Top 10 Jobs That Are Definitely Overpaid – According to Women

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Are you a firm believer in professionals making too much money? You’ve got company. Recently someone took to Reddit to ask women, “Which job is definitely overpaid?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Influencers

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“Influencers. Most of the time, they aren’t even influential in any way. I refer to them as content creators,” shared one. A second Redditor suggested, “They influence people to buy the clothes they wear and products they use. Their content is frequently just a means to serve you an ad or, better phrased “a message from today’s sponsor.”

2. Politicians

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“Politicians,” one alleged. “Congress and the senate in the U.S. work less than half the year, get fully paid healthcare, and routinely take high-paying jobs in the private sector after their term is over.” Others noted, “Let’s not forget that they can vote for their own pay raises,” and “Don’t forget the insider trading.

3. Professional Athletes

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Many in the thread agreed that professional athletes make too much money, while others argued. One stated, “I agree athletes have tough jobs and short careers and deserve fair compensation, but it depends on the athletics in question.

Olympic athletes, for example, practically live hand to mouth. On the other hand, pro sports players vary from ‘liveable wage’ to ‘obscenely overpaid.”

4. CEOs

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One Redditor nominated “CEOs. The top CEO’s compensation increased by 940.3% from 1978 to 2018 in the US. In 2018, the average CEO’s salary from the top 350 US firms was $17.2 million. The typical worker’s annual compensation grew by 11.9% within the same period. It is the highest in the world in absolute terms and relative to the median salary in the US.”

5. Anyone Famous in Entertainment

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“Pretty much anyone famous in entertainment. Their income is baffling to me,” one confessed. Another shared, “As someone who has worked in the lower levels of the entertainment industry, I wholeheartedly agree.

Thousands of crew working 12+ hour days, being treated like absolute garbage, and doing all the heavy lifting literally both literally and figuratively to make a movie happen, and they do not make enough to live on while a handful of actors and executives on any given picture are making millions upon millions upon millions of dollars.”

6. Government Employees

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Some volunteered, “My roommate who works for the Canadian government and spends most of his days ‘working’ from home when in reality he leaves to run errands, goes for walks, and plays video games. So frustrating seeing my tax dollars pay salary for someone who works 4 out of 8 hours they’re paid generously for.”

7. Real Estate Agents

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Many people in the thread nominated Real estate agents. “A seller and I both disliked our agents and fired ours. It was for my first home purchase, and he gave me a discount cheaper than if we had to pay the commission. I just found a real estate attorney who handled everything with my broker. Then I realized how much rip-off agents are.”

8. American Pastors

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“In some areas, especially the Bible Belt south, American pastors,” one admitted. “I worked at a large baptist church in a southern state. Our head pastor made 100k+ a year, worked about 10-20 hours a week, drove a brand new mustang, lived in a big, lovely home in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in town, and generally coasted by in life.

Don’t get me wrong, he was a good guy and meant well, but people are oblivious to how many pastors are overpaid. The American church is primarily a scam.”

9. University Administrators

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“University administrators,” said one. “Meanwhile, some teaching staff is so underpaid they have to work at multiple campuses to make a living. The administration also cheaps out on the kinds of teaching staff they hire. They don’t hire as many tenure-track professors, who are better paid and can’t be fired without cause because hiring them is more expensive.”

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10. Hospital Administrators

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“Hospital administrators or anyone in a position where they can afford to live lavishly while their employees are on food stamps. Share the wealth,” replied one. A second shared, “The CEO of my ‘nonprofit’ hospital made 3.5 million dollars this year. And it’s running on a half-a-billion-dollar annual loss.”

Honorable Mentions: Public university football coaches, lawyers, and human resources. What do you think? Did the women of Reddit get this right, or is something significant missing from this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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