Get Paid to advertise on your car in 2022 (5 Legit companies)

get paid to advertise on your car

If you have no idea how can you get paid to advertise on your car a.k.a car advertising, you’re losing money that could have been yours.

BUT there is no need to worry.

It’s not too late, YET!

If you’re driving your own car on a daily basis for going to the office, hanging out with friends and family, or making your routine drive to the gym, it’s about time that you can start making extra money from driving.

This money will not make you rich but can bear your car’s maintenance and gas expense. Not to forget, you can save some as well to spend on whatever stuff you want to.

Today, I’ll be writing everything about “How to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car”.

Although I am already making money from this method, when I was about to start, people told me that it was SCAM and I wouldn’t make anything.

Well, they were true to some extent, but not completely.

So, I’ve decided to share with you:

  • How to avoid SCAMMERs in the car advertising industry?
  • How much money can you make?
  • How to find legit car advertising companies along with a list of best ones.
  • How car wrapping works?
  • What Do You Need to Know More?

Keep reading…

Most Common Car Advertising SCAMs and How to Avoid Them?

The scheme in general isn’t a scam but you need to be careful as you might catch up with a scammer easily.

If any car advertising company contacts you out of nowhere for running their ad campaign to make hell lot of money, that can most probably be a RED FLAG.

What adds up to the warning of getting scammed, if any company is asking for upfront payment to run their ad campaign, it’s not legit. They’ll more likely ask you to pay their vendors for a car wrapping fee.

So, be careful if you’ve passed by any such offers.

There is also another tricky scam in the form of FAKE CHECK.

What happens?

The SCAMMER car advertising companies will send you a check before running an ad campaign. That check will be an overpayment of car wrapping fee.

They’ll ask you to transfer the money to their car wrapping vendor and keep the extra for yourself.

But once, you’ll pay them, the fake check will bounce. You’ll simply lose the money you’ve transferred to their vendor.

So, what to do?

It’s simple! Don’t accept any such “check” related offers and if you’ve received the check, anyway, don’t pay any money to the vendor.

Just wait for the check to bounce before you make any payments to anyone. You can even report the company in this case.

But to file a case, you must check company details and keep track of them.

in short, to avoid scam in car advertising industry, the best step is to look into the details of advertising company’s details:

You can look for details as:

  • No Upfront Money: Company shouldn’t ask for any kind of upfront payment.
  • Car Wrapping Fee: Advertising company should pay the wrapping fee
  • Minimum Requirements: The company should ask you about your driving history, car’s make and model, minimum age limit, etc.
  • No Big Earning Claims: If the company is making huge earning claims through their advertising, that’s a SCAM for sure.

About the last point I’ve shared above, you must know the average amount of money you can make through your car advertising.

Check out this video of car wrap scam,

Let’s get to know more about it…

How Much Can You Get Paid to Advertise On Your Car? Is it Worth it! Let’s Find Out…

As I’ve said that not all the offers are scam, you’ll definitely make money by advertising.

BUT, how much you should expect to earn, is the real question.

Firstly, lemme tell you that it’s not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, almost all the get rich quick schemes are fake unless you’re already experienced in making money online or offline from different sources.

Further, it’s not a consistent money-making method.

Usually an ad campaign runs from 2 to 6 months. (some can be if a couple of years as well)

And, you might need to wait until a campaign matches your profile. This makes car advertising not recommended as a full-time earning source.

Even if you’re getting campaigns consistently, your monthly earning will depend on different factors such as:

  • The route where you drive your car
  • MAKE and MODEL of your car
  • Physical condition and paint of your car
  • The Ad Wrapping Category of the campaign (Full Car Body or any part of it)

Keeping in view all these factors, you’ll probably be earning anywhere from $200 to $1000 a month.

In short, this sum of money can’t bear your overall expenses. While it can definitely help you with your car’s maintenance and insurance etc.

Before we move to the next section in our today’s article, there is a bit more to consider:

“Getting paid to advertise on your car” isn’t any less than a commitment.


Once you’re running a campaign, you must accept the type of ad, the company is offering. Further, you can’t sell your car as long as your campaign is running.

