Work From Home jobs for moms in 2022 (17 legit options)

work from home Jobs for moms

Are you in pursuit of work from home jobs for moms?

Well your pursuit is over because you have just landed on the perfect resource that covers everything from types of jobs you can do, level of skills they require to best freelance/job sites you can join for these jobs.

I became overwhelmed to know how amazingly some of the today’s moms are managing their daily activities along with a JOB, while working totally from the comfort of their home.

In fact, a couple of them are working with me as well on different freelance based projects. I’ll share a few bits of the story of one of them in the later part of this article.

But firstly, let’s explore which can be the best work at home jobs for moms.

For that, I’m going to list the most suitable jobs for moms at home which can be managed easily with their routine life.

Not only this, but I’ll also be sharing-

  • Insightful strategy about how these successful moms made a shift from their normal lives to either PART TIME or FULL TIME work from home routine.
  • Where to Find JOBs for MOMs

So, let’s get started with the list below:

Best Work From Home JOBs For MOMs

Whenever I talk about the list of ‘Best’ of anything, I tend to explore whom the list is for.

Today, as we’re talking about the MOMs, the list is simply focused on their better needs.

If you ask yourself:

What Makes a Job BEST for MOMs?

You’ll agree that it has to be easy to do and manageable for moms.  And of course the best job option should be with the best pay.

That made me look into the topic deeply and i had to check if a certain job

  • pays well
  • doesn’t require much experience
  • easy to manage for moms
  • either requires a degree or not
  • easy to get
  • suitable for single moms

Here are 17 different types of work at home jobs for moms,

1. Online Tutoring

make money online tutoring - Work From Home jobs for moms in 2022 (17 legit options)

Online tutoring is one of the most suitable jobs for moms at home as they don’t need to be physically available with the person they have to teach.

If you’re one having any subject expertise and can spare a certain number of hours a week, you can opt for this option to earn a handsome amount.

There are multiple apps which can help you teach students remotely and they’re simple to use as well.

Naming a few of the most famous, you must have heard about Facetime, Skype and Google hangouts etc.

This simple skillset can help you make an average of $15 to $25 an hour easily.

With more experience, you can definitely earn more. For that, you may need to specialize in certain subjects and keep up exploring high paying client’s opportunities within that subject.

Another way is to pick up and teach unique subjects if you’re that professionally experienced in industrial or corporate training.

Talking about the popularity of subjects which you can teach, currently math’s teachers are in high demand.

While you can also lock clients where you’ll be teaching English Language to non-native kids.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

This category usually requires the person to have a graduate degree. But that doesn’t end here as you can opt for some skill based training. And then you can teach the skill you just learned.

I’ve also covered this topic in full details including all the websites you can join for online tutoring jobs.

Check out here: Best Online Tutoring Jobs in 2021

2. Freelance writing

Writing is kind of a default skill for anyone who knows basic English. Almost all of us have written essays in high school and believe me, freelance writing is much easier than writing an essay.

You can write about anything you feel comfortable about other than fiction.

For MOMs, they can no doubt write a lot about parenting topics.

And to your surprise, this writing niche has so much work available in the market. A lot of publications need writers and they’re hiring remote writers on a daily basis.

Not only the permanent jobs, but you can also opt for endless FREELANCE WRITING opportunities offered through different platforms.

These giant websites such as fiverr, Upwork lists relevant jobs on a daily basis.

On top of that, a career as a freelance writer -either full time or part time- pays top bucks as compared to other jobs which moms can manage while staying at home.

And going a little further to this job category, you can even hustle on different social media platforms such as Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Feeds and that can win you writing projects very easily.

I can’t explain all that, but I would add here that as a beginner in this field you can start making around $20 an hour or even more than that depending on how strong your English language skills are.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Freelance writing doesn’t necessarily require any prior experience or specific qualifications.

You can even kick start your job with a simple pitch looking for writing work through a Facebook group.

Another way is to assess yourself before jumping in. You need to discover the topics you love to write and then prepare a couple of sample tasks. After that, if you’ll apply for any writing work through social media or other freelancing websites, your chances of getting hired will likely be higher.

It’s further recommended to keep growing by improving your writing skills for long term work.

3. Blogging

Blogging isn’t a JOB for moms at home.

