What Will It Take To Stop Mass Shootings in America? 10 Ideas for Small Steps Forward

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America’s schools now live in daily fear of an active shooter on campus. There is no disguising that this has become a devastating problem and an even larger indictment of the country’s gun culture. 

The Second Amendment lives strong in the hearts of many Americans because of the nation’s history as a free land united in its hatred of tyranny. Unfortunately, however, this historical right has been abused to the point of mass murder, not self-protection. 

A recent online discussion asks people for suggestions for ending the brutal wave of school mass shootings. Here are ten responses from America’s general online public.

1. Listen to Your Kids

Engaging with the younger generation is a good starting point for any society. But, unfortunately, there seems to be a disconnect between generations these days. “Parents need to listen (to) and hug their children more,” suggests one teacher who sees the effects of neglected kids every day in school.

2. More Than Thoughts and Prayers

The “Give a hug” approach is met with dissent by someone who tragically lost their sibling in a school massacre. “It’s literally the same as saying ‘thoughts and prayers!’ But not actually doing anything,” replies the angry commenter. They say that action on this matter is what we need, not meaningless rhetoric. 

3. Give Space But Don’t Alienate

“Don’t take it personally when they are rude, blunt, or frustrated,” pleads one parent who shares how a teenager in their community ended their life. So, if your teen slams a door or tells you to leave them alone? “Just gentle reminders of love,” the same parent suggests.

4. Anger Management

A parent of a five-year-old boy shares how they discuss his feelings and how sometimes we cannot control them. By validating this angst at a young age, this parent says we children can understand their actions are “choices we make to deal with or express our feelings.”

5. Break The System

While many people are calling for stricter gun control measures, a critique of this idea comes from one responder. They believe nothing will change unless we can weaken the corrupt corporate stranglehold over society and halt the gun lobby’s influence over state policies. “I mean, there really needs to be (a) massive overhaul,” they concede. 

6. Gun Control Is Not The Answer

While some believe any effects of stricter gun control would be temporary at best, the majority of people feel guns are too ingrained in American culture. “Guns have been a part of the American life since [sic] forever,” laments one contributor. “Now you want to take them away completely? Not going to happen.”

7. Register All Weapons

A constructive post offers a comprehensive list of methods they feel would be effective, namely that “all weapons need to be registered — like a car.” This makes sense, considering how dangerous guns are in the wrong hands — much like a car. I am surprised this isn’t federal law already. 

8. The Mental Health Question

One discussion member believes the biggest issue is America’s mental health pandemic after seeing “cry for help” videos posted by mass shooters. However, their review has a defeatist tone: “But this is the U.S. These mass shootings are a symptom of a sick society.” 

9. Treat Children Like Money

We protect armored trucks with guards but refuse to do so at schools. However, the Columbine shooters took advantage of the guard’s break time, while the Stoneman Douglas shooting saw the guard hide. This may also be a moot point, as some states are against having weapons on campus. 

10. Stop Reporting The Shooters’ Names

Quite a few thread members agree that until the news media stop treating these shootings as entertainment pieces, they will continue. “The news channels detail and go over so much on these shootings,” one post says. “It isn’t reporting. It’s entertainment.”

This thread inspired this post.

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