10 Men’s Reactions To Finding Out Their Woman Makes Way More Money Than Them

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Do you still cling to an archaic understanding of gender roles designating the man as the “breadwinner” in a relationship? How would you react if you found out the woman you’re dating makes much more money than you? After someone asked a community of men how they feel, these are the top-voted responses.

1. I Found a Sugar Mama

One man admitted his immediate reaction would be to burst into song and dance after finding a sugar momma. Another hoped he was joking about the sugar mama part but confessed he’d also be thrilled, and he was when he learned it about his current girlfriend.

He elaborated he maintains a household on one income. So the idea of doubling their income is excellent, and her making more makes her attractive.

2. I’m Dating Her, Not Her Bank Account

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One explained that he is not dating women for their material things or what she can buy them. He’s in it for love, everything she is, and for every moment she’s willing to share with him.

3. I Never Had a Problem With It

One man exclaimed he loved it! His wife was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), making $135k, while he was a Fire Captain earning $75k annually. When they retired, he was making $115k; she earned $175k, and he never took issue with it.

4. I Prefer it That Way

Another man volunteered that “he’s not going to lie,” and he prefers it. He further explained that he is a student and has dated many women with jobs who spoiled him. “You feel like you’re a trophy they’re showing off, which I don’t mind; I have a beach body for a reason.: Finally, he admitted that he might start hunting for an actual sugar mama.

5. One of Us is Going to Make More Than the Other

The reality is that one person will make more money than the other. Therefore, so long as the topic isn’t incessantly discussed, it shouldn’t become an issue. Meaning provided it isn’t being held over your head with taunts and insults. Men didn’t see why it would make a difference.

6. I’ve Always Wanted to be a Stay-at-Home Dad

Some men confessed to wanting to be stay-at-home dads or “house spouses,” even noting it as his “life ambition.” So they would be thrilled to be with women who not only made more money than them but ALL of the money.

7. It Helps Me Pursue Other Opportunities for Us

One man expressed that with his wife making more money, he can retrain in another industry to pursue his passion. Another explained that he left his law job to figure life out. Without his wife being the breadwinner, he wouldn’t have the opportunity, so he called her an “absolute godsend.”

8. It Was Awesome

Sometimes people are at different life and career stages, and one man admitted it made him happy when others around him were succeeding. He clarified he dated a woman whose taxes were more than his annual income, and he loved it.

9. It Will Change Over Time

Sometimes what is true today isn’t true tomorrow. A husband volunteered his wife made twice what he did while he attended university and worked in a lab. However, she wanted to be a stay-at-home mother after they had kids. So he switched careers, tripled his salary, and cared for his family. His takeaway? “I don’t care what a life partner earns. It will change with time.”

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10. I Would Be Extremely Worried

Finally, someone shared they would be worried that, eventually, she would leave him over having a smaller salary. Oof. He then claimed that you can believe what you want about equality, the modern woman, and “all that jazz.”

But he voiced that “Most women do NOT like being the breadwinner. So much so that they’ll leave the partner for no other reason.” To clarify, I am not the one saying this, so don’t come for me in the comments.

This Reddit thread inspired this article. Do you have an opinion on a woman making more than a man in a relationship? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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