Online jobs for teens in 2022 [26 legitimate resources]

online jobs for teens

Are you looking for online jobs for teens?

You have exactly come to the right place!

Internet has made it possible for anybody living in any corner of the world to make money from the comfort of his/her living room!


Most of the online portals and websites require you to be at least 18 years old!

But you need not to worry as 90% of the websites mentioned in this article accept teens under 18 years of age.

All of the ways mentioned in this article are 100% legitimate and people are making a lot money through these them,

Well, to make the things easier for you I have divided these ways in categories.

Alright lets get into the list!

Online jobs for Teens

Here are 9 types of online jobs for teens,

1. Online tutoring jobs for teens

make money online tutoring

A lot of teens are really good at studies and they are always looking for online tutoring jobs but unfortunately most of the tutoring sites don’t accept teens under 18 years of age.

But! I have found 2 sites that are legitimate tutoring sites and allow 16 year olds to join.

These two sites are,

Same Speak

Same Speak is tutoring site that connects people willing to learn English with people willing to teach them.

If you have a strong grip on English language (which I assume you have), you can a make good amount of money every month teaching English on this site.

In order to join this site, English must be your first language and you must have a Skype account ready.

They pay $10 per 30 minutes session.

Tutoring is mostly done via Skype and you must be willing enough to dedicate few hours every day.

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Skima Talk

Skima Talk is also a tutoring platform like Same Speak that hires people (preferrably native english speakers) to teach people willing to learn English conversational skills.

The tutoring is done via Skype chat, in which you teach the other person and get paid about $10 to $15 an hour (a rough estimate)

Signing up is free but you would have to pass some tests to get approved. These tests are taken to test your English skills.

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2. Freelance writing jobs for teens

Writing is the most demanded online skill right now!


New companies are establishing every second day and they want content writers and copy writers for their content marketing campaigns.

Not only new companies, old companies also keep on hiring new individuals every second month because of increasing customer needs.

Now I now most of you must be thinking like,

“I am not a good writer, I can’t do this!!!”

Are you thinking like that?

Then you have a misconception about content writing!

Content writing is different from traditional essay writing!

It’s not about difficult vocabulary and complex sentences!

Content writing is just like talking to a person in a friendly and engaging tone.

Content writing is for web readers and web readers like easy to read articles with simple English BUT with an engaging tone!

Just like this article, I am actually talking to you guys rather than writing walls of text.

If you are really interested in starting content writing, first start by choosing a niche like travel, personal finance, home improvement etc.

Copywriting is a little different from Content writing as it involves writing sales copies which require you to have a knowledge of human behavior and convincing power to attract the attention of the customers and make them buy the product or service.

Copywriting is a skill that can be learnt, here is the book I recommend if you are interested to learn copywriting.

Alright coming back to the topic,

Down below are the 4 best freelance writing job boards that you can join today for online writing jobs.

A lot of freelance and permanent writing jobs are posted in these job boards everyday which you can apply for.

Problogger Job board

Problogger job board

Problogger job board was started by a renowned blogger Darren Rowse, the owner of

You can join this job board free of cost and start applying for jobs posted on the board.

All the jobs posted on this board are legitimate and professional so I recommend you to first gain a strong grip on a particular niche like Personal Finance, Travel, cryptocurrency and then apply for the niche relevant jobs.

My recommendation: Make a small portfolio of articles that you would be showing to clients when applying for jobs, this would increase your chances of getting hired. This apply to all of the job boards not specifically this one.

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Blogging Pro

Blogging pro is a legitimate freelance writing job board that you can join today for writing jobs.

It has less job postings as compared to Problogger Job board but still it has a lot of quality job postings.

Most of the jobs posted on this board are related to blogging, copywriting, journalism, magazines, technical writing, content writing and proof reading and editing.

In order to join Blogging Pro, you have to send an application and they approve or disapprove you in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is a little different from the above two job boards,

It is not free!

Yes! You have to pay them to look for jobs, however this money is totally worth it as they have some of the most high quality jobs on their board with huge variety.

They have three subscription models, $14.95 per month for one month subscription,

$29.95 per 3 months for three month subscription and,

$49.95 per year for yearly subscription.

