Online Tutoring Jobs 2022 (8 websites You Should Join)

online tutoring jobs

Are you looking for online tutoring jobs to make some extra money or full time income?

You have come to the right place!

Some people might not know that they can teach well unless they start doing it.

And you might be one of them.

This is how it works:

A lot of students in different areas of the world are looking for assistance with their studies. They either want help with their homework or to solve their mathematical problems.

Not only students, but even professionals are looking for teaching assistance in specific subjects.

So, people who have this expertise and can spare their little time, simply join online teaching websites that connect them with their matching students through the internet.

That’s how they start making money by teaching online, and you can do so too.

Just keep reading to know more…

How Much You Can Make By Online Tutoring

There isn’t any straightforward answer to this question as the money you’ll be making through online tutoring jobs depends on multiple factors such as the subject you’ll be teaching, your experience and expertise etc.

It further depends on which teaching platform you’re going to join as different websites have different pay rates. And I’ll be sharing this for each platform specifically in my today’s guide.

Leaving all the casualties behind, you can be earning anything between $10 to $25 roughly.

This can be for normal tutors who’ve just joined or have gained some experience as a tutor. While, some of the top tier tutors -who tend to teach specialty subjects or on-demand topics- have reported to be making $50 to $100 per hour.

Next is all on you and your planning to earn more from this platform.

Let’s move ahead to check out different websites and how they can help you earn bucks.

How to Choose the Best Online Tutoring JOB

Before I start telling you about different websites and how they’re working, you must know your priorities to find the best for you.

Just as you can’t simply estimate about how much money you’ll be making, choosing the best is also not that simple.

Your best can only be the most suitable for you specifically.

So, to figure out this exactly, you must analyze, if:

  • You can manage to work online from home.
  • The website/app you’re going to choose, pays well or at least as per plan to earn from it.
  • If you have the option to work on your own time schedule or the website may not be offering flexibility.
  • How many jobs are available on your selected website?
  • If you have the right education (bachelor’s degree mostly) and experience required for registration as a tutor on the website.

Apart from the list, you must also look into the detailed reviews of the platform you’re planning to join.

Once you’re clear about all your priorities and plans, you’ll be easily able to figure out the best option.

And if you’ll be on the internet to search for all such websites and test each of them personally to check what’s working and how, that might be a serious effort requiring tons of your time and energy.

To keep you at ease, I’ve taken it as an opportunity to test some of the best online tutoring websites. The ones which I couldn’t test myself, I got on call with the people who were experienced enough to share their opinions about the good and bad of those websites.

So, below is the list of top options.

You can consider reading my reviews below as I’ve included all the details you are needing to finalize your decision.

Online Tutoring Jobs – Top 8 websites offering them

1. Chegg: Best overall

chegg tutor signup

How Much You Can Earn: $20 an Hour

Who Can Teach: Beginners, College and School Students, Teachers, -Anyone Can Join-

Chegg stands first in my list for a reason even if it offers less as compared to other websites.


It’s open for everyone from anywhere around the world. That too, with no hard requirements to join.

As soon as you get approved and get on with your first student to teach, you’ll start making $20 an hour. You can check out your earnings via PayPal every week.

Top Tutors are easily making $1000 or even more than a month.

starting as a beginner, you can go your way up to becoming a TOP TUTOR on this platform by scoring more points and earning a better reputation. Simply teach more and stay committed.

Even if you don’t plan to go along with Chegg, after getting some experience, you can shift to other platforms which offer high rates.

Also, the earning is dependent on the subject you’re teaching. You can check their website to see if you fit well with such subjects.

it even covers -not so traditional- subjects such as music and art etc.

How it Works:

In this section of each category, I’ll simply talk about how you can get registered and what will make sure that you’ll get students to teach.

You can sign up by using your email address or Facebook account.

It doesn’t require any experience while you must have a bachelor’s degree.

BUT certainly, you’ll be preferred if you have prior tutoring experience.

As this platform covers almost every subject, you need to pass competency tests for teaching certain subjects.

Let’s look at some of its outstanding plus points.

Plus, Points:

  • It offers a flexible schedule.
  • Prior tutoring experience isn’t mandatory
  • Anyone can join from anywhere around the globe.


  • Pay is low as compared to other online tutoring platforms.

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2. TutorMe: Good option for variety of subjects

How Much You Can Earn: Starting from $16 an hour

TutorMe is open 24/7 with 4.5 out of 5 ratings on GlassDoor.

It covers a huge range of subjects. -over 300 categories including preparation of professional tests such as GRE/ACT- You can select to teach non-traditional subjects as well e.g. piano and python etc.

If you’re a student and up for helping other students with their assignments and homework etc., you can be a good fit.

