How to make money online for free in 2022 (11 legitimate ways)

How to make money online for free

Do you want to know how to make money online for free?

Before I started working 9 to 5, one of my fellows had already earned $80k working online.

On inquiring, He told me that he had been doing a lot of experiments and it took him about two years to earn that amount.

During those two years, he also wasted a lot of money.


He got scammed multiple times. Those were either online scams about investing or useless paid courses.

Cutting the long story short, it got me excited to jump into the game of online earning.

So, I decided to explore the ways which were not SCAM and could make me earn online for FREE.

Today, I am going to share with you, “How to earn money online for FREE”.

Before we move ahead, let me tell you that there are a lot of ways which can help you kick start free earning. (without investing a penny)

In case, you want to earn hefty amount, you might need to invest depending on:

  • Which way you’ll choose, and
  • How quickly you want to earn online

While, there will also be some ways which can make you handsome money with ZERO investment.

I have made different sections within the article.

Each section contains multiple ways of same nature of work to make money online.

Also, the earning level of each section is different.

Choose wisely to earn MORE, EASY and in LESS TIME.

So, let’s get started.

How to make money online by doing SMALL TASKS

If you’re not into learning a proper skill and just want to rack up some bucks, you can do small tasks such as taking online surveys, watching videos, playing games, surfing the web etc.

Let me list the tasks for better understanding:

  • Completing Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Online Shopping
  • Web Surfing
  • Playing Video Games
  • Data Entry
  • Form Filling
  • Data Validation
  • Sign-up

These tasks can pay and there isn’t any kind of investment you need to make.

Yes, this is absolutely free source of earning money online.

How much you can make monthly by doing this?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. While its more about time and management.

If you’ll get hold on to different ways at one time, you might even scale your earning up to $15 an hour.

But for that, you need to do experiments and improve your earning through experience.

Let’s look check a bit more detailed version of this method.

1. Complete Online Surveys

There are websites that pay when you complete a survey.


Because they get paid to do so.

Lemme tell you how they get paid.

Companies these days want general public’s opinion about their products, services or brand. With the help of such people’s views, they tend to improve their companies’ business value.

These companies then list their surveys on different websites and reach to the people visiting those websites.

Now, the question might be:

How much you can earn through surveys?

Very less! Yeah i am right! Survey and rewards sites pay very less that’s the reason they are not worth spending time on. I recommend you to only try them when you are completely bored and nothing else to do or nothing is working for you!

Only thing i like about survey sites is “Cashback offers“. If you shop online on Amazon or any other retailer, you can do so through sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints and some other sites that provide cashback.

Best survey sites in 2020:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Lifepoints
  4. Mypoints
  5. Pinecone Research
  6. Vindale Research
  7. Inbox Dollars

Earn Free Money Through Freelancing

I started freelancing along with my 9 to 5 job. After a year, I was making THREE TIMES more than my monthly pay.

I couldn’t feel better as that was turning point of my online career. I was able to invest my earning from freelancing into other businesses. But in this section, I want to talk about freelancing only.

You can earn as much as you want, and you don’t need to spend a penny to start your freelancing career.

On top of that, you can start freelancing anytime.

And here is how to do it.

Pick A Niche/Job/Skill: This is a kind of exercise. Just go to different freelancing websites as freelancer, fiverr and Upwork etc., explore the job categories and you’ll have a list of soft skills such as content writing, digital marketing, graphic designing, website development and a lot more.

Select the one you LOVE to do.

Bottom Line: Try not to choose a skillset which you don’t like. It happens when we’re just starting freelancing and select high paying skills/jobs instead of what we can do better. As a result, we get bored quickly and end up failing our freelancing career.

My first freelancing skill was content writing and I am still doing it.

Find Freelancing Work: Once you’ve selected your skill, it’s time to land your first job. Head over to freelancing platforms and follow their procedure to land your first freelancing task. You can even find freelancing jobs through social media platforms.

I still get content writing jobs from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Complete the task and Get Paid: complete your assigned task within your timeline and get your money.

I’ve simply briefed freelancing while if you want to explore freelancing, you can find detailed guide here.

