How to make 2000 dollars fast in 2024 (34 legitimate ways)

How to make 2000 dollars fast

Do you want to know how to make 2000 dollars fast?

It’s obvious that making 2 thousand dollars fast isn’t an easy task. It’s no less than a challenge!

But it is not impossible!

You simply need to be strategic and find which opportunities suit you best.

This guide is designed to walk you through the most trendy options for you to make money fast, depending on your current skills and resources.

So let’s jump in to our list of options now, shall we?

Looking for a few quick wins to make money fast?

Here are a couple of legit apps that pay you money just for signing up:

How to Make 2000 Dollars Fast [34 Ways]

Here are 34 ways you can make 2000 dollars fast.

Deliver food for DoorDash

There are a lot of food delivery companies out there that are constantly looking for new drivers to join their delivery force.

One such company is Doordash, that is one of the leading food delivery companies in the United States.

The average annual pay for a Doordash Delivery Driver in the United States is $36,565 a year.

That equates to $3047 a month! Not bad! right?

If you have your own vehicle, this can place you in a decent position. And yeah! You can also set your own working schedule that means you can also do this along with your day job.

If you are comfortable with delivering food door to door, this can be a good side hustle for you to make some money fast.

And one thing more, working for Doordash involves dealing with all kinds people on daily basis, some are really nice, some are not but you have to keep your cool and do your job honestly.

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Rent Out Your Car to Delivery Guys

Give your car on rent

Renting out your car is one of the quickest ways to make money,

While currently most of the people are in quarantine, the demand for the vehicles is not as much as it was before,

BUT! have you heard UberEats, InstaCart, Shipt and Postmates?

Yes! These are the delivery companies and they are on the go nowadays because of lockdown and quarantine.

There companies have many registered drivers who don’t have their own car and what they do is that they take a car on rent through a platform like Hyrecar and then do their delivery jobs.

If you have a car and you are currently not using it, why not give it out on rent through Hyrecar?

Hyrecar is popular and renowned car rental marketplace that is made for those delivery guys who don’t have their own cars,

All you have to do is to to sign up on Hyrecar, submit your background check for approval and then finally list your car for rental.

Just wait for the client’s call and in meantime you can try any method to make money from the ones listed below,

For now, just go to Hyrecar, sign up with them and get your car listed.

Join Hyrecar Now!

Become an Enamel Pins Seller

enamel pins

If you have an online shop or social media channels, you could also consider adding enamel pins to the lists.

Bring your inspiration from your hobbies, favorite cartoon shows, movies, the things that drive you crazy into real life. Just use the vivid enamel pins to express your ideas.

During the design, your business information can also be included, which will help to promote your business as well as broaden your influence.

By working with a professional enamel pin maker, who can promise competitive price, fast air shipping, and high quality, you will get $2000 profit very quickly.

Start freelance writing 

Freelance writing

Freelance writing includes writing blog posts (like this one), articles, press releases, white papers, essays and much more for clients.

You can start by making a free blog and practicing your writing on the topic you have a complete grip.

After making a portfolio of a bunch of articles, join major freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and Guru to start providing your services.

You can also try posting your services on social media, personally reaching out to potential clients and looking for job opportunities on Freelance writing job boards like Problogger job board.

This is a great way to make 2000 dollars fast if you are really committed and you know how to market your skill.

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Perform Small Tasks with TaskRabbit

Task rabbit is slightly different than fiverr as task rabbit connects you with people in your area and offers on site work rather than online.

Best part, you get to choose the rate you want to work for! Just google suitable tasks that you can do in your area and start earning!

Here are some of your options:-

  • Helping people move
  • Yard work
  • Car washing
  • House work
  • Grocery
  • Pet care
  • Baby sitting
  • Laundry

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Develop websites or apps

web development

Can you build a web page? Code an app?  Develop a gaming app?

Web development and mobile app development are two hot skills that are in high demand nowadays and their demand is continuously increasing day by day.

There are countless freelance development jobs on platforms like Upwork. A few gigs may just take 5 minutes while others require long term contracts of weeks or months.

If you are interested to learn web development or app development, you can learn it on Skillshare. They have one month of free.

Sell Stuff Through Apps

Some apps like Letgo or Decluttr have become really popular platforms that help put your no-longer-needed belongings for sale.

