10 Genius Money Saving Hacks Shared By People On An Extremely Limited Budget

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Are you searching for ways to tighten and cut spending money? Then we’ve got you covered. A popular poverty finance forum shared these helpful poverty hacks for saving money.

1. Sometimes Walmart is Cheaper Than Dollar Stores

“Some dollar store items are cheaper at Walmart, for example, dish soap, shampoo, body wash, etc. Often they go on sale for 75 cents. So stock up when you see these deals,” shared one. “Honestly, most things at the dollar store are rip-offs. One thing I stock up on is their sponges for cleaning dishes. They are nice and thick ones.”

2. Local Buy Nothing Group

Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook are a fabulous place for finding free housewares, furniture, clothing, toys, books, food, tools, and other household items. Additionally, many items are better quality than purchasing cheaper new items on sale.

3. Discount Grocery Stores

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Another suggested, “Keep an eye out for discount grocery stores. One by me sells things like cereal for .75 a box. It’s saved me a ton on staples and nonperishables. I always check the cans to see if they are dented to be sure they are still ok. I’ve never had a bad experience.”

4. Use Ingredients on Hand

“Myfridgefood.com is similar to what I used in college. Using up what you have in your fridge before getting more is a lifesaver—additionally, utilizing food pantries in your area. My sister often gets food from the pantries and shares it with our household,” shared another.

5. Learn Some Cleaning Tricks

“Use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning,” replied one. “Dish soap and baking soda make a nice cream cleanser. You can wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar rinse. Want to make fabric softener last longer, or replace it altogether? Dab vinegar on an old face cloth and use it as a dryer sheet.”

6. Make Broth from the Bones

“When you cook a chicken, or chicken pieces, boil out the bones later and strain for the broth to use as a soup base or to cook rice in. For most meat bones, you can do this,” shared one.”To stretch meat, use in casseroles or soups (loads of recipes online) and make dumplings to go in soup or stew (super easy and very filling).”

7. Temperature Control

“Keep the thermostat lower in the winter and wear more layers. To keep warmer at night: fill an empty pop bottle (2L) with as hot water as will come out of the tap, twist the cover on tight, dry it off, and put it in a pillowcase. Tuck down at the foot of the bed where your feet will reach it,” replied another.

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8. Learn to Cut Hair at Home

“I agree on the haircuts at home. I spent about $300 investing in good hair-cutting tools when everything closed in 2020. The investment paid itself off in less than a year,” one stated.

“Otherwise, it would be $30-50 per haircut/beard trim on my boyfriend monthly. (not including tip). My hair only needs a trim maybe once a year, but women’s cuts are always more expensive.”

9. Purchase a Few Gift Cards

“I know this may only be helpful for some, but if you can purchase gift cards to pay for cheap drive-thru meals, always check what grocery store has rewards,” suggested one.

“Kroger is great for this because you can get bonus gas points for purchasing gift cards. So if you’re going to eat off a dollar menu during the week, it can be a great way to get a bit more out of your dollar.”

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10. Walmart’s $4 Prescription List

“If you have chronic meds that need a refill and have to pay out of pocket, bring the scripts to Walmart and ask them to check their four-dollar prescription list. Can fill month supply for $4, $9, $15 depending on what it is,” a final user commented.

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