Now let’s explore parts of this section which include some popular jobs or platform explanation.

All in all, we’re up for exploring ways that are free.

2. Sell Your Writing Skill

Freelance writers are making $250 per article and that price goes up to $1000 even.

Although, I am not making that much -as I am not writing for others these days- but I was able to earn $100 from my first piece of content.

For me, it wasn’t about the money I made but I got a chance to improve my writing skills.

Writing isn’t for fun only but a complete skillset, which can help you scale your earning to a handsome level.

If you feel like you’re able to write any type of content, you’re good to hop in this field.

To get going and make good money out of this skill, you’ve to dive into learning different forms of writing and practicing your way up.

Some freelance writers have even scaled their way to 6-fgures.


They developed a personal blog and then started content related agency to help online business increase their sells by writing highly engaging content.

That content is what converts readers to buyers.

If you are interested to start your freelance writing career, check out this video,

3. Work as a transcriptionist freelancer

Writing transcriptions is a type of freelance content writing which can make you decent money while not having massive experience.

These days, people are way more into podcasts and live videos (vlogging)

Most of these want their content to be written as well. So, they hire freelancers who can do the job.

How much you can make?

It’s a service-based skill and earning depends on how much work you can do.

On average, a beginner may earn up to $10-$15 while you might need to be experienced to take that mark up to $30 for transcribing an hour-long video.

Where can you get these jobs from?

Although you can do some research to make your list of websites that offer these jobs, I’ll suggest checking out Transcribe Me & REV freelancing services.


  • You can get plenty of work
  • You can pick from a range of projects. That makes you work on in which you’re interested.
  • You can cash out through PayPal.

What categories can you choose from?

Transcription writing isn’t limited to converting live videos or podcasts into written content but, you can also explore a few other categories such as:

  • General Transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Medical Transcription

This increases your chances to get variety of work and in better supply.

Some companies -who offer such jobs- even have transcription relevant skill development courses.

They teach you exactly how to deal with different categories once you’ve got the job.

4. Be a web designer

What gives you money, when you design websites for others!

It’s the betterment of user experience you create for their audience.

It’s also isn’t simply about the design of website only. Web designer help business owners to get more sells by apply design techniques used in CRO (Conversion rate optimization)

Okay, if it got more technical, lemme explain in easy words.

People who’re posting online jobs related to web design, need you to make them their best web page if you’re a web designer and willing to work remotely.

You can get on to freelancing websites to look for the opportunities. Analyze the job description to see if you have much skills to get the job done.

Lock the deal with the client and get your money.

Apart from freelancing websites, you can also get clients and jobs as per your skillset through social media and your personal websites. This process involves digital marketing which I’ll explain in upcoming section.

Check out this video to learn how can you start a web design business through WordPress,

 5. Explore Fiverr to make money

No matter what soft skill you have, you can make a decent amount of money through fiverr.

It’s a wonderful platform for buyers as well, as they can buy a service for as low as $5 in any category.

Just like your branded website which you’ve designed to sell your services, fiverr offers you to make gigs of your different services.

With one account, you can make about 7 different gigs while in each gig, you can make three packages

Often people go with basic, normal and premium packages.

Buyer then select a package or asks for a custom offer to buy your services.

Once the job has been done, you’ll get your money.

But there is one thing to take care off…!

Fiverr is currently saturated for common skills. So, you need to put your creativity too work and go for niche or job type which has low competition and high demand.

I’ve also seen people earning by reselling services on different platforms.

They simply lock a deal with one client on one platform while sell the same service on any other platform having higher rates.

For example, you’ve got a job form fiverr in $50 and got it done by someone from Facebook group in $30. You’ve made $20 without doing anything.

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Earn Money Online By Doing Digital Marketing

This section is my most favorite as it has all the universe for anyone to experiment different earning methods.

Digital marketing tells you how freelancing is linked with self-branding or developing portfolios and outreaching your ideal clients.

It’s all about how you hop in this field and how you plan to grow your appearance and attract more money.

Let’s explore some exciting ways to earn money online which comes in this category.