If you have some money in your pocket, I recommend you to go for this job board as it is totally worth it.

And one thing more! This job board is not specifically for writers, rather it is for all kinds of remote jobs.

Freelance writing job board

Freelance writing job board is another free job board that curates writing jobs from many places including Craiglist and Indeed etc.

The source of each job is mentioned along each job listing making it easy for you to apply.

Besides that, you can also search for jobs by categorizing them for your niche or nature of the job like suppose if I only want to see job listings in “Health” niche, I can filter them for my niche.


I recently came across Airtasker when someone recommended it to me. It is a great platform not only for freelance writers but also for any, literally any kind of freelancer.

Airtasker is a community that connects freelancers with people who want to outsource their daily tasks like handyman tasks, home cleaning, lawn mowing and digital tasks like building a website, graphics design, and freelance writing etc.

Check out our article on weekend jobs.

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3. Graphics designing jobs for teens

Graphics designing is also a highly demanded skill right now,

Not only on internet, it has a lot scope in offline world as well.

Graphics designing is a vast skill and there are a lot sub categories in it which you can opt for like,

Logo designing, t shirt designing, brochures designing, stationery designing, photo editing, business cards designing and social media graphics designing etc.

If you have graphics designing skills, that’s great! But if you don’t have the skills and you want to learn them, then you can join Lynda to for that!

Below are some of the job boards and freelance sites you can join to start your career as a graphics designer,

Authentic Jobs

Authentic jobs is one of the most professional job boards out there for web professionals. If you have a good command on graphics designing, you can start searching for jobs on Authentic jobs on this job board.

This platform has helped professionals aquire jobs in some of the leading brands like Apple, ESPN and New York Times etc.

SO if you really going for this job board, make sure you have what it takes to get hired by such big brands.

You can join the job board for free here.

AIGA Design Jobs

AIGA Design Jobs is a job board dedicated to jobs for graphics and design specialists.

While i am writing this post, at this time there are 137 creative design jobs available on this job board which includes both full time and freelance jobs. Besides that there are also 18 internship opportunites available which can helpful in case you want to get some training besides work and hone your skills.

Just like Authentic Jobs, this job board also posts job from some of the leading brands and companies like Bloomberg, Amazon and MTV network etc.

BUT!!! This job board comes with a fee! It has different pricing plans for different people like for students it’s $50 an year which i think is OK! Not that much!

Anyways you want to join the job board, you can join here.


Fiverr is one of the most talked-about freelance site on the internet because of the variety of services available on it.

Signing up on Fiverr is free, after signing up you have to complete your profile and start making gigs related to your niche like this,

make money online fiverr

Gigs on Fiverr range from $5 to $1000 depending on the type and the quality of the service you are providing.

Like in the above screenshot you can see the variations in the pricings of the gigs.

If you want to join Fiverr and a step by step tutorial for this, check out this video by Jerry Banfield,


99 designs

99 designs is a freelance website that is dedicated only for graphics designers.

It is a legitimate freelance site which you can join and start providing your services to clients from all over the world.

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4. Web development jobs for teens

Let me be very straight forward over here!

Web development is not that easy!

And it is not for everyone out there!

But! It is a high paying skill and people are ready to pay big amount for this,

An average freelance web developer makes an average of 61 to 80 dollars per hour.

Fortunately, there are a lot of web development courses available online that can help you learn the skill in few months,

Pluralsight is one such website that has a lot of high quality tutorials for web development.

Anyways I researched for the best places to get web development jobs and found the following websites,

Below are the four websites you can join for web development jobs,

Hubstaff Talent Jobs

Hubstaff is a famous job board for web development jobs that is often mentioned on the web.

Most of the web development jobs on this job board are remote, which means you have the flexibility to work from the comfort of your living room and don’t have to go to any office.

You can join the job board for free and can sort out the jobs for full time jobs, hourly contracts and fixed priced gigs.

Stack Overflow Jobs

Stack Overflow is a famous website for coders,

It has a separate sections for jobs where a large number of development jobs are posted on reguar basis.

Most of the jobs posted on Stack Overflow are remote ones, however there are some full time jobs as well.