It’s more like building an income generating asset. It makes you passive money.

So, unlike traditional online jobs, when you’ll be writing a blog for yourself to earn money, you need to be patient as the money will start rolling in after a certain time. That time period can be any length -usually more than 6 months.

While you can BLOG about anything you like, you can even start writing about parenting as you’ll already be having enough to write about.

PRO TIP: You should set up your blogging agenda to HELP YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE instead of making money.

I’ve shared that tip because it’s personally experienced. As in case of blogging, the time it takes to start generating any considerable income, people lose their patience to continue. The demotivation breaks their energy to continue.

So, changing the mindset from making money to helping the community proves to be extremely helpful.

Further, when you plan to blog, do checkout the list of attached activities you should do.

If i have to list the most important of these, check:

  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Copywriting

All these are general activities or I should call them complete skill sets of different strategies.

So, you’ve got to keep learning and improving these after starting with the basics.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Blogs are purely based on your personal experiences and how you look at different things.

If you’ve already been writing blog posts as a freelance writer, that’s a plus and can help you get smooth when you’ll be starting one for your own self.

4. Proofreading


Although it looks like becoming a writer, proofreading has completely dedicated job potential.

And moms who’re detail oriented can become a proofreader easily.

Talking about the basics of proofreading, skillset like formatting, grammar and spelling check, and checking facts and flow of sentences written by the author, are the core.

You can learn these as well as get to explore the online tools available to help you with proofreading.

So, it’s a simple win and there’s a huge chunk of such proofreading jobs available.

You can work with as many clients as you want depending upon the workload you can handle.

Finding proofreading jobs is also very easy.

You can check our detailed article which tells

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

You can start working as a proofreader without having any experience while learning necessary skills can give you a boosted start in your career.

By the time, you’ll get more experienced, keep on exploring the market for better opportunities.

You can make $1000 to $4000 or even a little more each month by working as a proofreader. I’ve mentioned the pay in the form of a range as ‘how much you’ll be making’ depends on the level of skills and experience working as a proofreader.

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5. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistant simply includes administrative tasks, management or clerical works.

Most of the moms are already very well-mannered when it comes to managing such small tasks.

Using this experience can lead them to their next big opportunity to earn as a virtual assistant.

Even if you’re not into any particular skill, most of the clients provide clear guidance about the works to be done. It makes moms super convenient with this job category.

Moreover, you’re free to work on your own schedule while few clients might ask for virtual meetings to manage at certain times. But it can be managed easily.

Virtual assistants make an average of $15 an hour which is good enough for beginners who’ve been making nothing at all.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

If you already have experience working as a virtual assistant, that can be a huge plus point. While, there is no issue at all if you’re a beginner except you may need to compete and work hard to land your first client.

You can even get clients from social media and for that, it’s better if you can manage to be active in such communities.

What i like the most about working as a virtual assistant, experience of working with established individuals or teams gives way better learning opportunities. You’ll grow faster and will hand on skills which are already in demand.

6. Customer Services Representative

Moms who are simply better when it comes to making calls to people and listening to their queries are probably fit for working as customer services representatives.

And it doesn’t take more than a quiet office in your home if you can manage to assist customers and get your hands on minor administrative works.

These jobs are available in plenty of numbers and can pay you around $12 an hour.

You can look for different jobs related websites to hunt such opportunities. These opportunities can be location bound such as if you’re finding your first client at, you need to be living in the US, Canada or Mexico.

Along with having better communication skills, you need to be handy with tools and technologies this job requires.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

You can get started without the need of any degree or experience.

And of course, once you’ll be more experienced you can earn better than the average I’ve mentioned in this section.

Like all the other jobs I’ve stated in this article, skills improvement along with your work is very important.

Also, you’ve got to keep up with your marketing efforts to keep on looking for new and better opportunities.

7. Health Coaching

Moms who take care of their fitness very well can guide others about how they’re doing that.

Online health coaches might not be very common but these jobs are available and people having some experience are earning handsome money.

They’re also not bound to do it full time while mostly able to choose their own schedule.

Being a mom, if you think you can help others in an online community related to fitness tips, you can also provide your services just like others are doing it.

