Treat Yourself: 10 Luxuries Women Would Splurge On – If Money Was No Object

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Sometimes it’s fun to think about something you would splurge on if money was abundant. Recently, someone asked the women of Reddit, “What luxury item or indulgence would you buy for yourself if money were no object?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Services

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Services were the number-one-voted response. One stated, “I would buy other people’s labor. Then, I wouldn’t have to clean, run stupid errands, deal with leaky taps, or any other annoying, necessary stuff for daily life.”

“Having a personal chef is the ultimate dream,” another confessed. “I hate deciding what to cook on an every-other-day basis, let alone daily. Plus, cooking and eating take about one-to-two hours from start to finish. I could get so much done not having to cook or make meals every few hours.”

2. Owning a Home

“If money were no object, owning a home would be nice. That feels like a luxury in this day in age,” one suggested. Several other women in the thread agreed with this sentiment. One elaborated they would buy a home on a beach, while another wanted property for animals and a garden.

3. Perfume

The third highest-voted response is perfume. “I am currently fighting off the massive urge to buy Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach and Cherry…. so expensive,” admitted one.

4. First Class Flying

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“Only flying first class,” one explained. “Some of the perks don’t have anything to do with the plane. They include baggage, shorter security lines, and access to lounges in airports.” Others argued that if money were no object, they would prefer to fly on private jets.

5. A Vacation

Someone volunteered, “A vacation, not camping or going to an overcrowded amusement park, a real vacation. I’m talking 5-star resort. I have done nothing to treat myself in, well, my oldest just turned 14. So 14 years.”

Another shared, “In the Netherlands, it’s fairly common to have a ‘weekendje weg,’ meaning a weekend vacation. So you leave on Friday, come back on Sunday evening, and treat yourself to a mini vacation.”

6. Massages

Many women in the thread agreed with weekly massages, while others argued for daily. One said, “I dated this very wealthy guy a few years ago, and we’d go on a couple’s date to get massages after every dinner we had. It was relaxing. So we’d go once or twice a week. The place we went did full body massages like feet, face, hands.”

7. Plastic Surgery

One woman replied, “A tummy tuck, Botox, and finish my laser hair removal.” Another shared, “If your hair is darker than your skin and you have 400 bucks to spare, the Braun IPL device is fantastic!”

8. Renovations and Soaking Tub

“A bathroom renovation with a soaking tub. Instead of planning on doing the work myself, I’d hire someone to do everything,” announced one. Many people agree that soaking tubs are superior. One explained, “Soaking tubs are deeper and typically free-standing (not fitted into the shower). You can get your entire body under the water at once.”

9. Iron-Cast Wood Stove

“I’d love an iron-cast wood stove if everything else were covered,” one explained. “The kind you see in fairy tales, so I could sit in front of it during cold winter nights and do my witchy things: drink tea, read books, and pet my cats.”

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10. Swimming Pool

A surprising number of women admitted they would invest in an inground or indoor swimming pool. One suggested, “I love swimming. It’s my absolute favorite type of sport, and getting to swim every day regardless of weather or time of day would be a dream.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion about things women confessed they’d splurge on if money were no object. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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