His Friend’s Dumb Comment Got Him Arrested at a Traffic Stop, And Now He’s Refusing to Pay His $400 Debt

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Oof. This guy really did his friend dirty and went to the internet for validation. For the sake of his story, we’ll call him Bill. So, Bill and his friend James are running errands late one night. Because Bill no longer drives, he relies on friends, so James was behind the wheel.

James ran a stop sign, and the red and blues lit up behind them. So they pulled over. James rolled both windows down because he was uncertain which side of the vehicle the officer would approach.

Bill explained the cops had the floodlight on them, so it was “bright as day.” The cop walks up to James’s window and is chill about the infraction. He asked if there was a reason James didn’t stop at the stop sign. And James got out his license and registration.

Bill explained they were sitting there for ten minutes before the cop returned with a warning. James thanked him, and the cop told him, “Have a safe night,” before starting to walk away. So here’s where it turns ugly.

Nobody Talks. Everybody Walks. But Bill Couldn’t Keep his Mouth Shut.

Bill laughed and said, “Good thing they don’t know about your warrants, huh?” The cop’s partner, who Bill didn’t see, was standing by his side back window and heard this. So he again asks for James’ driver’s license and calls back his partner.

They asked for Bill’s ID, but he told them he didn’t have one and showed them his credit card and Costco membership card. Next, they removed them from the vehicle and patted them down before arresting James on his warrant.

Additionally, they asked Bill if he could drive James’ vehicle home. Still, he declined because he didn’t have a driver’s license. So on top of getting his friend arrested, the car was impounded, and Bill called an Uber and went home.

There, he called James’ girlfriend to inform her of what had gone down in a voicemail. The next day, he called and discovered that James can’t post bail and is still in jail. His girlfriend informed him that James believed the $400 debt he owed Bill was forgivable, considering “he got him locked up” and his car impounded.

Bill doesn’t believe he should forfeit the $400 that James owes him because the two events are not mutually exclusive. He asked the internet if he was the bad guy; this is how they responded.

Don’t Joke With Cops

One man explained that you don’t joke with the cops. Insisting if “you keep your yap shut, there’s no problem.” He suggested the $400 likely covers the towing and missed wages before another argued not so much. The tow alone was $150 standard upfront. Someone whose mom owes a tow company confirmed that $400 is gone on the car towing and impound and doesn’t cover his missed wages.

It’s Not Your Fault

A second user noted that Bill didn’t get James detained. His “warrant did that.” They continued that they couldn’t believe how many people in the thread didn’t acknowledge it was James’ fault. Additionally, he was dumbfounded by the number of people who insinuated, “Being arrested and punished for a crime is the fault of witnesses, police, and people refusing to be accomplices.”

I Don’t Believe This Story

Many people in the thread agreed the story sounded fishy. One explained, “It doesn’t work this way. Everyone a cop pulls someone over, they run the license through the system. They would have known he had warrants if they ran your friend’s license.”

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You Are the Snitch

Finally, someone explained that the warrants weren’t Bill’s fault. But his message to Bill reads, “It doesn’t matter if you paid him for the ride or if he ran the sign. YOU snitched. YOU caused him to get locked up, which means YOU caused bail. YOU didn’t bother calling the girlfriend to come to pick up the car, so YOU caused it to be towed.”

What do you think about the thread’s responses to the situation? Should Bill forfeit the $400 debt, or is James responsible regardless of Bill’s big mouth? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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