She’s Not Into You: 10 Warning Signs Your “Romantic” Date Is Just Hustling You for Free Food

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Dating has always been challenging, but dating in the digital age comes with challenges. Between dating and social media apps, it’s hard to figure out whether she’s interested in you or just in it for a free meal and drinks. A user on an online men’s forum asked how for clues on how to tell if his dates are hustling him. Here are some of the best responses.

1. Orders a Second Meal To Go

You’ve both finished your meals, and you think that’s the end of the dinner, but she surprises you and orders another entire meal to go because it’s for her next day’s lunch. According to a commenter on the board, if your date does this, she’s pulling a fast one on you.

2. Insists on Fine Dining Only

It’s normal to disagree on where to eat because people have different tastes. A user on the thread points out, “When you suggest a coffee, walk in the park, or taco truck, and she insists on a sit-down restaurant that isn’t a chain,” there’s a strong likelihood that she’s only in it for a free meal.

3. Enjoys the Food More Than the Company

“When she has more interest in the food than the conversation,” says another person on the site, you’re probably being played. When a plate of food holds her attention more than the person she’s with, that’s never a good sign. Future dinner dates should be off the table with this one.

4. She’s Broke but Loves That Luxe Life

A couple of men pointed out that a surefire way of knowing that she’s using you to fill her belly or for the ‘gram. The first claims, “If she’s in any one of these jobs: blog writing about the city and/or social justice issues, social media influencer/wannabe social media influencer.”

At the same time, the second insists she makes 35k a year as a receptionist or is still in school. She doesn’t come from money, but her Instagram page is full of beautiful plates of food from all the hot spots in the city.

5. Makes After Dinner Plans With Others

A surefire sign that her interest in you doesn’t extend beyond dinner is when she tells you that she has a prior commitment, has a friend stopping her house, or she’s meeting someone immediately after your dinner date ends.

6. Her Dinner Order Breaks the Bank

Someone remarks that if she orders the most expensive food and beverages on the menu, you’re probably being used for a free, very costly meal. Another man explains that if your date orders “caviar and champagne to go, please,” you’re being used. That should be the last date.

7. She Acts as if You’re Not There – Until the Check Comes

One user observes, “She seems completely uninterested in you like she won’t put the phone down for two minutes.” If your date won’t make eye contact with you until it’s time (for you) to pay the check, she’s just not that into you.

8. It’s Top Shelf Liquor or Bust

It’s one thing to buy yourself a drink made from top-shelf liquor. It’s another to stick someone else with the bill, says someone on the thread. That’s an overt way of showing someone you have no interest in them beyond their ability to pay.

9. If They Know What They Want To Eat

One man suggests that the one time a woman knows what she wants to eat is when she’s trying to hustle some free food. Otherwise, they don’t know.

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10. If She’s Unwilling To Split the Bill

Finally, one man states that you should always split the bill on the first date. “If she doesn’t agree to pay her half, cut her off. She’s entitled.”

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