Dealing with customers may seem a bit frustrating though but it can be fun too if you have good marketing skills!

In case you’re offering some old kitchen things or undesirable stuff from your closet or attic, it’ll take a decent measure of junk to get closer to your $2k goal.

However, $500 couch and a $200 lawn mower could get you really close, quite quick.

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Provide graphics design services

Graphics designing is also a great skill to have to make money or in other words make a full time living.

Graphics designing includes various things like designing a logo, brochure, flyer, business card, stationery etc.

The amount of money you can make depends upon the type of service you are providing,

For instance, on Fiverr, you may acquire $5 for a speedy, straightforward logo. For a custom logo with numerous updates and different ideas, you may charge $300.

Read how much you should charge for design work for an idea of setting prices.

The most ideal approach to feature your work is to have a customized site with your portfolio. Incorporate your accessibility, range of abilities, and models. Your site ought to be a visual resume of your work.

Check out this video to learn how you can learn graphics designing and get started,

Rent Out Your Entire Home/or maybe just a room

This is a decent alternative if you have some friend’s place to stay at for some time.

Well this may be a bit inconvenient, but it’s a generally super easy approach to make a few thousand dollars!

Sites like AirBnB can enable you to rent your property out. It could take half a month to list your property and begin getting appointments.

To get appointments even faster, have a go at bringing down your costs to beat any competition.

Become an Uber Driver

Uber has become quite famous so you most likely already know about it.

While it may be somewhat questionable – it’s really an incredible way to earn (it can even become your main job).

Joining and beginning is simple, yet your ability to get regular customers rapidly and effectively will rely upon your customer care skills. Plus the area you drive in matters too.

You could make $2,000 in a month or two of low maintenance Uber work in the correct area.

Ensure you’re permitted to do this in your area, as certain areas have prohibited Uber.

Trade Stocks Online

Stock trading

This one is recommended only if you’ve just got a decent foundation in finance and know what you’re doing.

Countless people get into this kind of thing supposing they can profit, however end up losing it.

Be that as it may, if you think you are good at this – exchanging stocks, or even crypto currency could be a practical choice if you’re cautious enough.

Like most investments, the ones that could get you more cash rapidly are typically the higher risk ones – they may get you some speedy money however they could also make you lose much at the same time.

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Sell Your Car

If you truly need the money fast – the most ideal route is to take your vehicle to a vendor and offer straight to trade.

This is kind of like the previous option but it’s way more safer. Because most people don’t mind public transport and secondly, some actually have more than one cars!

Moreover, there’s usually always a buyer for the right vehicle at the right cost. You could really get your money right away around the same time – so this choice truly is one of the quickest approaches to really get your cash!

Get Some Day Labor

wash cars

There is too much diversity in labor work! This works in your favor.

You can work 9-5 at retail or a grocery store and get paid within a month.

The more work you do the more you can earn. It also depends on where you are working in. Labor jobs at restaurants usually pay more.

Create and sell online courses

Have a degree or diploma in graphic designing or some other useful skill or course? If yes, then why not teach online?

More than 7,500 educators have used Teachable and score over $36M in deals!

Where instructing locally, you may get 10-20 students in class; showing on the web opens you to a large number of potential students from everywhere throughout the world.

Here’s how it works:-

  • Create a course
  • Upload the content
  • Make it pretty
  • Promote your course
  • Get paid monthly for every student enrolled

Teachable costs $39/month to host your courses.

If you need a totally free choice where you can earn around $3,000/year, check out Skillshare !

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Sell Your Home

This strategy may be the fastest but it’s kind of hard to go for too.

Unless you don’t have any problem selling your home or you have a separate one for living, never go for this option!

This method can get your hands on a decent amount of cash like $2,000 almost in a week!

In any case, it isn’t a choice to be taken lightly. You’ll have to evaluate your present scenario first and plan accordingly. Don’t blame this guide for making you homeless, lol.

Fix grammer and splling errors for $17/hour


Haha! did you notice the mistakes in the title? Did you enjoy correcting? If yes, then why not become a professional editor/proofreader to earn some quick cash?

In 2014, this person, Caitlin (pretty famous)made $43,000 as a freelance editor, while additionally going on a few fun projects!