The cool thing about this job board is that you can filter the jobs based on a lot of factors so that you can see only those jobs that fall in your domain like you can filter remote and full time jobs, technical tags like html, css and javascript, and your role as a web developer (like front-end developer, backend developer etc).

Authentic Jobs

Authentic job board is another great job board for web development jobs however this job board is not ONLY for developers.

A lot of jobs in different categories are posted here but you can sort out only those which are related to web development.

Just like the above two job boards, you have a lot of filtering options in this job board as well.

Apart from these mentioned resources there are other online jobs resources for web developers as well, you just need to Google them.

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5. Website testing jobs for teens

I don’t know whether you are familiar with website testing or not,

Website testing involves testing the websites keeping in mind all of its features to make sure it corresponds to all of its features in the best possible way with best user experience.

Big companies and brands are so much conscious about their businesses that they pay people to test their websites and give their unbiased opinions.

There are a lot of websites out there which you can join for website testing jobs,

Down below are the 3 best websites for website testing jobs,


Usertesting is the best and most renowned website for testing jobs.

Usertesting takes orders from companies for their websites’ testing and pays people like you and me to test those websites and give unbiased opinions.

It is free to join and requires no approval, you just need to sign up with them as a user tester and they would notify you each time you have a test to give.

After signing up you would be asked to take a sample test, if you get approved you would become eligible for further tests.

Tests can be of any type, like sometimes they require you to record your screen while testing the website and send them the recording.

They pay you $10 per test and each test last for about 20 minutes.

You need to be atleast 18 years old to join this website.

Note: Usertesting is currenty a lot of negative reviews but still there are some people who are recommending it. i recommend you to check it out yourself by signing up and spending a day or two on it.

Enroll app

Enroll app is a website that pays people to test websites and answer the questions about them website.

Unlike Usertesting, you don’t have to record your screen while testing, rather you simply have to check a website and answer some questions asked by the client (owner of the website).

While testing process is easy on this website, the pay per test is also less which is about $0.1 to $1.5 per test.

You can join Enroll for free and whenever you would have a test pending, you would be notified through mail.

Just like Usertesting, you would be asked to take a sample test before taking any paid test.


Userlytics is also a legitimate website testing site that you can join today. It allows people to join from all the major parts of the world.

After signing, Userlytics will provide you their recording software which would user to record the tests.

Each test on Userlytics last for about 20 to 40 minutes and they pay you about $10 to $20 per test depending upon its complexity.

Unlike Usertesting and Enroll app, you would not be asked to take any sample test for approval.

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6. Transcription jobs for teens

Are you a native English speaker?

Do you have a strong grip on English language?

Can you convert audio into text without any problem?

If so, then you can make money online as a teenager converting short audio clips and podcasts into text.

If you want to have a strong grip on transcription, you can take this short course on transcription by Transcribe Anywhere.

Below are the three best websites you can join for transcription jobs,

Rev is the most well-known transcription company on the internet.

It pays you to transcribe audios and videos and pay once in a week through Paypal.

Rev pays anywhere between $4 to $12 per hour of work.

In order to join Rev as a transcriptionist, you have a take a transcription test and if you fail it somehow, you have to wait for the next 45 days to apply again.


If you are a beginner in transcription, Scribie is the best website for you to join as their approval is very easy.

Though they pay less as compared to other transcription companies, but it is a great platform for newbies to gain some experience.

Scribie pays you through Paypal.


Transcribeme is a also a well known transcription company that pays you to transcribe audios.

It pays you around 20 bucks per audio hour. Now it depends upon you how quickly can you transcribe an audio of an hour.

Transcribeme has no geographical restriction and anybody from any part of the world can join them,

However, be very much prepared for their approval test because if you fail it, you would not be able to apply for the next SIX months.

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7. Affiliate marketing

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting the products or services of some other company and getting commission per sale or lead.

It is by far the most profitable way to make money online as a teenager and people are literally making millions of dollars through it.

Keeping the profitability apart, it is also the most convenient way to make money online if you have a blog. I personally make money through affiliate marketing from this very blog.

There are a lot of companies that do affiliate marketing but some of the most notable ones are Amazon, eBay, Airbnb, American Express and Nike etc.