You also need to follow your mentioned driving patterns. If you’re not driving for long or as you had mentioned in your profile, you can be kicked out of the campaign.

By the way, you can opt out of a campaign if you think the ad isn’t appropriate for you.

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Get Paid to advertise on your car: 5 best options

What makes any car advertising company stand as THE BEST?

It can’t simply be the amount of money you can make.

In fact, it depends on YOU.

YES! It’s more about the driver who wants to earn money by advertising on their car.

If you’ll generally want to assess the best company for you, I’ll suggest you look at what these companies are offering. You should simply look at the following things:

  • How much money you’re going to make?
  • If it’s easy to apply
  • If the company offers to choose the ad campaign
  • Do you want to wrap your full car or small body portion?
  • How long you can commit to complete the ad campaign
  • Can you qualify for ad campaign in your own area of living?

I have researched and experienced several companies and shortlisted top legit companies. I am going to share my review so you may decide which company is the most suitable for you.

Here are the five best car advertising companies you can opt for,

1. Wrapify


Wrapify pays the driver for how far they drive. Depending the number of miles, you’ll be driving, you can earn from $180 to $450 per month.

Wrapify was founded in 2015 and accepts drivers from nationwide locations. So, you’ve got all the chances to qualify depending on their other requirements.

I’ve kept this on number one for the same reason as other registration requirements are almost the same for most of the companies.

Advertising Processes:

Walking through their process, you’ll be asked to download their app.

Next, install the app and complete the registration process. You can then start driving your car and let the company track your driving habits.

Wrapify tracks your car through their app to offer their connected brands with the best drivers within their target areas.

You’ll eventually match with your most suited ad campaigns. You’ll all be free to sort through the list of campaigns and get registered for the one you’re interested in.

Now, it’s time to get your car wrapped and start driving your routine. All you gotta do now, is drive within their target area which is usually around 50 miles.

Plus Points:

  • There are no long-term commitments As for some of you, long term commitment might be an issue. Wrapify solves the problem for you as their normal ad campaigns are 1 to 3 months long.
  • You’ll be getting paid quickly as they ensure direct deposit into your account every week.


  • Your car should have a clean history when talking about the incidents that happened in the last three years. This company requires their drivers to pass a background check. You shouldn’t have more than a couple of accidents in recent three years to qualify for their ad campaign.
  • You need to own a 2010 or an up-model car. They’ll not approve your registration if you’re driving an older car.
  • In case you get off from the campaign before it’s decided duration, you’ll be bound to pay an early termination fee.

Here is a Wrapify tutorial for beginners by The App Lifestyle,

Hope this helps!

2. Carvertise


Carvertise was founded in 2012 and is linked with a lot of big brands for their advertising. not only by driving, but you can also earn by parking in some of their suggested locations.

You’ll be earning from $100 to $200 monthly while their complete campaigns pay $300 to more than $1200 via direct deposit.

The reason behind brands putting their trust to join Carvertise, they take care of their effective advertising by matching their target areas with drive’s routes.

Advertising Processes:

They’ve very simple registration process asking you to give them your car details and your driving habits etc.

Adding a little, they have a minimum age limit.

Further, you can only be accepted if you’re living and use to drive below 7 states. (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, NY city, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Delaware)

Plus Points:

  • You can choose for partial as well as full wrap. This gives you an opportunity and ease to wrap your car as you’re interested.
  • You’re also free to accept or decline any campaign. That also gives another degree of your personal will if you’re not interested to wrap a particular ad on your car. You can simply say no if the ad is inappropriate in any way.


  • You can’t qualify to register with Carvertise if you’re not driving more than 30 miles a day. 30 miles is the minimum limit and you must follow that.
  • Up model required. Your car should be newer than the 2008 model and must not be damaged.

Here is a video by Power Surge Money in which he explains how he makes 100 bucks a month passively through Carvertise by just having a sticker on his car,

Hope this helps!

3. Free Car Media

Free Car Media offers a unique car wrapping option.

In case you’re not comfortable to wrap the full body of your car, this can be your best -go to- choice.

You can opt to wrap only the rear window of your car.