Caitlin not only earns a lot herself, but guides people how to make proofreading a full time income source as well!

Freelance editors normally get an hourly rate of 17 USD!

Learn How Become a Proofreader


Work double shifts

Have a part time job already?

Well then you can earn some extra bucks by working overtime. Yes, it might get exhausting buts its worth it. Your boss might even give you a raise if you work hard enough!

Most people opt for night shifts when they are in a tight position. This is because night shifts pay more!

Provide digital marketing and SEO services

Okay so, you’ll have to do research on both of these before starting.

SEO and digital marketing are really trendy these days so I had to add these in the list.

It’s better to first learn both of these skills and get some certification before entering the market.

And when you actually do, you can score big time! Clients can offer $200 per gig depending on the type of work and amount of work expected from you.

Digital marketing can be transformed into a proper business or done privately. Both options are fine. And for Seo, upwork etc will do more than great. You can even find gigs with linkedin or facebook freelance groups.

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Do some transcription work

Transcription may not be the quickest way to make 2000 dollars fast but surely a great way to make money.

Are you familiar with transcription?

Well in transcription, all you have to do is listen to some audios, and transcribe the work i.e write the audio notes down and send it to the clients.

You can earn $7 to $25 an hour as a transcriptionist.

Here are a few places that offer transcriptionist work:

Tutor kids in your area

tutor kids

You don’t have to depend on online work only.

Although you can advertise your services online instead of distributing flyers but teaching offline one-to-one is still a great way to make money fast.

The more students you have, the more you can earn. You can charge according to the difficulty level of the subject too!

Write or improve resumes

With the majority of resources accessible to compose such a simple thing, it’s stunning to me is that still numerous people have terrible resumes!

And this is motivating news for you!

Just by guiding people in how to make presentable resumes, you can earn quite easily and quickly.

You can google online for the regular rates and assist like 20-30 job seekers a week. You can gain around $200+ this way!

Sites like Freelancer and Upwork will give you a chance to do so.

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Become a babysitter (if you are great with kids)

There are sites that will connect you with individuals who need a sitter. State your charges online and let people know the area that you are available in.

This can work better if its offsite though. You can spread flyers or hang a poster at your place saying that babysitting services are available here.

The more work you get, the more you can earn. Best part, is that if you actually love hanging out with kids, this won’t feel like work at all! You’ll end up enjoying instead!

If you can get three to four permanent clients within a month, you can actually make 2000 dollars fast as a babysitter.

Become a dog walker

Become a dog walker if you live in an area where this work is popular.

You can walk hounds for people who are too busy to even consider walking them!

In any case, this can be a requesting work, particularly if you end up strolling a couple of dogs at once for a couple of hours during the day. So do make sure that you have the physical stamina for this!

Check what other dog walkers charge in your area and charge according to the common rates.

Make a flyer or post a promotion on online classifieds boards up to publicize your services and tell loved ones you are searching for work as a dog walker.

Start a Web Design Business

Just like web development, this is another profitable skill to have in 2019 and beyond.

Web development actually includes developing the structure of the website and web designing includes designing the website to make it look visually appealing to the visitors.

Web designing has the potential to be scaled and become a source of full time living for you.

You just need 10 nearby customers to profit big time.

Start a Cleaning Business

Again, there’s usually always somebody in the neighborhood who needs some cleaning done.

In case you’re willing to put the work in, you can do this kind of employment yourself without a tremendous barrier to entry.

You just need yourself and a couple of essential cleaning items.

Have a go at making an inquiry or two and offer some discounted costs to reel people in.

Start a Removal Business

This is another idea that functions admirably if you have your very own van or truck.

Moving is costly, and a few people come to the heart of the matter where they’re edgy for assistance since they’ve left organizing this to the latest possible time.

Try this simple tip: Go to those who either have “available to be purchased” or “sold” signs in their front garden (or at the front of their property).

Ensure you have a business card or expert pamphlet and you could scrounge up a decent lot of business along these lines (in case you’re willing to put the legwork in).

You could make that $2,000 with only four or five great customers!

Start a DIY Business

Make a few inquiries in your neighborhood and check whether individuals need occupations done.

This is another straightforward business idea that can fit around different employments and be done in the ends of the week or nights.

It also has a low barrier to entry and is a simple cash-in-hand business.