Now most of the companies that do affiliate marketing, don’t handle their affiliate program themselves, rather they join third party affiliate networks that host their affiliate programs.

As an affiliate marketer, you have to join these affiliate networks as a publisher and promote the products or services of your choice.

Down below are the five best platforms you can join to start your affiliate marketing online business,

Amazon Affiliate program

Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to promote their products and get a commission of 2% to 8% per sale depending upon the type of product you are promoting.

Here is the commission chart for all the product categories.

You can join their affiliate program for free over here.

The best way to promote their products is through a blog. First make a blog on a niche let’s say landscape photography, then write articles about your niche and review different DSLR cameras in your articles. When someone would buy a camera through your affiliate link, you would get a commission.

Check out this step by step guide to Amazon affiliate marketing here.


Clickbank is one of the most renowned affiliate network that connects publishers and advertisers

It has a huge collection of physical and especially digital products in a lot of niches that you can promote and make money.

The best thing about clickbank is it’s commission rates which are from 20% to 60%, better than most of the affiliate networks out there.

Best way to make money through Clickbank is to make a blog and recommend Clickbank products to your visitors.

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Flexoffers is an amazing affiliate marketing platform that connects big brands with publishers from all over the world.

You can join Flexoffers free of cost but you need to have a website or a blog for that so I recommend you to start a bog, write few articles and then apply to their network.

I am also the part of this affiliate network and I got approved last year.

Flexoffers has a huge range of advertisers and you can literally promote any brand you want and get healthy commissions.

There are mainly two types of offers on Flexoffers, Cost Per Action in which you are paid when you drive a sale for a company and Cost Per Action in which you are paid when you generate a lead for some company either in the form of a sign up or subscription to a free trial.

Let me give you an example of a Cost Per Action offer,

Skillshare is an e-learning platform that pays the publishers $10 when they drive a free lead for them in the form of a subscription to their free first month trial.

I hope you get it. If you don’t, you can ask me in the comments below.

There are a lot of other affiliate networks but for beginners like you, but the above three are the best for anybody starting affiliate marketing with no experience.

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8. Baby sitting jobs for teens

Babysitting is one of the most common jobs done by teens to make some extra money every month.

It is not an online job but the reason to add section is to let you people know about some websites that hire teens for babysitting jobs, is a website where parents come and look for baby sitters.

All you have to do is to make a profile on and make it professional enough to give an impression to parents that you can be a good fit for their baby sitting requirements.

You can add your experience and upload your pictures of you while babysitting to make your profile look more professional and legit.

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Sitter City

Sitter City is another legitimate website where you can look for babysitting jobs just like Care.

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Other online jobs for teens

Online jobs listed here are basically general ways so I couldn’t categorize them,

Here we go,

9. U Haul

U Haul regularly hires customer service representatives for their customer care department.

There are a lot of companies out there that hire call reps but what’s unique about U Haul is that they hire teens from 16 years of age because they understand that a lot of 16 years olds are looking for part time jobs.

This is basically a call center job where you have to attend the calls of their clients but this is not a full time office job, you can work from the comfort of your home.

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This comes to the end of the article on online jobs for teens.

All the online jobs opportunities mentioned in this article are legitimate, however there is no guarantee that whether you would be hired for any job through the above mentioned job boards and freelance sites as it totally depends upon your skills and efforts.

I recommend you to first have a strong grip on particular skill and then make a small portfolio before applying for any job.

I wish you best of luck.

If you have any questions, do ask them in the comment section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can a 15 year old make money online?

A 15 year old can make money through variety of ways. The most popular ways are taking online surveys and completing various offers on survey websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars. Check out this article to get to know about other ways to make money online as a 15 year old.

Can a 13 year old get a job?

Yes! You can get a job as a 13 year old. You can work as a baby sitter, pet sitter, mowing lawns and washing cars etc. I would recommend you to sign up on Swagbucks and Survey Junkie as both of these sites allow 13 year olds to join.

How to make money as a teenager without a job?

You can make money as a teenager without a job by taking online surveys, blogging, making youtube videos, dropshipping, flipping stuff and much more. I would recommend you to first learn a skill and then start providing freelance services on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

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