She Buys Her Grandparents’ Home Behind Parents Back, And They Are Furious. But Is She Actually In The Wrong?

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When it comes to family and real estate, emotions can run high. So what happens when a daughter takes matters into her own hands and makes a big purchase without consulting his parents first?

A 35-year-old woman, whom we’ll call Jane, is the middle child of eight and was raised on a farm which is also the family business. Despite being raised on the farm, she had no interest in it.

She became a rebellious teenager, causing a strain on her relationship with her parents. Her grandparents moved in with her parents five years ago due to their declining health and age. The grandparents’ home was supposed to be purchased by her brother and his wife, but they ultimately decided not to.

Jane, wanting to preserve her great-great grandparents’ old home, offered to buy it but was immediately told “no” by her parents due to her perceived lack of stability.

Taking the Initiative Anyways

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However, with the help of an old real estate friend, she purchased the home secretly and renovated it over the last two years. Then, she surprised her grandparents on her grandfather’s birthday by taking them to see the renovated house and their beloved horses.

However, once her parents learned about the purchase, they expressed anger and disappointment. In addition, Jane’s grandparents are now splitting their time between her parent’s home and her home, causing additional tensions.

One of her siblings informed her that her parents had taken her out of their will until she apologized. However, Jane refused to do so as she had financial means. What do you think? Here is how the internet responded.

Fair and Square

One noted, “You bought it fair and square, and your parents are just mad they couldn’t control you and your grandparents. I’m glad you got the house and the horses back!

Your grandparents are happy. Your parents try to guilt trip you with their will until you bend to their demands. Like, what do they want you to do now? Give them back the house for free ’cause you ‘don’t deserve it?”

They Rather It Goes To Complete Strangers?

Another suggested, “The worst part is that your parents would rather have seen it go to complete strangers than see you have it. This way, it can stay in the family for another generation and hopefully future generations.

I imagine your grandparents would love visiting their old home, knowing their granddaughter is taking care of it. You have nothing to apologize for, sweetie. Instead, they should be the ones to apologize to both yourself and your grandparents.”

Fingers Crossed, Your Parents Shut Their Traps

“Just because you were a rebellious teenager, it doesn’t make you an irresponsible adult,” voiced one. “Just because you’re unmarried with no children doesn’t mean you’re less deserving of the house. So what your parents said is untrue.

I’m glad your grandparents had your back. My fingers are crossed that your parents keep their traps shut. And you’ve been taken out of your parent’s will until you apologize for manipulation. Good on you for standing your ground. Also, congratulations on the house and the horses.”

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Boo To Your Parents

Finally, one Redditor expressed, “Honestly, you are a heroine for bringing so much joy to your grandparents. Good for you for proving you are a responsible and caring adult. Boo to your parents.”

What do you think? Did this Redditor have a legitimate reason for buying her grandparent’s home, or did she deserve to be cut from the will? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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