10 Things Women Admit Are a Complete Waste of Money: “I’m mad at myself for the expense”

woman saying no

What do you think is a waste of money? I’ll go first. Diamonds. I’m not saying they aren’t beautiful. But they aren’t rare and unique, as advertised, and the means of getting them are often unethical. Nonetheless, this isn’t about my opinions; it’s about yours. After someone polled the internet, they suggested these ten things are money wasters.

1. Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

woman saying no
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The number-one-voted response is Kylie Jenner cosmetics. However, others argued, “Any celebrity-endorsed beauty or skincare product. They can afford not to commute on smog-filled transit, clogging their pores and having their hair and makeup masterfully done.

Then having facials and other treatments because that’s part of your job. My money stretches to the drugstore.” Still, others insisted that the cosmetics were great, and some people enjoy using them and shouldn’t be put down for it.

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2. Most Weddings

“I know someone that got married years ago and is still paying off the expense of that one night. Don’t get me wrong, I got my fair share of debt, but that does not seem worth the cost,” one suggested.

A second explained, “I’ve seen people spend $30,000+ on weddings, and I’m just like, HOW? I’m getting married next month, and my wedding costs $1,500 maximum.”

3. Religious Donations

The number-three-voted response is religious donations. Several agreed that they didn’t understand how anyone would give 10% of their income to a religious institution, regardless of religion.

4. Single-Use Kitchen Devices

“Kitchen devices made for one thing. I don’t need a quesadilla maker. I have a stove and a skillet,” one suggested. “100% this. Unless you make that specific item SO MUCH that it makes your life wildly easier, one-use items take up so much cabinet space.”

5. Designer Clothes

Several people in the thread agreed with designer clothes. However, one argued, “There are 100% so many designer pieces that are about the same quality as something you could get for 6% of the price at J Crew with a designer label or logo.

But at some levels, a higher price equals higher quality—for example, many excellent bags, coats, shoes, etc. But there are levels of diminishing returns – a $200-$400 pair of boots is almost certainly better quality than a $60 pair. But the $2000 pair isn’t much better than the $300 pair.”

6. Fake Nails and Eyelashes

Many women noted that they believed fake nails and eyelashes were a waste of money. One admitted, “I love my fake nails, but getting them done at a salon every two-to-three weeks is a waste of money.

It would be like $100 a month on nails. I learned to do them myself well. While it still costs money to get the supplies, it’s a lot less, and I genuinely enjoy doing them and playing with nail art, so it’s worth it to me as a hobby.” Several others confessed YouTube had helped them do their nails and eyelashes, feel confident and beautiful, and spend much less money.

7. Multi-Level Marketing Products (MLMs)

“Don’t let MLM sellers convince you that the products are good. If the products were good, they wouldn’t result in scamming consumers to sell them. The product is rarely as good as the price point because MLM products are intentionally overpriced, so the sellers are paying the actual price it should cost in the market and then up-charging customers.

It is why more than nine times out of ten, the only customers for MLM products are the people selling them. So you’re always better off finding something similar in a store for way cheaper.”

8. Fast Food and Take Out

Another highly-voted answer is fast food and takeaways. However, many still waste money on it. One admitted, “So expensive! I rarely order, but I do it when I am wiped out, and then I am mad at myself for the expense.” Several others agreed they spend too much and get upset with themselves every time.

9. Bottled Water

“Bottled Water,” answered another. “I’m sure it depends on where you live. But I carry a reusable metal water bottle with me most places I go (work, gym, public transit, friends’ houses), and I seldom need to buy water in a plastic bottle. Just refill at home and at each stop along the way. It helps me stay hydrated and save money/the planet.”

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10. Coffins

Coffins were nominated as an entire waste of money. Many suggested that prolonging with embalming was ridiculous before someone said it costs nothing to donate your body to science.

Finally, someone volunteered, “In our culture, our funerals are open casket and a week long. Aunty doesn’t need to be stinking up the place.” After people asked what culture, they replied, “New Zealand Maori culture.”

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