The job is also simply like online tutoring where you can share your own ways of staying healthy and fit via communication apps as Skype or Zoom.

You might also need to plan for your client to meet their fitness goals.

Once a client is on board, you should keep check on their daily basis fitness activities.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

No specific degree or experience required to get started. While like any other job, your experience and the way you promote your portfolio decides how you’re going to take on clients.

Your communication skills also matter to decide on how much you’re going to make from this job. While the average -reported- salary for an online health coach is slightly more than $35k annually.

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8. Social Media Management

Social Media Management is one of the most common work at home jobs for moms.

In fact, some of the moms these days might already be doing this. Hence, i call it a kind of natural job for moms who want to work from home.

As you know, nobody is unaware of how the social media industry has grown and moms usually keep on posting about their kids and what not.

Being a mom, even if you’re not already a social media freak, you can learn the basics from google or YouTube videos and start earning by providing services as a social media manager.

There are many companies -from small scale businesses to large corporations- who’re often looking for remote social media managers.

Moms at homes, being multitaskers and responsible beings, are cashing these opportunities and making a living.

The perfect addon to this online job category is that the earning isn’t limited. You can keep on getting more experienced and scaling your earning very quickly.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Although this job doesn’t require any degree, having a little bit experience of even personal social media profiles handling can help you win clients.

And to scale your earning, you’ve got work on improving your experience which you can do by actually working on client’s project along with taking free and some high quality social media management courses.

the courses are available for each level you’re on such as beginner to expert.

While gaining experience in this kind of job, you should never ignore building and improving your online portfolio.

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9. Online Stylist

Moms at home don’t need any particular educational degree to work as a stylist.

If you’re a mom with interest in fashion and styling, you can give your suggestions professionally to people looking for them.

online fashion stylist related jobs are normally listed on websites as Indeed, Cabi or Zip-recruiter. These websites make your hunt for potential clients easy through their search assistance.

You can also turn on notifications as and when a job related to your interest, gets posted on these sites.

Getting back to the category of working as an online fashion stylist, you’ve got to set up a styling goal for your clients and then plan to achieve that.

it’s simple as you’ll be doing exactly what you do for yourself whenever you plan to dress or generally style as per eras current fashion sense.

the client might also limit the budget for purchasing clothing items and other accessories for a certain event they want to get ready for. So, you’ve got to be handy with such budget managements as well.

Like other categories, here again, a website showcasing your work can be a plus point. Not only websites, but these days, social media sites as Instagram and Pinterest also work amazingly well to act as your portfolio.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Talking about the experience or the degree, you can definitely start from zero without any kind of degree.

While your way up to earn more depends on how you manage to build and market your portfolio on different platforms.

Even as beginners who just style their own selves, they earn more than $10 an hour from this -Jobs for Moms- category.

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10. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping isn’t any different if you think about a kind of administrative job with skills to play with numbers.

A mom at home looking to work as a bookkeeper doesn’t need a hefty setup to get started with it.

If you’re a mom, you only need a computer or laptop, a working internet connection and any relevant software.

While the works you need to do as a bookkeeper can be generally as:

  • Managing entries of payable and receivable accounts
  • Keeping track of books inventory
  • making accounting reports related to the work
  • Managing budget

To find such jobs, you can head over to online job listing websites such as Upwork or explore staff hiring agencies such as Accounting Principles.

About earning, experienced bookkeepers are making over $50 an hour while as a beginner you can knock down an average range of $14 to $17 an hour.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

This category doesn’t require any degree while experience with handling numbers such as accounting can be a huge plus.

While such experience isn’t mandatory so you can get started anyway as well.

11. Photography

Best thing about being a photographer is that you can work on your own schedule,

If you’re mom and fond of clicking random photos or usually take the lead to click photos on ceremonies, you might be the one to work for others and make money out of your hobby.

Often potential clients in your area might be looking for a photoshoot of their pets or any kind of event.

And your job is to let people in your area know that you do photography and provide relevant services.

Photography to earn money isn’t limited to working for other clients while you can even sell your photos through different apps and websites such as Shutterstock and iStock.

Instead, I’d recommend setting up your complete online portfolio through a website and other social media platforms.

When on social media, keep hustling and participating in relevant group discussions and you might get noticed by potential clients in those communities.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

This job also doesn’t require any degree or experience to get started. It’s simple if you love doing photography, you can do it professionally.