6. Start Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is currently one of the biggest money-making hypes.

Oh, it’s not just a hype but in fact there is a lot of money waiting for people to join affiliate marketing programs.

If you don’t now about affiliate marketing, here is a simple definition:

It is a type of marketing where marketers get paid by promoting other’s products or services. The product can be either hard or soft and there are many platforms which offer affiliate programs.

For example, amazon is the biggest online retailer that offers commission to amazon associates for promoting products listed on the platform. It’s simply like if a user buys anything through your referred product link, you’ll get paid the commission money depending upon the rates locked by amazon.

Similarly, Clickbank is an online marketplace for soft products. If you promote these products and manage to get sells, you’ll get paid commission.

These are just two examples while there are thousands of platforms which offer commission for their affiliates.

Affiliate marketing isn’t limited to certain platforms only while a lot of companies also run direct affiliate programs.

All you have to do is, to sign up for their program and start promoting whatever their offer is.

As your end goal to make money through affiliate marketing is to generate sells of other’s products, you might ask how to do that.

Well, affiliate marketing is extremely wide field and below are the major ways to do this:

Promote Offers Through Your Blog/Website: if you have a blog or website which is related to the niche of your selected product for promotion, you can get sells through that blog. You have to write engaging content for your audience and publish reviews of your selected products.

Promote Affiliate Products through Videos/YouTube: YouTube is a video search engine where you might have seen a lot of youtubers unboxing and reviewing different products. They often add their affiliate link on the video screen or simply recommend and ask their viewers to find link to the product in the description section of their videos.

Promote Through Social Media:  if you have a good number of followers on your social media channels such as Facebook group/page, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter etc., you can promote your affiliate links on these platforms. There is just one condition that your followers must be interested to the product category you’re promoting. Let’s say if ii must promote any affiliate offer related to a digital marketing related tool, I’ll be promoting my link in groups where people interested to digital marketing are gathered and participate in discussion activities.

Promote Affiliate Offers Through paid ads: Some people categorize this in to paid marketing which is true logically. While, it remains affiliate marketing if you’re promoting any affiliate offer. You can run ads on google, social media platforms and even on different websites and branded blogs. MPPORTANT: When running paid ads for affiliate promotions, must consider ROI to stay in profit.

These were the major ways people use while it doesn’t limit you to think out of the box and adopt your own strategy to promote affiliate offers.

Promotion through paid advertising need investment and may not fall under the category of earning money online through free methods, but still I have added this as you can adopt this after you’ve made enough money through free resources. It’s all about how much more you wan to earn.

While I can keep on with writing about affiliate marketing, let’s just move to learn the next method in this section after reading about how I think about affiliate content.

As I manage a team of writers, one of them asked me to explain the difference between affiliate content, amazon affiliate content and product reviews.

Well, this is what I said:

“Affiliate Content is the major terms, where your aim is to convert while not disclosing your intent to make money out of it. It’s straightforward helping your audience to make a better decision which is somehow linked with the product, service or brand you’re promoting.

Next are the Product Reviews where you simply tell your audience as if you must recommend a product-which you’ve been using since long- to your best friend. And if that product is listed on amazon as well, you can say that your content is amazon affiliate content”

Let’s explore the next section:

7. Start A Blog or Website

One of my blogs I started back in 2016 still brings me freelance work. I made that for personal branding and creating niche authority.

The visitors of my blog contact me to inquire about the tips I share about digital marketing and often ask me to do their tasks.

While this is indirect way to make money from a blog, you can also adopt other ways such as publishing, affiliate marketing, paid posting and what not.

Let’s explore some insights in this domain:

DISPLAY ADS TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR BLOG: You can apply for google AdSense and display ads on your websites. Google will pay you for how many people visit your blog and how many of them click on the ads on your website. This way, you’ll be working as a publisher who isn’t limited to Google AdSense only. There are a lo of other advertising websites which offer money for displaying ads on your websites. You can even display ads of specific brands as they might reach you to do so if your website is attracting a lot of traffic. This form of advertising pays the most.