You can also give ratings to your students and the same goes for them as well. This way, you can work your way to earn a better rating which can get you a better number of jobs through this platform.

How it Works:

Signup is EASY but the acceptance rate of TutorMe is around 4% which is pretty low.

To join, you must be currently enrolled or have completed graduation from an accredited university.

When you sign up, you need to complete filling in your information about education, subjects you’ll be interested to teach and subjects which you’ve been teaching in case you have any tutoring experience.

Once this process completes, the website will start looking for a student according to your profile details.

To qualify yourself for teaching certain subjects, TutorMe requires you to be an experienced and subject matter expert.

Once you start teaching, you get paid weekly through PayPal transfer.

Plus, Points:

  • Flexible working hours. You can set your own schedule.
  • Variety of subjects to teach


  • Students can rate teachers. So, low ratings affect your ranking badly.
  • 18 years is the minimum age limit to join.
  • Tough acceptance criteria.

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3. VIPKID: Best For Teaching English Online

How Much You Can Earn: Up to $22 an hour ($7 to $9 per 30 minutes)

VIPKID is pretty much focused and specific for online English teaching.

Students from china -4 to 12 years old specifically- who struggle with this language, will be there for one-on-one online sessions.

Although this is Chinese’ firm, you can teach from any corner of the world. But you must be eligible for working in the USA or Canada.

And your earning isn’t limited to the basic level all the time. You can scale it to earn better along with incentives. These incentives are directly linked with how many classes you’re taking in a month’s period and how regular you’ve been.

How it Works:

You must have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for signup on this platform.

It further requires a yearlong tutoring experience.

The company sets up an interview to assess your provided information once you’ve completed the process.

You’ll be approved after that interview.

It’s suggested to get yourself referred by any of your friends who’re already teaching through VIPKID. It will make it easy for you to win the approval.

Further, I love this platform as there is no need to prepare any kind of teaching plan. they’ll build you a complete curriculum.

You’ll also be free from any kind of rush as you can follow your own online teaching schedule and there are no group sessions.

Plus, Points:

  • Plenty of jobs available.
  • No planning required to make teaching curriculum
  • Competitive earning potential
  • Incentives and bonuses


  • Experience required to join
  • Competitive interview to get approval

Check out this unbiased review of VIPkid by Rylee Autumn,

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4. Tutor.Com: Best for Students, Teachers, Professionals

How Much You Can Earn: Up to $50 an Hour doesn’t require you to have any prior teaching experience to join. While you must be a subject expert -the one which you’re looking to teach-.

You also don’t need a bachelor’s degree to join this platform, but for some subjects such as finance, ecom, or accounting etc. a degree is must.

You can earn better than the basic pay rate depending on the subject you’ll be teaching. some subjects would definitely help you earn more than usual.

How it Works:

Signing up for isn’t straight forward.

You must be in 2nd year of college and should be able to spare 5 hours a week.

then comes a list of assessment checks:

  • Subject Test
  • Mock Tutoring Session
  • Background Check

After you’ve submitted your basic information while signing up, you need to complete a subject test and mock tutoring session. also completes your background check to validate the information you’ve provided.

This completes your signup process and now you’re good to start tutoring and earning.

Plus, Points:

  • No experience required to join
  • You’ll be free to schedule your tutoring sessions
  • You can choose from a big list of subjects covering almost all study and professional areas.


  • Complex assessment/testing to join the website.

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5. MagicEars: Good For Beginners

Magic Ears

How Much You Can Earn: $20 to $26 an Hour

Magic Ears is another website which is focused to help Chinese students with their English tutoring needs.

It is slightly different from VIPKID as you might need to teach a session of up to 4 students at one time.

It is also one of the best options for beginners but like other such gigs, they’ll prefer you if you’ve been teaching for some time. -experience matters-

How it Works:

Signing up for MagicEars is extremely easy as it’s just your name and email to get started.

While eligibility to signup is limited to Americans and Canadians only.

Plus, Points:

  • It pays high to beginners
  • Getting first client is easy
  • Cancellation isn’t strict


  • For Americans and Canadians Only
  • Difference of time zones can be disturbing for some people

6. BrainFuse: Best For College Students

How Much You Can Earn: Up to $15 an Hour (Normally)

BrianFuse cares for its students living in remote areas as it provides the option to use virtual whiteboards. This facility sets its tutor free from thinking about microphone and webcam.

Their platform remains active 24/7 and connects people living in countryside areas with their best tutor online. They’ve done some impressive working to make BrainFuse stable in areas where internet connectivity is problematic.

If you’re a college student, you can look to teach on this platform as they’re covering a wide array of subjects along with the categories of people looking for a tutor.