But this wrapping option is linked with the money you’ll be making. Usually a rear window wrapping will let you earn around $50 a month while you can make up to $400 with full car body wrapping.

Let’s look at their process a bit more.

Advertising Processes:

You’ve got to fill an online application to get registered with Free Car Media. If you’re a fit driver as per their requirement, they’ll contact you through email and discuss details about their programs.

Once the match is done, they’ll send you wrapping material and a guide to wrap.

You need to visit a professional vendor and get the ad wrapping done by yourself. Once done, you’re good to drive and start making money.

Plus Points:

  • Free to choose the wrapping option that suits you. The rear window is better for a lot of people.
  • You can reject any campaign you don’t want to participate in and yet be able to accept further ad campaigns.
  • You can use the re-wrap option if your campaign is still open. Some people are consistent and have no plans to sell their car in near future. They can continue and request a re-wrap from the company if their ad-campaign period is completed but the brand hasn’t yet shut down the advertising of that particular campaign.


  • Long term commitment required. Their campaigns usually range from 6 to 24 months long.
  • You’ve got to get rear window wrapping done by yourself.

4. StickerRide

StickerRide started in 2013 in Europe and now they’re all over the US working in full swing with over 40000 drivers.

Their earning potential is dependent on the point system they use. They have different tariffs which they multiply with the number of miles their drivers travel.

And these tariffs further depend on the location, time, car, and number of stickers you can display on your car.

So, their payments vary according to your tariff.

Advertising Processes:

Their registration process is simple as well. You’ve to complete your signup after downloading their app.

After your registration process gets completed, you can sort the list of campaigns to choose your favorite.

Once you’re up for the campaign and have started it, they’ll ask you to visit any nearby StickerRide location.

Their professionals will wash your car and take care of sticker wrapping according to your selected campaign.

As they’ve got to calculate your earnings based on the number of miles you’re driving, you have to keep their app turned on all the time you’re driving.

Plus Points:

  • You can earn more than your average driving by taking pictures on a popular spot. Sure, your car must catch the eye of the camera while taking pictures. The option on their app is named as “Flashmob” or “Quest”
  • You’ll have the option to sort and select from a list of campaigns available on their app.


  • You’re bound to keep the app turned on while driving otherwise you won’t be making any money.
  • their ad campaigns are CAR dependent. You can’t guess and must apply to check if you’ve locked the deal or not.

5. Nickelytics

If you can complete more than 30 miles a day, you can earn up to $500 a month easily with Nickelytics.

The company brings in three wrapping categories for their registered driver which is a great option. You can go for a back windshield, light wrap or full body.

Here light wrap refers to sticking ad banners on the doors of your car only keeping the remaining surface of your car clean and swift.

Advertising Processes:

This company has very easy sign up which is quick as well at the same time. Once you submit basic info as your name, email and phone number, you’ll get an email.

Next is your driving related info. You got to fill in if you have a valid driver’s license and other details such as model of your vehicle and year.

They’ll also ask you to share which of their wrapping options you want to choose.


Now is the time to start driving and all you got to do  is to keep your mileage more than 30 miles a day.

Plus Points:

  • You’re at ease to choose any from the three wrapping options. Most of the people tend to go with light wrapping which helps you make money in between so as to keep you up for continuing your campaign.
  • More miles driven means more money made as it calculates your mileage to estimate your earning.


  • They’ll ask you to bring in a 2010 or upper model

Any option other than “full body wrap” can reduce the amount of money you might have made.

This is all for today’s list of websites or companies that pay for putting ads on your car. But you must know further about finding the legit companies other than I’ve already shared.

You can even check the legitimacy of the companies by using the method I’ve shared below.

So, let’s get started:

How to Find Legitimate Car-Wrap Advertising Companies

Scammers are everywhere!

And the car advertising industry isn’t any different.

There can be a lot of companies looking to make quick bucks without any offer.

YES, through the FAKE CHECK method I’ve shared with you earlier.

So, before you’re ready to hit the road in your car with the ad on its body, you’ve got to make sure if the company you’re working with is legit or not.

For your ease, I’ve already listed legit car advertising companies in the previous section, but you should still explore on your own to find others as well. Of course, there are more legit companies than I’ve listed.