Do Affiliate Marketing Through Your Website: as I’ve already explained this in the previous section, you can promote affiliate offers on your websites to earn money. There are a bunch of online communities related to affiliate marketing where most of the people do this full time. A lot of them are making over 6-figres annually. So, if you love certain niche, you can make multiple websites related to the products covered in that niche. Setup affiliate promotion of those products and you’ll probably be earning handsome amount as commission. Right now, three of my websites are making money just from affiliate marketing.

Paid Posting and Brand Promotion:  this is a cool one as people will reach you out and ask you to publish their content on your website. In return, they’ll be offering $$$. This happens when you have built a high authority website related to a specific niche. High authority websites rank high in google search results and when business owners find them, they offer handsome amount for their brand promotion on these websites. I normally charge $300 for posting one article on my blog.

SELL Your Website:  this might not sound cool, but it’s serious business. You can make tons of money by selling your well-established website which has started making money each month. Once you blog starts making money, you can sell it for 10 to 35 plus folds of its monthly earnings. The number of folds you’ll get depends on certain factors such as consistent and stable earning, growth potential of website and the age of your domain name etc. So, keep on setting up multiple websites and make their selling queue to earn a lot.

These are the top ways to make money from your blog while I’d love to hear your feedback I if you know any other cool method.

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8. Make YouTube Videos to Earn Money Online

If you click on an ad while watching a YouTube video, the video owner gets paid by YouTube.

YouTube also pays video maker for number of ad views on a video.

You can also make handsome money by making videos and uploading it on YouTube.

Videos can be about anything you like. Even if you’re not a camera pro person and don’t like being in a video, you can make videos about different tutorials. For this, you only need to record your computer’s screen and you’ll be good to go.

I’ve also been uploading videos on YouTube about my gameplays, but I wasn’t making any money from these for one year.


I wasn’t displaying YouTube ads.

But the day I enabled monetization on my YouTube channel, I made $1200 within a month.

Back in time, anyone could instantly display ads on their videos but now, YouTube have changed the policy and have setup a criteria for channel monetization.

You must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time of your channel to display ads on your videos.

So, all you need to do is to create high value videos for your viewers.

If you don’t want to get into ads, you can even use YouTube videos to promote your affiliate link. This way, you’ll be earning from affiliate marketing while using videos as your promotion channels.

I would suggest going for multiple sources of earning from your YouTube videos.

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9. Use Social Media to Earn Money Online.

You can almost fit in every kind of online marketing -which a website does- by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn.

USE FACEBOOK as Digital Marketing Platform: I am still making a lot of money through Facebook.


Well, I use different ways and all f those fall in digital marketing category.

My most favorite is direct freelancing using Facebook groups and pages.

I have joined some communities which are related to digital marketing and getting most of my clients from those communities.

It’s a bit different strategy from usual freelancing. It works as you participate in your niche relevant discussion, engage with other members and help them out with their problems.

Once engagement gets better, you never know who will just send you a text and you’ll get on board.

People start referring you when they get to know you better.

This kind of engagement isn’t limited to get work from others. I’ve even started a couple of partnerships through people on Facebook.

Next f you own a Facebook group or page which has high number of followers, you can start paid promotion of different brands. Even for this one, brands and companies may reach you by themselves.

Once you’ve started making good enough through these ways, you can invest some on paid marketing of your services through Facebook ads.

These days, people on Facebook use ads instead of pages to get clients quickly or sell their products.

Facebook has considerably reduced organic reach of pages which were free sources of high promotion.

Some people do paid sharing on their Facebook page or group. People who’re into the business of social media marketing often have hundreds of pages and groups related t different niches.

They use these groups to share products of other people and charge for it.

A lot of people are selling this as a service on different freelancing platforms.

Next on my list is Instagram. So, lets get going.

USE Instagram for Online Business: Just like Facebook, Instagram also provides different opportunities for people to earn online.

As Instagram is more about visuals, the audience category of this social website is a bit different as compared to Facebook.

My younger brother has recently started a venture which provides services related to graphic designing, phot/video shoot and editing, web development and app development.

Most of his clients are jumping in through his Instagram activities yet he isn’t doing any paid marketing.

Another method is to follow a path to become an Instagram influencer.

