Feeling Behind in Life? 10 Best Words of Advice When You’re Struggling – “Comparison is the thief of joy”

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Are you struggling sometimes with feeling like you’re not where you’re supposed to be? You’ve got company. After someone asked Reddit, “How do you deal with feeling like you’re behind in life?”, these are the top-voted recommendations.

1. Birth and Death

most stressful jobs
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“The only strictly necessary milestones in life are birth and death. Everything else is optional,” suggested one. “Not everyone wants or needs the same things in life. Comparison is the thief of joy. As most people say, everyone has their own pace. Everyone has a different story, and yours may be more unconventional.”

2. Appreciate Where You Are Now

Several people in the thread agreed with the statement, “Appreciate where you are now. That’s the only way to break through the funk.” One added, “Exactly what I came to say, stop comparing yourself to where you ‘should’ be and find gratitude in where you are today. Commend yourself for what you’ve done to accomplish where you are today!”

3. I’m Here for Another Day

“By being grateful that I have a life,” another replied. “Many people lost their lives in the pandemic, and many people, even young and healthy, die daily. So, whenever I’m in a funk, I tell myself I am here for another day, even if I lag.”

4. Remind Yourself There Is No Rush

“I’m feeling it right now, but I’m also constantly reminding myself there’s no rush, and I can’t compare my life to others. It’s just depressing,” another confessed. Many Redditors agreed that life isn’t a race and to keep doing your best.

5. Be Your Own Standard

Someone volunteered, “I’m 51 and very happy to be 51 because the energy I’ve wasted on thinking this way in the past is just such a waste- learned not to do it a long time ago. So who are you comparing yourself to, and why?” Another added, “I am my own standard. I turned 40, and that switch got turned on. I’m still a little drunk on the feeling.”

6. Life Is Not Linear

“This usually stems from comparing yourself to someone or an apparent ‘social standard.’ Im ahead of others in things they are behind in and vice versa. Life is not linear. There is no set order of things. Some things I have now and others don’t. Some stuff they got sooner than me, and I didn’t. It’s ok. I like to count my blessings always.”

7. Measure Yourself Only Against Yourself

Someone shared, “I’m trying this new thing: I measure myself by my effort rather than my achievements. It’s making me feel a lot better about myself.

Yeah, I compared myself to myself six months ago and avoided comparing myself to others. I also don’t use social media except to keep in touch with college friends and look at art on Instagram, which helps not even see other people’s lives.”

8. Everybody Is Behind on Something in Life

“Everybody is behind in life on something! I’ve worked at the biggest tech companies right out of undergrad. I have a great career, but I’ve never had a relationship,” one confessed.

“I know other married and still cashiers in their hometown (not to job shame too much). Some have traveled the world, and others have started families. It’s hard to do all things all at once. You are doing fine as long as one area of your life is prioritized and on track.”

9. Everyone Has Their Own Timeline

“Oh man, I feel this right now,” answered another. “Some of my friends are getting married, some are having kids, the pandemic put me two years behind where I want to be career-wise, and I’m just playing catch up. But I remember I had a lecturer say once at uni that everyone has their own timeline, so you need to stop looking at theirs and focus on your own.”

10. Avoid Social Media

One noted, “I stay away from social media to avoid comparing myself to others. Cliché as it may sound, a comparison is the thief of joy. We would subconsciously compare our lowlights to the highlights of people on social media.

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That’s why it’s hard for us to appreciate what’s in front of us. Remember to trust the process. It may take a while to be on top, but it will be worth it. Focus on your goal and take it one step at a time. Don’t let other people pressure you. You are the captain of your own ship.”

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