What i am gonna do here: I’ll help with the process -you can follow- to find legit car advertising companies.

You can do as:

  • Inspecting the Company’s Application Process: Legit companies will always have a well-defined process to register drivers. They’ll ask you to share your car’s MAKE and Model, year of registration, and your driving history etc. If no such details are being asked by the company, you should move on to find any other.
  • No Application Fee: Legit companies don’t demand any kind of application or registration fee. So, if anyone is asking the same, it should be a “no brainer” to join one. WARNING in short.
  • Car Insurance: A strong signal that the company is legit, they’ll ask you about the insurance status of your vehicle. They’ll also assess the physical condition of your car. if there is any kinda damage, you might not qualify to join the company.
  • Company Will Pay For Ad Wrapping on Your Car: If the company is paying the expense for ad wrapping on your car, it’s legit.
  • Good Reviews and Customer Services: Search the company profile on google and check reviews. You can further look at the response of their customer services. If they’re providing support through call or email, they’re a good option to consider. Also, the reviews from people and blogs on the internet should be positive about their legitimacy.

Once you’ve grabbed the knowledge about what you’re looking for you can simply run a google search to explore advertising companies in your area. Google will quickly show you the list and most probably their ratings/reviews as well.

Local newspapers and craigslist also serve the purpose pretty well. You can check ads and promotions on these platforms and may find the best opportunity.

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Car Wrap Advertising Process: How It Works

Back in the 1920, some of the companies started promoting their products by displaying ads on the body of vehicles.

OKAY! You can’t ignore the red bull or coca cola ads on trucks and cars. A lot of other companies display their brand on their company vehicles as well.

This might be out of budget for some companies who don’t own any vehicle. These businesses then reach out to car advertising companies.

These companies work as a middleman to link businesses with the drivers who are willing to show their ads on personal cars.

The companies are further linked to ad wrapping vendors to get the services for running successful ad campaigns.

here the process starts as:

  1. You get registered with the advertising companies by filling in the required information. It’s a simple sign up as a driver stuff where you have to tell details of your vehicle and your daily driving duration. You also need to share the location and route you chose to drive normally. Next, your application goes into the company’s acceptance process.
  2. Company will add your details in their database once your application to register gets approved.
  3. Next, the advertising company starts looking for an ad match to your profile. on a suitable match, they’ll contact you to start advertising.
  4. They’ll share payment details for the ad campaign you’ve joined.
  5. Upon accepting the ad campaign, you’ll be guided to their car wrapping vendor. The vendor will wrap your car with decal vinyl. (it’s more like a simple paint job)
  6. You start driving and get paid according to the payment process of the ad campaign. You’ll normally be making $400 per month easily if you’re driving in their target customer’s area.

Your Action Plan

“Actions Bring Results”

I usually share the conclusion of my posts in the form of an Action Plan.

So, you should be up for taking some action instead of simply reading the posts and move on.

If you quickly go through today’s post, you’ll see that now you know everything about displaying ads on your car and earning money. even if it’s not everything, it covers anything you should know before getting your first campaign.

Now there can be two ways to move ahead.

  1. You can simply pick and join advertising companies from our today’s list. I’ll suggest signing up for multiple if you want to be occupied most of the time. It also gives you an opportunity to join a better campaign if more than one option is available at a time.
  2. Search for a list and start assessing the companies which aren’t yet in our today’s list.

If you’ve decided you go with the second option, I’ll suggest doing it in parallel after adopting the first.

That way you can save tons of your time while you’ll also be agreeing to our reviews by experiencing yourself.

Wrapping it up, you can always share our articles with others if you think it can help someone. Also, feedback, if you have any other query about our today’s topic. (Or any other topic on our website)

I’ll be more than happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get paid to advertise on your car?

Yes! You can get paid to advertise on your car. Although there are many scams in the market, but still there are many legitimate companies out there that actually pay you to advertise on your car. Read this article to get to know about them.

What companies will pay you to advertise on your car?

Although there are many car advertising companies out there, we recommend Wrapify, Carvertise, Nickelytics, Sticker Ride and Free Car Media. Check out this article for further information about these companies.

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