By the time, you’ll get more experienced and would be able to attract clients by showcasing your work on your portfolio.

You can even hunt for product photography related GIGs on freelance websites such as fiverr. The clients through such websites, might send your product for photoshoot.

12. Interior Design

If you like to decorate your room or home, you can do it for others and they’ll pay you.

This job may require moms like you to have a babysitter as you’ll be attending client’s meetings and might need to shop the decoration equipment for your clientele.

To get started with working as an interior designer while being a mom, you should set up your own website to showcase your work.

As in the beginning you might not have much to upload on your website, in that case, you can do as:

  • upload your interior designs you’ve already worked on. Let’s say you’ve decorated your own house, you can take pictures or even make a video and display these on your website.
  • look for your family and friends and offer them free services to design for their upcoming function.

Once you have set up your portfolio, you can start marketing your services on social media. You can even do a bit of marketing in your area to let people know what you’re doing.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

This job doesn’t require any degree while experience in interior designing can be a plus.

To scale your earning, you might need to make your own team and spend on marketing and advertising your services.

13. Travel Consultancy

When you have no particular skills while you’re a bit of an outgoing person and love to travel, that can also be a good option to cash out.


If you can guide and help people manage their traveling stuff, you can work as a travel consultant virtually.

You’ll be working on booking tickets for airline, cruise line, resort or any other traveling spot both locally and internationally.

This category also gives an opportunity to earn travel credits when your clients are happy with your services.

You along with your family can enjoy travelling on these perks while will be earning around $40k a year.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Once again, there aren’t any qualification requirements to be a travel consultant. While you can explore a few guides for details about working on such jobs.

It will mostly be linking with an agency and then promoting their services to earn your part.

Further, you can add your experience on your social media portfolio and even a dedicated website once you’ve served many clients.

14. Web Design

For moms who wish to work as a web designer, it is suggested to learn web designing before working with any client.

It’s not tough though as you only need to put in a little effort in learning the skill while further it’s about your sense of creativity and understanding the client’s needs.

As a beginners, you can start looking for clients through freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork or

You need to learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript etc., to  build websites and design it’s graphics.

Mostly experienced web designers working as freelancers make around $70 an hour.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Although you don’t need a degree to be a web designer but having prior experience matters a lot to land jobs from different platforms.

Initially, you can make some websites for testing purposes and add them to your portfolio. This will work as a showcase for your clients and assess your work quality.

15. Graphic Design

I’ve been working with a single mom on a website’s project that involves frequent designing.

She was taking care of all the graphics related designing for marketing of the websites on social media.

thing to notice here, she started working with me as a VA while now taking graphics designing related clients from freelance marketplaces.

She took a course to learn the skill though.

You can follow the same map if you’re a mom and already have some sort of interest in creative designing.

More in the case, this job is also flexible and extremely suitable for remote working from home. Now even big corporations are hiring designer individuals from freelancing websites or social media communities.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Portfolio and the works done already matters the most in this GIG.

You’ve got to come up with sample work related to what the clients are looking for. And by the time, you’ll be more experienced, you’ve got to keep up with your marketing skills to find better paying opportunities.

16. Do Laundry

This is some kind of by-default skill for moms.

All they need is a washing machine, dryer and an iron. Iron is only if you’ve to deliver ironed clothes.

Although not all the moms might be interested in laundry, if you’re the one, you can do it for others and earn money.

And as this is something where clients need to send you clothes, you might need to look for them in your neighborhood.

You can also do some kind of local advertising to let people know what you’re offering.

Also engaging your family and friends initially can help you reach a lot of people through word of mouth.

It pays well as well as you can estimate your weekly earning to be around $400 or even more and yet you’ll be using the machine to do it all for you.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

This heading is a bit funny for this job category.

I mean sure there is no degree requirement and also you don’t need any minimum experience to get started.

It’s simply about whether you have the equipment and are willing to do the job.

More in the line to earn better depends on how many clients or workload you can manage provided your marketing efforts are going well.

17. Buy And Sell

It’s fun if you can buy anything cheap and then sell it for a profit.

and It works practically well.