From K-12 Students to professionals looking to get ready for their job interviews, BrainFuse offers instant and customized tutoring sessions which can be found in the on-demand section.

All you gotta do is to sign in and check if anyone matching your education background is there looking for quick assistance or not. If matched, you’ll be ready to start your tutoring session immediately.

Right off the bat, you’ll at least be making $10 to $15 an hour. This rate gets higher for specific subjects or customized tutoring solutions.

How it Works:

There is no online application instead you’ve to submit your resume.

BrainFuse’s registration is extremely simple and straightforward but you must have a bachelor’s degree to join in.

Further, they highly prefer people having any prior experience, so it’s suggested to keep your resume updated accordingly before applying for registration.

Plus, Points:

  • Pay Rate is as per subject you want to teach
  • No complex application/signup process
  • instant tutoring opportunities
  • long and proven track record of staying in this field


  • Little stringent while accepting new applications. They’re deeply specific about their needs.
  • Need to prepare a resume instead of online application, which some people might not be in favor of.

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7. Skooli: Famous for Language Tutoring Online

How Much You Can Earn: Up to $25 an Hour

Skooli is all famous for language tutoring. You can say that it’s a specific and unique platform which offers assistance in many languages such as Spanish, French, and Chinese etc.

It’s not limited to languages only but also has a wide range of other subjects and you can start making decent money by teaching at Skooli.

It prefers to hire teachers mainly and you can become one of the verified teachers on their list.

it increases your credibility and chances to land more jobs than usual.

How it Works:

Application process to join Skooli is easy, but you must fulfil all their requirements.

The company prefers teachers having a license or any other specialization certificate. As you can opt for becoming a “verified tutor” on Skooli, they’ll ask you to confirm your background check.

Plus, Points:

  • Flexible to set up your own schedule.
  • Pay Rate is high compared to other companies
  • Verified Teachers/Tutors gets advantage of multiple incentives such as bonus and higher pay rate


  • Not for beginners
  • Govt issued teaching license required.

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8. Education First: Teach English Online to Chinese Students

How Much You Can Earn: Up to $20 an hour

Education First(EF) requires its tutors to teach English. And to teach English, you don’t need a teaching relevant degree.

If you have any bachelor qualification, you’re eligible.

The session is normally of 5 to 6 Chinese students having a time duration of around 20 to 45 minutes.

What else makes it stand in our list, this is the oldest in language teaching platforms. It has been in operation for more than 50 years now making it not less than the best in its specialty.

How it Works:

To sign up with this website, you can simply fill the required information and your account will be approved.

But once your registration process is complete, you need to provide bachelor’s degree related information as it’s mandatory to start teaching on this platform.

You can simply avail sometime after signup to manage your degree, if you’ve already completed your graduation and your certificated transcript needs a few days to reach you.

If your graduation is in progress, you’ll not be eligible to teach.

Plus, Points:

  • Local payment processing and management support for US applicants.
  • No experience required


  • Less variety of subjects
  • Pay is comparatively low as compared to other such category websites

What Do You Need to DO to Land These JOBs: Requirements for Online Tutoring jobs?

This part of my today’s article is going to cover the general requirements.

Most of the websites on online tutoring platforms will ask you for a bachelor’s degree at least, if you’re looking forward to teaching very specific academic subjects.

Some of these might even conduct a background check to verify your provided degree related information with the help of your relevant institute. No need to worry here, if your degree isn’t fake.

Next, some of the websites may ask about specific and subject relevant experience.

While having experience isn’t mandatory for most of the websites, I’ll always suggest adding this information in your portfolio on the website if you have any.

Experience is always preferred, and you must share if you own it.

Further, is the relevant hardware such as computer/laptop/notepad and internet router with the facility etc. I mean, yeah, without such things, you might not be able to teach.

What else can be the most important requirements?

I’d say, your time schedule and availability are as important as anything else. You’ve got to be committed to earn better by teaching online.

How to Become an Online Tutor?

If we talk about it generally, the core of the job is to be able to teach. Rest is the process to follow which I am going to share.

So, let’s explore the steps to become an online tutor and a successful one.

Who is an Online Tutor?

An online tutor -as opposed to offline category- is the one who teaches through online platforms. It can be through voice call, video conference or same kind of chat support.

Choose the best online teaching platform.

Now that you know what an online tutor is and what are the necessary requirements for online teaching, you’ve to choose the platform to join.

Here we’ve saved you time to select the best for you as you’ve already gone through the list of top websites.

You simply need to assess your priorities and concerns (if any) and hop on to the registration process.

here you need to provide the information as required and get approved as a tutor.

At this point, you’ve actually become an online tutor.

