How to make 100 dollars a day in 2022 (20 Realistic ways)

how to make 100 dollars a day

So you wanna know how to make 100 dollars a day?

100 dollars a day may not be enough for some people out there, but for majority of the people it can be a full time living! Not kidding!

Either you have a job and you want to start making 100 dollars a day on the side or you are jobless and want to start making money, I have got you covered!

In this article I have listed 26 ways you CAN make 100 dollars a day BUT the potential of making money from these ways may not be same for all of you because a person living in the US can make 100 dollars a day on Uber but a guy from India may not! (I am generalizing it)

Alright let’s get into the list,

How to make 100 dollars a day

Here are 10 ways to make 100 dollars a day,

1. Write and publish an ebook


People who are naturally good at writing can go for Amazon Kindle Publishing!

Normally, we have been trained enough at our high schools and colleges about how to research and present written material effectively. So almost everybody can opt for this money making strategy!

The best part is that the Kindle app is available on every device ranging from your laptop to smart phones. So no extra hassle is needed.

You can put up your book for $1.49 – $6.99 and you earn 70% of the sale. Considering how huge Amazon’s market along with how most people are always itching to lessen the load of their pocket, this is a pretty fantastic deal.

The key is to create value,

Your ebook should preferably be non-fiction which aims at making people’s life better in some way.

This can be done either by providing knowledge, insights, or suggestions about how to solve certain universal or wide scale level problems like depression.

Almost all the books that sell good, have attractive titles such as ‘secret to…’, ‘7 ways to…’ and so on. People are attracted to such titles.

Another useful tip is to get a great cover designed that stands out, and once your book is live on Kindle store, it is reaaalllllyyyy important to get some super attractive reviews from your own social circle at least.

This makes it go rank higher in results and needless to say it’s a great marketing technique!

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2. Make 100 a day by renting out your car 

Give your car on rent

Do you have a car that you rarely drive?

Then why not give it out on rent to make money fast or make a consistent income every month?

This is a great passsive income idea that many people are utilizing to make a great amount of money.

As far as aquiring customers is concerned, you need not to worry as Turo and Getaround have done the job for you.

Turo and Getaround are two biggest renowned car rental platforms that connect people like you who have a spare car to people who need a car for rent.

You don’t need to go out and look for customers, you just need to install their app, list your car and wait for any customer near you to rent your car.

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3. Share Your Home with Airbnb Guests

Make money renting your home

Okay, now this one is one of my favorites. You can earn like $100 per day just by renting out a bedroom!

Ever heard of Airbub? Well, now you have. It is a company that allows you to rent out your home or only one room to tourists, visitors or anyone looking for a temporary residence in your area.

If you are planning to go on vacations for a month or so then you can not only enjoy beach parties, but also earn some extra income for renting out a bedroom while you aren’t at home!

It’s like getting a 100% free vacation! Yayyy!

Oh and don’t worry about getting your house thrashed till you come back. Airbub’s insurance policy has it completely handled.

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4. Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online with a vast scope that is continuously increasing day by day.

According to Bill Gates, “Content is king

New companies open everyday and they want content for their content marketing strategies,

They want content writers to write high quality content for them and they are ready to pay good amount of money for that!

You don’t need to be a scholar or a vocabulary geek to become a content writer!

If you can write an article in simple English language in a conversational tone with no grammatical errors, you can become a successful freelance writer!

The traditional way to start content writing is to sign up on various freelance websites like Upwork and start providing your services at a fixed rate.

I DON’T recommend this way!

I recommend you to first choose a niche (e.g fitness), start a blog in that niche, write 10 to 15 quality articles on your blog which you would be showing to your clients as samples, build relationships with fellow bloggers in your niche, do guest blogging on their blogs to get exposure and last but not the least start approaching websites in your niche to provide your content writing services at competitive rates.

Check out this $1000 dollar challenge by Bamidele in which thoroughly goes through the whole process of getting your first client and making start making $1000 a month.

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5. Buy and sell domain names

This one isn’t as popular and so I didn’t put in the top of this list. It’s still pretty profitable though.

If you don’t know what is a domain, it is actually a web address for some website like the domain for this website is

Now you might be wondering how can you make a lot of money selling these domain names? After all these are just names!

But the thing is that, these domain names carry huge significance for any business especially in this digital era where every second business has a digital presence.

Not every domain can be sold for a good amount of money,

Some domain names can be sold for worth millions of dollars while others are worth only 10 bucks.

For example the domain got sold for $49.7 million and went for 34 millions dollars.

On the other hand some domain names are worth only 10 dollars because they don’t carry any significance e.g. nobody would spend more than 10 to 20 bucks to buy a domain name like

How can you make money selling these domain names?

Go to Namecheap and start researching cool and branded domain names that are available to be registered,

Buy any domain which you think companies would buy from you at a much higher price for example short one word domain names that can be branded.

After buying the domain name, you can put for sale in auctions and hope to get sold at a good price.