In fact, there are people who are either buying from the local market or any online store and then selling their stuff on amazon for a good fraction of profit.

You can do the same without knowing much about how to sell. YouTube videos and some articles from google can help you with understanding the procedure of selling on amazon.

While, on the buying end, you can get benefit from your bargaining skills.

Yeah, bargaining is practical and works most of the time.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Once again, no certain experience is required while you’ll be learning all your way up the ladder once you’ve started.

That would add to your experience and skills improvement and you’ll be buying and selling more than usual.

Where to Find Work At Home Jobs For Moms?

It’s easy for moms to look for their most suited job online.

Although there is a long list of freelancing websites -including some top famous as Fiverr, Upwork and I’d suggest joining social media.

There, you can find freelance jobs related to communities such as Facebook groups and pages etc.

Once you’ll start participating in discussions related to your skills or job category, you can find and get in touch with people working in the same domain.

This connection with likeminded people and the ones looking for the same kind of work can be very fruitful to get you your first job or client.

Social media is a great place where you’ll probably not only get in touch with your potential clients but you can get free help related to anything.

So, in case you’re having problems implementing anything you’ve learned from a course, you can simply post your queries in groups which talk about the same thing.

Let’s say, you’re looking to become a freelance writer, you can find many groups on Facebook related to writing.

Just post your questions here and you’ll get responses from many people.

Although I’ve described a little, below you can go through the list of resources and their domains to explore.

  • Freelance Websites (Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Job Listing Sites (Indeed, etc.)

There is one thing to focus on, your quest to search for any opportunity depends on what jobs for mom’s category you’ve selected to work on.

You can select any from our today’s list keeping your personal assessment in mind.

Next, section in our today’s guide tells about the pathway which can be helpful for the moms who’re beginners and making a move to start working from the comfort of their homes.

So, keep reading.

How to Get Started with JOBs For MOMs

Once you’ve selected your preferred job category and also explored ways to find your first potential client, you might need to figure out how to move on further.

I’ve tried to include bits about the processes in review of each job category, but i thought it would be better to share a general pathway.

Depending on the job category you’ve decided to work on, you can guess either this requires any skills, degree or experience to get started.

Once you know the requirements a bit precisely, you can check and opt any necessary skills learning training or beginner level course. Or you can simply explore YouTube videos to learn the required skill set for free.

Next is setting up your portfolio, where you need to showcase your -sample work done- in whatever GIG you’ve selected.

This portfolio will help potential clients to quickly assess your work quality and your chances for getting hired will be better.

Along with portfolio works, you may need to learn bits of digital marketing. That will help you to reach your clients in a better way and you’ll be getting more clients than any other person who’s not making any particular efforts to market their services.

After these steps, in fact along with the above mentioned ways, you can focus on improving the income of your GIG.

No matter what skillset or job category you’re working on, you can focus on improving your earnings by increasing your working efficiency and attracting more clients.

While all these steps were focused on how you should get started, you also need to work on yourself to be well organized and having a mindset to grow.

Story of a MOM working as A full Time Content Writer

Recently I have partnered with a mom who works from home as a freelance writer.

And that’s not an OLD story and she is into this job for just 8 months now.

She is a hard working lady and has put serious efforts in learning and improving her writing abilities.

Now she’s more into learning copywriting while managing her own content writing business.

YES! She isn’t only her own boss but has hired around 5 more freelance writers to manage her workload.

Initially she was absolutely scared about how she’d do that all while taking care of her kids and family.

But only her will to do so, helped her achieve where she is today.

So, in short, it’s not tough at all as I can refer to so many examples where the commitment and dedication of household ladies have played a great role.

And, you’re no different in finding your way sticking to it unless you become successful.

Conclusion: What Should Be The Action Plan After Reading This Article

I’ve written today’s article with the correct symmetry and you can follow the path as it is.

You can do some sort of self-assessment and see which job category fits best for you. Almost all the jobs I’ve shared can be suitable for moms who’re cannot manage to go out and carry on a conventional 9 to 5 job.

So, simply look if you’ve done a graduation and or have any prior experience and then select accordingly.

Follow the way up by keeping on improving your skill set no matter whatever you’ve decided to do.

Join relevant communities and keep on upgrading your portfolio for better marketing of your services.

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