But I’ll suggest striving for becoming one of the successful in the industry.

Even if you’re here to join online teaching as a part time job, I’ll suggest to keep taking actions to improve yourself in this field.

Resources to be more successful in online tutoring

Now, if you’re joining this field as a pure beginner, you might not be able to make a lot of money.

Some people might be looking to make this as a full-time career and to do so, you need to step up your beginner’s level.

What can you do in that matter?

You can furnish your resume or online portfolio with subject relevant certifications.

Now, if you can recall the section of this guide, where I’ve shared about how much you can make via online teaching, I’ve told you that it’s the experience and then selecting the specific subjects to teach.

So, you may plan to grow your skill set in relevant subjects. You need to check and figure out that subject in your domain.

You can even go for completing any language specific certifications from different online academies. (Udemy etc.). As, a lot of websites are there looking for language specific teachers online.

Next, you may need to improve your teaching experience. I did that by teaching in a nearby tuition center.

That was when I had just completed my bachelor’s degree and joined the tuition center as a teacher right after the completion.

This helped me a lot in boosting my confidence. And you may look for the same kind of (or even different) options in your area to build up relevant teaching experience. Some teachers say that public teaching assistance related classes also help in this regard.

FAQs: What You Need To Know More About Online Tutoring JOBs

While writing this guide, I was able to highlight some of the most important questions. So, I thought to share those as well to help you out.

I might have already covered some of these in general, but let’s check these specifically:

Do you need a Degree/Certificate to be an online tutor?

Very specifically, you DON’T!

But again, a degree or certification can be mandatory for some of the websites. In any case, if you possess a degree, that will be a huge plus point.

Why should you become an online tutor?

It’s simple!

In fact, you should ask this question to yourself.

As far as my opinion is concerned, I’d be saying that either you’re looking to make part time or full time income from online teaching or you have a passion to teach and you want to cash out the opportunity to turn your hobby into making money online.

Both these can be best reasons as you’ll definitely be getting your bills paid. So, at the end, it’s all up to you.

Who should become an online tut0r?

This question is also not any tricky.

No matter, you’re a student looking to make extra money in your spare hours or an in-house mom with the same goal.

Even if you’re a bachelor with a 9 to 5 job, you can be an online tutor and start earning part time.

Finally, online teaching doesn’t spare the experienced and professionals. People from these categories can also look into the opportunity to be an online teacher.

They can simply check the value they’ll be getting from this method and hop in to start their teaching journey.

In short, it can be for everyone.

Can you make a living by doing online tutoring jobs?

One-word answer to this question is, YES!

But there is more to it.

You can’t simply join as a beginner in this field and think of making enough. You’ve to be more ambitious and focused towards becoming a successful online tutor.

For that, as I’ve already shared, you’ve got to be experienced and working your way to target making more than $25 an hour. This can only be done by teaching specialty subjects.

What You’ve got to teach online?

You can teach any subject you want.

Online teaching websites offer an opportunity to teach any subject from academics such as physics, math, sciences, to professional assistance for their interview preparation and more.

There are also platforms which offer teaching certain languages, mostly students are looking for assistance to learn English from natives.

With such a variety of subjects, age and professional levels of the people looking for online tutors also vary.

You might be having your teaching session with a Chinese student who is just 6 years old. Or, you there can be experienced professionals looking for help for their projects.

Can you start your own tutoring business?

This can be the most unique option to earn from online tutoring.

Not only the unique but you can also set your own rates and scale your earning according to your plan.

Although, some of the websites will give you an option to choose your own hourly rates once your profile gets approved, but here i am talking about making your own website.

You can either go with a tutoring blog or a complete website to offer your services as a tutor.

Having a blog along with your tutoring website will be a plus point as it’s an extremely effective way to build your targeted fan following.

Your viewer’s will be promoting your website and you can land your clients through them.

This step might need you to be extremely passionate and well committed about your planned work.

Time For Some Action: Wrapping it up…

When at this stage, I suggest my readers to quickly recall and think about what they’re up to.

As you’re here looking for the best online tutoring jobs, your simplest action plan should look like this:

  • Choose your best suited website. I’ll always suggest trying multiple websites. This will increase your chances to get more work and you won’t be free.
  • Complete the requirement and set up your account.
  • Once approved, land a client and start teaching.

As to choose the best from the list, we’ve rated Chegg at the top. This website might not be giving out the best value for your time, but it covers every category of tutors and all the subjects they can be willing to teach. Further, it offers a flexible schedule and tutors can join worldwide.

And, if you’re on the hunt for teaching English, you may consider VIPKIDs or MagicEars.

Wrapping it up, if you know any other cool website, you can share your opinion with us.

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