If you really want to get into this business, then check out this step by step guide to domain flipping by Nichepursuits.

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6. Join Amazon affiliate program

Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to sell their products and earn a commission per sale.

Considering the amount of sales Amazon gets on average, you can surely make a lot of money with this program but Amazon has strict guidelines regarding promotional strategies.

The best and the legitimate way to make money with Amazon affiliate program is to make website focused around one small niche and then reviewing products on it.

People are literally making millions of dollars every month using this method,

Want some inspiration?

Luqman Khan, the ex-owner of amazon affiliate site) started this website back in January 2016 and started making $40,000 per month within few months. Later on he sold the site for $500,000 in December 2017.

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7. Offer gigs on Fiverr

make money fast fiverr

Fiverr is a huge freelance website where you can sell any kind of service from $5 to $10,000.

You can sell any kind of virtual service you can think of!

Yes! any kind of service!

Graphics designing, content writing, web development and digital marketing are the most trending niches on Fiverr but at the same time there is a lot of competition in these niches too.

Getting your first few orders are difficult so i would recommend you to tell your friends and family about the service you are providing and also promote your gigs on social media to get the first few sales.

You can learn any professional skill online and start providing your services.

Check out this guide to making money online through Fiverr.

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8. Start providing social media management services

Business owners have very less time to look after their social media accounts,

They are just too much busy with work and are willing to outsource the whole stuff to someone who knows how to leverage the power of social media to grow their business.

If you think you can do this job for them, what’s better than this?

Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult!

Just spend some days scrolling through the Facebook and other social accounts of big companies who are doing social media marketing effectively,

Check out their strategies, read out the comments, go through the profiles of people who commented and learn the way they interact with their audience.

Doing so will help you learn what is working and and what’s not.

Pick only one industry like cosmetics, garments or whatever and try to stick to only one social network, this will help you gain a strong grip on your social media management skill.

You can offer your services to companies by directly asking them or join freelance or remote jobs websites and get clients over there.

This is definitely one of the best ways for you if you need money now.

9. Sell t shirts online

sell t shirts

We know people love t-shirts a lot and when it comes to events related ones like Halloween or Christmas t-shirts, they just go crazy.

Why not turn this obsession into a profitable business?

You can design eye catching and cool t-shirts related to some event or whatsoever and sell it to people through facebook ads or any other advertising medium.

Don’t worry you don’t need to do anything including printing, storing or shipping etc.

The whole process is done by Teespring.

Teespring is a print on demand website that allows you to design t shirts and advertise them through any medium. Whenever someone buys the t shirt through your link, it is shipped to him by Teespring.

Teespring takes $10 per t shirt  and you keep the profit!

Isn’t that cool?

You can potentially make 100 dollars a day using this method but first you need learn how to promote your product and for that you need to learn FB ads or you can do it using Instagram but first learn the promotional methods and then get into this stuff because you would be investing money here.

10. Part time job

This depends on which country you live in.

The options and scope depends on it. It also depends on what sorts of skills a particular part time job requires.

Working at Mcdonalds or Subway seems pretty manageable and they pay isn’t bad either in U.S/U.K and other developed countries.

You can also work as a bartender, assistant at a salon or at a grocery store and so on.

If you have enough spare energy afterwards, you can utilize some of the other options in the list for even more quick money!

Oh and if you are lucky, you might find a part time job that you end up falling completely in love with which may even escalate in a major career shift! Who knows?

11. Sell clothes on ebay

Want to sell clothes? Go for ebay!

You can sell all sorts of clothes there. Have an old jacket? A sweater? A t shirt you don’t like any more maybe?

This is more than a win win situation. It’s like a double win for you because you get empty your closet a bit by disposing if clothes you no longer need, and by snagging a couple of dollars while you are at that!

You can even sell suits or other kinds of expensive clothing and voila! Fast money on your way!

You will have to learn some marketing skills though.

Try taking some really good pictures of the clothes you want to sell to grab buyers’ attention.

Check out this video by SeedTime Money to understand the process of selling on eBay,

Hope this video helps!

12. Start small scale businesses

We all know that assets come in handy in the long run.

Well short scale businesses come under assets to generate instant cash flow.

You can hire someone to run a fruit stand or handicraft stand (anything of value) and income will be generated almost every day in small/variable amounts.

It’s a really good investment.

What’s more is that if your short scale business expands enough, you can even consider making it your full time career!

By this, I mean that you focus on running and expanding the business if its profitable enough to fulfill all your luxurious dreams.

13. Cash in your talents!

Have an artistic touch in you? Are you a good painter, baker, writer or something of that sort?

Why not make use of your god gifted talents and make extra money on the side?

If you, let’s say, are almost an expert at baking cakes, you should make an instagram and facebook page for it, advertise and start selling!

It can work the traditional offline way too. Just put up a huge banner with a catchy name for your home made bakery products and see the magic!

You’ll feel more powerful than ever!