Try local advert boards or simply asking around if people need any work anyone need any work done!

Become a Network Marketer

Network marketing companies are another approach to earn (like Avon, Amway and so forth).

However, it’s important that you pick the organization cautiously and inquire about well.

A few organizations have high continuous prerequisites, while others advance items that basically don’t sell well.

Truth be told, a few people even end up under water with so much organizations, as there is frequently strain to purchase a larger number of items than you are selling.

Start a freelancing business

Yes, freelancing can be converted into a business as well!

You can either hire or give shares to graphic designers, content writers, social media marketers, web developers, data entry specialists and other similar experts and earn massive profits!

This usually works really well because these skills are highly in demand,

The market is already much saturated so you’ll have tough time getting clients, but on a positive note high competition means there is a lot of money in this field.

You can make a facebook and instagram page apart from offering your work collectively as a team at Upwork or Fiverr.

This increases your exposure and more people will come to you.

Try to leave customers happy after you have worked for them to get lots of positive reviews. Don’t buy or request reviews from random people though. I believe that honesty works best.

Start a street food business

Street food business

This is quite popular too and requires less human labor.

You can ask a friend or a family member to help out with setting up and running the stall.

And the best part is that you can sell homemade food like sandwiches, pasta and basically anything that people would like and that you are able to provide in bulk.

If you are lucky enough and gain enough from this small scale business venture, then you can expand this after a few months and open a proper shop.

You can add many more food items and even bakery products there too. Maybe even some coffee and latte too. I’d personally love that.

So yes, this can get you fast cash both in in a month and in the long run too. Both options are completely reliable.

Start a laundry business

This won’t cost you much and won’t be too much work too.

Just hang around some pretty attractive flyers and post online that you are offering to do laundry for people.

This will work pretty smoothly if you like in the states or the U.K.

Students, employees and to be honest all sorts of people who are either overloaded with work or are too lazy to do their own laundry will approach you.

You can use the laundry machine in your own home or a public laundry store for more efficiency. Either way, you can surely gain about 2 grand in less than a month!

Start a decoration piece business

This is good for those who are good at art.

Some people sell their own paintings, pottery designs, even handmade jewelry and so on.

You can set up a stall in the initial phase or start at your home.

Trust me, women love this stuff so if you have a sister who can make all this or if you can yourself, do give it a shot.

If you or whoever you are working with is really an expert at making all this, then you can also start short term courses too and charge for it.

These kinds of courses are usually expensive due to the uniqueness of the craft taught, so you can easily charge high per student.

Sell on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great option to sell your old stuff. It depends on where you live though as speed of sales rely on it.

You can make 20 dollars fast selling small items, or up to 2000 dollars or more with bigger stuff.

The awesome deal about Craigslist is that you can sell almost everything! Even your services. For example, if you a particular skill that you want to offer, you can let people know through it!

Craigslist has a huge user base so it’s a well off market place!

Services that you can offer can be completely random like babysitting, dog walking, house cleaning and so on.

Start a bake sale

Bake sale

Again, this requires you or someone close to you to be good at baking.

Cupcakes, muffins and other similar products can be sold.

You can have a facebook page and advertise your products by posting picture of delicious looking cakes!

This can get you $200+ per week depending on the orders you get and on the speed of your own baking.

You can start at home, at a stall, or anywhere else where you can effectively catch peoples’ attention.


This comes to the end of the article on how to make 2000 dollars fast. All the ways mentioned in this listicle are 100% legitimate. I can’t ensure you people would make 2000 dollars fast using these ways as it depends on many other factors.

I recommend you to choose one way and master it rather trying your luck in every second way.

I wish you best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make 2000 a month?

There are a lot of ways you can make 2000 dollars a month. Some of the best ways are driving for Uber or Lyft full time, flipping stuff through eBay or Craiglist, Dropshipping, selling your freelance services, and affiliate marketing etc. Check out this step by step guide to affiliate marketing through blogging.

How to make 2000 a week?

You can make 2000 dollars a week renting a spare room to tourists/visitors through Airbnb, renting out your car through Turo, investing through Acorns, dropshipping, affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA etc.

How to make 2000 a day?

You can make 2000 a day through real estate business, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, flipping stuff, blogging, dropshipping, selling online courses and consulting etc.

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