Big brands are always on the hunt to find influencers whose followers can be the customers of that brand.

So, if you’re great about your visuals and have developed a big number of followers, you can be an influencer whom people follow.

Some top influencers even charge $1k plus for just one shoutout of any brand’s product.

Let’s you don’t want to work this way; you can explore your creativity to find more ways.

One of my friends use Instagram to promote her eBooks and then earn through sells.

She has about 100k followers and she is consistent with posting new content on her page. I still remember her making $5k within a couple of weeks by selling her first eBook on Instagram.

Instagram also have advertisement program which you can use to promote your brand by paid marketing.

As we’re only into freeways, you can either ignore paid marketing complete or plan to use it for scaling your business as well as branded ads.

Next in the line is Linkedin.

Earn Money Through Linkedin:

LinkedIn is a bit professional social media platform, but I still use it like Facebook to land clients.

The benefit of using Linkedin over facebook is that the clients converted through inkedin have premium cartegory of work to offer. Hence, rates are better as well.

LinkedIn also have opportunities for advertisers. They run paid adds for their business. But once again, this isn’t in our today’s scope so, lets explore the next method.

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Earn Money By Selling Your Skills

This section might sound like freelancing, but I’ve covered a different perspective here.

In today’s era, soft skills have huge value as many online businesses are dependent on them.

People can become solopreneur by learning a strategic mix of digital soft skills.

Now let’s see which skills join to make a skillset which helps people to earn a lot on their own.

10. Make money by selling online courses

This isn’t only a lucrative theory, but online gurus are making huge money by selling their courses.

I’ve not made a course yet while I’ve published paid guides and templates which make me around $1500 each month in sells.

But my friends in this genre are making $20k a month. This involves courses as well as paid training sessions.

Now the question is, can you do the same?

To be fair, it’s a clear yes but you must be a bit strategic to make good money out of it.

You first job is to make an online course related to your extra ordinary skillset. Once you’re done with it, publish your course on platforms such as Udemy & Coursera etc.

Next part is promotion. You can run promotion by giving away discount coupons for your course.

Once you sell it to some people, they’ll review your content and feedback or rate it. That way, your content will get better reach and hence better sells.

11. Sell Your Graphic Design Services

If you’ve some solid graphic designing skills, you can sell your designs through POD (Print On Demand) websites.

Luckily, Amazon Merch is one of the best PODs.

All you got to do is, select a merchandise, put your design on it and get it ready for selling.

Let’s see few more details about how POD works.

I’ll be talking about examples of Amazon Merch and Redbubble. Both are POD websites.

These websites have plain merch (such as t-shirt, mug, hat etc) and once you upload your design, it gets displayed on this merch.

People who visit these stores online, they order to buy your designed merch.

So, you make money for your design, on each sell.

Best thing about this earning model; you don’t need to manage any actual stock. The website takes care of everything else as managing stock, printing design, dispatching and transferring your cut of sells price into your account.

How much you get from each sell?

It depends on you as you have the right to set your design charges against each item.

Let’s say merch’s cost is $100, you simply add $15 for your design and set the merch on sell at $115.

Each time a customer buys that product, you make $15.

I’ve also invested in setting up a design agency and asked my graphic design manager to setup PODs and a separate online store. I am planning to invest in ads as well to target a considerable ROI. I’ll share the case study soon on this website.

For now, depending on your efforts you can easily target to make $500 a month.

Wrapping it UP: Setup Your Action Plan to Make Money Online

I’ve tried to cover some of the best ways to make money online. This list isn’t limited, and I’ll keep on updating by adding more ways that you can use to make online money for free.

If you think I’ve missed any interesting method, must share your views so I’ll test the way and add my experience in this post.

Before I end, I don’t want to miss the most important task which you must do.

Sadly, you won’t be making any money at all if you don’t plan to act.

So, roll up your sleeves, list the methods you’ve liked the most, make your action plan on a notebook and get to work right now.

At the end, all it takes to make money online, is start working on what you learn and stay committed and consistent till you make it.

Best of Luck and don’t forget to share if you’ve learned anything new.

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