14. Sell food!

Okay so, your mom, sister or perhaps even you have enough cooking skills to feed the house. So why not feed the neighborhood as well and make money fast?

Hygienic food is pretty rare these days so why not utilize the opportunity?

You can start small by fixing a stall somewhere near your house and have the family support you in this for the labour.

Food sells pretty well, to be honest. Almost everywhere! You can definitely make 100 dollars a day using this method.

15. Start a Blog

Blogging takes some time to get good at. It also depends on what kind of blog you are thinking of.

Blogs are those website that focus on articles and other forms of written content only.

These days, people use blogs for advertising, expressing their views, self help guide lines, digital marketing guidelines and so on.

It becomes pretty useful when you have a dedicated audience that regularly visits your posts.

So why should you invest efforts in blogging?  Let me briefly tell you why.

1. Make money from home

Blogging can be very rewarding whenever done correctly. The top bloggers out there clearly gain quite a lot, however even part time bloggers can hope to make a decent money if done properly. The best part about it is that blogging is that it can become a source of passive income in future for you.

2. Share your story.

With a blog, you can speak your heart out to your audience and share your memories and anecdotes.

3. Recognition for yourself or your business.

Whether you are a public figure or a businessman, blogging can help you promote yourself and your business to your targetted audience.

4. Create a network.

Blogging at its heart is interactive. You compose a blog entry and people comment on it. This is an incredible method to engage with people who are keen on similar things as you are. Blogging enables you to train these people according to you experience, and it offers you the chance to gain from your readers also.

16. Become a virtual assistant

Big companies and online businesses have a hell lot of stuff to do so they minimize their work load by outsourcing most of their work to virtual assistants.

There are a lot of services that come under the domain of virtual assistance i.e. blog management, email management, freelance writing, graphics designing, database management, social media management and any other service that can be done remotely.

The best way to get started as a virtual assistant is to pick one or two fields and specialize yourself in them.

Once you feel that you have gained a strong grip on your services, start reaching out to prospective clients through social media or through their websites and join virtual assistants group on Facebook to learn from other people in your space. You can also join freelance websites like Upwork and freelancer to provide your services.

BUT! Before that make sure you have made your own portfolio website to showcase your services and experience in a professional way.

Check out this step by step guide to making a professional portfolio website.

17. Become a fitness coach

If you are a physically fit guy with a well-built body, you can become a fitness coach.

People are very much conscious about their fitness nowadays and they are ready to pay good amount of money for that!

If you think you can guide people and help them improve their fitness, you can start providing your services from a small scale and expand your business later on.

18. Walk dogs with Rover

Just like baby sitting, pet sitting is also a very profitable industry with a lot of potential.

When it comes to pet sitting, dog sitting leads due to a large number of people having dogs as pets.

Approaching people personally is also a good way to get started as a dog sitter but once you get some experience, you can join as a professional dog sitter. is an amazing website that connects pet owners (specifically dog owners) with pet sitters willing to work either full time or part time. (BUT you have to be 18+ to join Rover) 

I would say, work for two years on your own and then join Rover once you get to 18.

On average, Dog sitters make $8 to $13 an hour with rates increasing when you keep the dog overnight.

19. Become a tutor

Almost every kid struggles at one subject or the other!

It’s either the maths or science that creates the problems for students,

Are you proficient at any subject?

Do you think you can teach kids and make them understand the concepts in the best way?

Well if that’s the case, then you are surely missing a great opportunity of working as a private tutor.

You can teach a kid or two at their home, your home or even online!

Private tutoring pays way more than teaching a bunch of kids and also help you teach better in less time!

You can teach daily for about 2 to 3 hours and make a decent amount of money every month as the hourly of private tutors is about $25 to $30 (for beginner level tutors)

Other than making money, i believe teaching is one of the great ways to gain self confidence as it helps you realize how much worth you are and how much capable you are to improve the problem solving efficiency of a kid!

You can start off from your neighborhood, relatives and friends and once you get some experience you would start getting clients through word of mouth marketing (referrals).

If you want to start online tutoring then join some tutoring websites like and

Personally i recommend offline tutoring as it is much more profitable and productive.

I forgot one thing, “Do make a portfolio website for you to give your tutoring business a professional look”.

20. Provide proofreading services

Are you a native english speaker?

Do you have a strong grip on grammar and usage of punctuation marks?

Can you sort out the grammatical and punctuation mistakes from an article or an ebook?

If your answer is yes then you have a great opportunity to start making money online.

Proofreading is one of the highly paid freelance professions trending right now!

Most of the people write an article or an ebook but they either don’t have time to proofread it or they are weak at english.

You can offer your proofreading services on different freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and Guru and can potentially make 100 dollars a day!


That’s it! I tried to list a decent number of ways to make 100 dollars a day. I would again say, these are just ideas! Learning these ideas and mastering them is your job!

It takes time to build a business and start making a good chunk of money every single day so select those ideas that attract you, learn them and start hustling! The day will be soon when you will be making 100 dollars a day!

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