6. Become a Single Car Household

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Vehicle insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs have increased enormously over the last few years. If you have more than one car in the family, you could save considerably by downsizing to one car.

If you’re working and local transportation is available, take the bus, train, or carpool with a colleague. 

7. Buy a Smaller Car

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If you drive a gas-guzzling 4 x 4 or large vehicle, why not save money by switching to a more economical, eco-friendly car? Even if you have several vehicles in the family, swapping one for a smaller car can equate to considerable savings. 

It’s cheaper to maintain and run a small car. Plus, you’ll pay less insurance.

8. Eat Out Less

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Eating out is fun and relaxing, but with rising food costs, you’ve probably noticed that prices on the menu are rising. If you love your date nights or meals out with the family, why not cook a delicious meal at home? 

Make it an occasion with a nice tablecloth, delicious fresh ingredients, and a bottle of wine because you don’t need a designated driver. Add candles to the table for date night.

9. Borrow Books From the Library

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If you enjoy purchasing books, you can stack up a hefty monthly cost on your favorite reads. If you’re an avid reader, there are several ways to get your book fix, but save money.

Visit your local library, read the book, and decide if you still want to buy it. Another frugal tip is to buy books from thrift stores or used bookstores.

10. Sell Unwanted Items

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You may have many items around the house that someone would like to buy. Maybe you have outgrown kids’ clothes, the treadmill you’ve used twice, or that pair of jeans you’ll wear once you’ve dropped a dress size. 

Selling unwanted items helps rid your house of clutter and adds a bit of extra money to your pot. 

11. Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

Gym Membership
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It’s an excellent idea to set up a monthly budget so you know where your money goes each month. Go through your accounts and mark all the subscriptions you pay. You might be paying for something that got flipped to autopay after a free trial, or you might be paying for a gym membership you never use. 

Be brutally honest with yourself, and cancel any subscriptions you don’t use. 

12. Don’t Pay Interest

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If you find yourself paying interest on an overdraft or credit card, organize your finances so that you don’t get overdrawn, or establish an overdraft facility with your bank. 

Set up direct debits to avoid late payments on credit cards and utility bills. All these small charges can add up over time.

13. Less of Everything

Dryer Sheets
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To make everything last longer and avoid waste, use less of it. Instead of a big dollop of shampoo, use less and do the same for soap. Reduce how much dish soap liquid or laundry liquid you use. You can buy laundry sheets now, so there is no waste, as there often is with liquid.

It takes a few habit changes to start monitoring overusing daily items, but it’s worth the effort. 

14. Hang Dry Your Clothes

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Tumble dryers use a lot of energy, especially if you have a large family. They also add wear and tear to your clothing. Instead, consider hanging up your clothes to dry on a washing line or drying rack. 

Minimizing the use of the tumble dryer could save enormously on energy costs.

15. Wash by Hand Instead of Using a Dishwasher

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Here’s a thought. Why not ask your kid to wash up the dirty dishes instead of running up a daily bill using the dishwasher? You could give them an incentive like extra time watching TV, inviting their friends over for a sleepover, or extra pocket money. 

Make a note of your electricity bill, and after trying this tip for a few months, compare the energy savings. 

16. Stop Wasting Food

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How much fresh food do you throw away weekly? Or how many out-of-date items do you find in the cupboards when you have a clear-out? Instead of filling up the compost bin each week, plan your shop to include buying fewer items with a short shelf life.

Planning meals for the week often helps reduce food waste. This tip has a double bonus: You’ll likely spend less at the supermarket. 


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